16 things men of the highest integrity do differently

Men of the highest integrity and honor stand out from the crowd. 

The reason is simple:

They do things differently and to a much higher standard. 

1) They intervene to save lives

The first of the things men of the highest integrity do differently is they act to save lives when necessary. 

The examples of the opposite are all around us, and are absolutely revolting. 

A recent murder in Vancouver showcased members of the public standing around filming and sipping coffee while an innocent man was stabbed to death by a customer at a cafe. 

A man of integrity doesn’t gawk or livestream on social media for the clicks as someone bleeds out, he takes action and puts saving lives first, at the very least dialing up paramedics as soon as possible.

2) They take real risks

Men of character and courage take real risks. 

They don’t sit inside playing video games or go around live streaming from a safe distance while other people are in danger. 

They put themselves on the line and take risks:

In life, in business and in love, men of integrity don’t play it safe or expect to be happy just due to doing the bare minimum. 

3) They stand up for their beliefs

The next of the things men of the highest integrity do differently is stand up for their beliefs. 

If they’re in a crowd of people mocking a certain group or identity and it’s them, they don’t shrink back and try to disappear. 

They say “that’s me. I’m that identity.”

Men of character aren’t living life for approval or to stay safe. They’re secure in who they are, and they don’t shirk away from it. Ever.

4) They avoid useless arguments

At the same time as men of character take risks and will do their best to save lives, they do not bother with useless arguments. 

If they can avoid a confrontation, they will do so. 

Unless somebody is actively threatening them or somebody else, a man of character will walk away, because there’s no upside to engaging with a toxic person.

5) They are able to say no

The next of the things men of the highest integrity do differently is that they are able to say no. 

While they do their best to help others and show up in every way, they look after themselves. 

Unlike guys who give in to pressure or manipulation, men of the highest integrity aren’t afraid to just say no when an offer or assignment isn’t something they are comfortable or able to do right now.

6) They push their limits

Men of integrity push their limits. 

They never do just the bare minimum and call it a day. 

They run a bit farther, lift a bit more, innovate at work in ways others don’t. 

Limits aren’t boundaries to them, just a starting point. 

7) They use failure as fuel

Another of the crucial things men of the highest integrity do differently is that they use failure as fuel. 

We all fail, but we don’t all respond the same way when it happens. 

Men of character take that failure and use it as fuel. 

All the frustration and blood, sweat and tears gets channeled into trying twice as hard: maybe on trying the same thing again or something new. 

8) They’re truthful about their intentions

Men of character don’t try to cover up why they want something. 

They are straight up about why they want to make a deal, date someone or pursue a given course of action.

They are not sneaky or trying to get the better of other people or lead them on. 

In a world where so many people are trying to manipulate and mislead, this makes men of the highest integrity truly stand out.

9) They commit for real or not at all

The next of the things men of the highest integrity do differently is that they either commit completely or not at all.

Whether that is a relationship, a new job, or a project they’re working on, the approach is simple: they’re either in or they’re out. 

There’s no gray zone. 

Unlike regular guys who tend to want to hedge their bets, men of integrity don’t do that. 

They either put all their chips in or they stay away.

10) They play for keeps 

The next of the things men of the highest integrity do differently is that they play for keeps in love and life. 

When they want something to work, they will put their all into it and do whatever it takes. 

What they will not do is humiliate themselves or become dependent on somebody else. 

The man of integrity is willing to do whatever it takes to make things work, except debase or harm himself and his honor.

11) They keep their word

The next of the things men of the highest integrity do differently is that they keep their word even when it’s inconvenient. 

The reason they do this is twofold:

Firstly, they do it because it’s the right thing to do. 

Secondly, they do it because they know that those who break their own word to others and themselves lose trust and confidence in life. 

This relates directly to the next point… 

12) They finish the job 

The next of the things men of the highest integrity do differently is follow through on any job they start.

If they say they’ll finish a job, they finish it. 

If obstacles, problems or emergencies come up, they face those to the best of their ability. 

But they never take on a task or sign a contract and break it. 

That’s just not in their blood. 

13) They never settle 

When you operate at a high standard, there’s only one thing worse than giving up, and that’s settling. 

Settling for second best in your love life…in your job…in your daily goals…

This is something that men of the highest integrity never do. 

They know that after you start the pattern of settling it becomes easier and easier, until it becomes your second nature to take whatever you’re given instead of going out and taking what you want through hard work, innovation and faith.

14) They encourage others 

It’s important for men of character and integrity to see that those around them and who they care about are doing well. 

They go out of their way to encourage others and boost them up. 

This could be a kind word on a difficult day or even a recommendation to help somebody out in their job search or with a problem they’re facing. 

Men of integrity are always encouraging others, because they love to see folks succeed and thrive.

15) They bring people together

Men of noble character and high integrity love to connect people together. 

They help introduce folks to others who share their interests and make their life better. 

This isn’t just out of being “nice” or helpful. 

It’s because men of high integrity love success. They thrive on it. 

And not just their own success: also other people’s!

A good friend of mine started a men’s group for this purpose and is passionate about connecting guys to become friends and assist each other’s personal and business goals. 

What’s he gaining? 

He’s helping create a tribe of powerful, effective men and using his skills as a facilitator to help bring like-minded guys together. 

16) They help others raise their level

Lastly and very crucially in the things men of the highest integrity do differently is that they raise others up. 

They take a decent salesman and help him become a legend. 

They give their friend a business idea that launches him into true wealth. 

They talk to their friend and help her gain massively in her fitness journey. 

The man of high integrity isn’t just interested in living to the best of his capacity, he’s interested in helping others do the same. 

Being a man of the highest integrity

Being a man of the highest integrity isn’t about the label. 

It’s not about the outer recognition or the bragging rights. 

It’s about self-accountability and real action in the outside world. 

Men of character and integrity don’t care what anybody calls them. They care about getting the job done and living a life that’s worth every minute

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