10 things a strong woman will never tolerate in a relationship

Every girl dreams of growing up to become a strong woman – someone resilient, passionate, and courageous.

She takes charge of her own life, fearlessly pursuing her dreams without easily giving up.

This determination and whole-hearted approach extend to her love life as well.

When a strong woman falls in love, she fights for it with unwavering commitment, but only for someone who truly deserves her efforts.

However, a strong woman never loses sight of what truly matters in a relationship.

She seeks a partner who will stand by her side through thick and thin, someone who brings happiness, safety, and inspiration to her life, propelling her toward personal growth.

Settling for anything less than what she deserves is simply not an option.

If you consider yourself a strong woman or are on the path to becoming one, it’s important to understand the things in a relationship that a strong woman will never tolerate.

1) Tolerating An Overbearing Partner

Firstly, any woman with a solid sense of self-respect simply won’t entertain the company of an overbearing individual, let alone let them into her intimate life.

There’s something truly off-putting about those with an inflated ego, constantly perched on their imaginary pedestal, assuming everyone around them is in awe of their grandeur.

In reality, they’re often just masking their insecurities behind a smokescreen of bravado.

Sure, they can initially come across as charismatic, their charm glowing bright, enough to make you consider falling head over heels.

But as the relationship progresses, their disinterest starts seeping in, the charm withers, and before you realize, you’re being treated less like a beloved partner, more like a footwipe.

A resilient woman doesn’t hesitate to show such characters the door. She is acutely aware that she deserves better and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to put yourself first. Stand your ground and don’t settle for being treated any less than you deserve.

Once strong women realize they dated an obnoxious person, they wouldn’t think twice about dumping them.

They know that these people don’t deserve them. So if you think you’re in a relationship like this, don’t be afraid to prioritize yourself.

2) Showing Downright Disrespect Not Only Towards Her But Also To Others

Whenever a new romance starts brewing, it’s typical for the other person to put their best foot forward.

They are all ears, showing an interest in every little detail about you, showering you with compliments and kind gestures. This is the ‘honeymoon’ phase and it’s indeed a sweet time.

But for me, and I believe for many others, it’s crucial to observe how they treat others, not just you.

Are they equally respectful and kind to everyone, or is their kindness reserved only for those they’re trying to woo?

It’s worrisome when their respect hinges on whether they like someone or not.

It makes you wonder, will their respect wane during those inevitable rocky patches in the relationship?

My zero-tolerance policy for disrespect was solidified when I dated someone who would run down his ex, attempting to compliment me in the process.

He thought it was flattering to say that I was more fun or more attractive than his ex.

What he didn’t realize was, no self-respecting woman appreciates being a pawn in a game of comparison, let alone appreciating someone who fails to uphold basic decency and respect.

3) Emotional Immaturity 

A strong, independent woman is perfectly capable of thriving on her own.

So, when she decides to let someone into her life romantically, she seeks a partner who not only understands her but also motivates her to reach higher.

She certainly doesn’t have the time or patience for someone lacking the emotional depth necessary for a committed relationship.

People with emotional immaturity often dodge serious conversations crucial to the health of the relationship, instead resorting to defensive or manipulative behaviors.

They struggle to own up to their mistakes and lack the self-awareness necessary for personal growth.

An emotionally mature partner, on the other hand, brings stability, understanding, and genuine partnership to the table – elements that strong women truly appreciate and seek in a relationship.

4) Failing to Value Her Words

One thing a self-assured woman will never put up with is a partner who dismisses her voice.

Women with a strong sense of self-worth prioritize their well-being.

If their partner consistently makes them feel insignificant and unheard by disregarding their words, they wouldn’t hesitate to reevaluate the relationship.

After all, what’s the point of being with someone who overlooks your thoughts and feelings?

To me, sharing intimate moments, engaging in meaningful conversations about things that matter to both of us, is the essence of a strong bond.

I simply cannot stand it when my partner doesn’t pay attention, especially when I’m opening up about my vulnerabilities.

Even more so, I refuse to be with someone who doesn’t reflect on what I say, or at least seeks to understand and compromise or articulate their viewpoint.

If they can’t do that, it tells me they don’t respect or value me as they should.

5) Taking Her Success and Hard Work Against Her

Strong women are fiercely dedicated to their passions and won’t endure a relationship that holds them back instead of cheering them on.

One common challenge they face when dating is that their partners may feel overshadowed or threatened when they outperform them professionally or financially.

Consequently, these partners might end up projecting their insecurities onto them, causing unnecessary turbulence in the relationship.

I felt the sting of this first hand when I was in a relationship where my significant achievements were met with apathy rather than joy.

As my career blossomed, I noticed my then-boyfriend offering me lukewarm smiles and unenthusiastic hugs.

He grew distant, and our conversations often ended in bitter exchanges. It wasn’t until he ended things that I realized I had outgrown him, and strangely, the overwhelming feeling was one of relief.

From then on, I vowed to steer clear of those who might hold my success against me.

It struck me as grossly unfair that I was made to feel guilty about my hard-earned accomplishments, especially when I was nothing but supportive of their pursuits.

In a relationship, we should be each other’s cheerleaders, lifting each other higher, not anchors dragging each other down.

6) Not Valuing Her Enough as a Partner

Contrary to what some may believe, even the strongest women yearn for a partner who offers them a sense of safety and happiness.

They appreciate someone who inquires about their day, offers comfort when they’re feeling low, or showers them with spontaneous acts of love.

They understand that relationships come with their fair share of bumps and struggles, but what they seek is a partner who makes the journey worthwhile, someone who inspires them to strive for better – isn’t that what we all want?

Therefore, they simply cannot stand being with a partner who treats them indifferently or lacks support for their ambitions.

They see it as a fruitless endeavor to be with someone who fails to recognize their worth.

If you notice these signs in your partner, they could either be taking the relationship for granted, or perhaps their feelings for you aren’t as strong as they once were.

7) Being Dishonest and Unfaithful

Some people may tolerate being in a relationship with someone who’s lied or cheated multiple times, but not strong women – they will never tolerate a partner’s dishonesty and unfaithfulness.

This will break the trust you have for your significant other, and trust is the foundation of every relationship.

I am always honest with my partner. Even if it’s uncomfortable to talk about, I choose to tell the truth because they deserve that.

That’s why I’d be incredibly hurt and angry if I realized that my significant other has been lying to me, much less if I found out they’re cheating on me.

A strong woman will never tolerate cheating, as she doesn’t waste her time and emotions on someone who can’t be content.

People who cheat are often just insecure, wanting to seek validation from others. Strong women won’t stick around for these types of people.

8) Disrespecting Her Boundaries

Strong women will never tolerate being in a relationship that doesn’t respect each other’s boundaries.

While you’re partners who work together and inspire each other to reach every milestone of your lives, you’re still two different individuals.

A strong woman believes that just because she’s in a relationship with someone, it doesn’t mean her partner owns her. That’s why it’s important for her that her partner listens to her when she says “no.”

Strong women are often independent and assertive, and their freedom is important to them. If you keep pressuring her to get what you want without her consent, best believe your relationship with her is over.

She values communication and listening to each other’s cues.

9) Showing Abusive and Manipulative Tendencies

A strong woman will never tolerate being in a relationship with someone who shows abusive and manipulative tendencies.

She prioritizes herself enough to stay in a relationship that might only bring her nothing but pain and trauma.

She doesn’t care if you make her heart flutter once in a while – once she’s noticed that you’re starting to try manipulating or gaslighting her, your relationship is over.

I used to date a guy who always guilt-tripped me that I wasn’t giving him enough time. I had always tried to make it up to him because I loved spending time with him anyway.

But this has escalated into him trying to manipulate me to do everything he likes. And when I addressed this, he gaslit me into thinking I was only imagining things. That’s when I realized he was not worth my time and effort.

10) Not Treating Her as Your Equal

Strong women will never date someone who thinks little of women, if not secretly hates them.

Sexism and misogyny are some of the things they will never tolerate, no matter how cool or charming you are.

Personally, I find it concerning if the guy I’m getting to know expresses microaggressions towards women or any other people.

It makes me doubt he’ll treat me as his equal once we start dating exclusively.

I know that sometimes they’re not aware of this, and they can learn eventually if they want to. But I don’t think that’s on me anymore.

A strong woman wants to be with someone who understands her and believes in what she can do.

They want a relationship that treats them as equals, deserving of love and respect.

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