10 things men do in a relationship when they’re truly happy

Men are not that hard to read. 

Sure, some of them may be good at hiding feelings,  but if they’re happy—and I mean TRULY happy—you will  know it. 

It will be too obvious!

Here are the 10 things men do in relationships when they’re truly happy.

1) They prioritize the relationship

Men who are truly happy in their relationships don’t go overboard at work or at happy hours with friends.

While having good relationships with friends, family and colleagues remains important to them, they balance it by setting healthy boundaries.

This can mean not taking calls after work hours that aren’t absolute emergencies, or going on a night out with friends but not staying till the wee hours. 

On the outside, this may make them seem boring, with fewer events and happenings. But they are happy to spend more time cultivating and building a life with you.

2) They stop being competitive with their male friends and peers

When men are genuinely happy in their relationship, they suddenly find that the unconscious competition and comparison with their friends and peers just stops.

It doesn’t matter if others have more money or have a better car, when a man is truly happy in their relationship, they feel content to the point that nothing else matters much.

This doesn’t mean that they lose ambition or striving for excellence though. 

Rather, their motivation no longer comes from wanting to be better than others since it now comes from a space of security and contentment.

For a man who is truly happy in their relationship, the drive for unhealthy competition loses fuel. It’s replaced by the energy it takes to cultivate a richer inner life with their partner. 

3) They practice small gestures of affection

Other women know there is trouble in paradise when there’s a bouquet suddenly being delivered when their partner isn’t the thoughtful type. 

But for the man in a truly happy relationship, small gestures of affection are a constant practice.

It’s natural for them to bring home their partner’s favorite fruit or dish when they come across it, or to bring home flowers just because making her happy makes him happy.

Other men in relationships only show gestures of affection when they have done something wrong— to make up for it or when there is a big occasion. 

The truly happy man, however, does it not out of penance, but out of genuine appreciation.

Their gratitude for having a partner they enjoy life seeps through their daily life and how they express it best is through small consistent acts of love.

4) They celebrate in simplicity

Relationships that are not yet deep or those that are in trouble often need all the fireworks and spectacle as booster shots of a flagging relationship.

But when a man is truly happy in their life and relationship, celebrations take on a refined manner. They come up with things that highlight what is truly essential for him and his partner.

For their anniversary, instead of dining at a Michelin-star restaurant, they’d happily cook a meal that means something to their relationship—like a crepe if they both met at a creperie.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t like treating themselves to fancy restaurants. They just know they don’t need a lot more to be happy because they already truly are!

5) They develop a similar sense of humor as their partner

Men who are in a truly happy relationship often find that their sense of humor has evolved to a similar one as their partner’s.

Whether it’s from watching the same movies, or reading the same graphic novels or going to stand up comedy shows together, men’s sense of humor also ends up being influenced by their partner.

As such, when they would only find the humor in a few sets of situations, it doubles or even triples in effect and they find themselves laughing more than they ever used to.

All the research shows that having a sense of humor definitely makes one happier. So to find that special someone who gets yours truly makes life far more peachy!

6) They deal with conflict like a pro

Do men become happy in a relationship because they have the capacity to deal with conflict like a pro or is it something they can only do once they are in one? 

Even if he had the skills for conflict resolution before getting into a relationship, it’s highly likely a joint growth zone for him and his partner that contributed to the happiness of their relationship

What’s for sure though is a man in a truly happy relationship becomes more comfortable dealing with conflict because he knows from experience that’s the only way to keep it that way.

You’ll notice it from the way they evolve handling issues in their immediate circles, from their friends, colleagues and even family members.

While men with relationships on the rocks tiptoe around bringing up issues or concerns, men who are truly happy in their relationships don’t ever see having conflicts as a deal breaker.

So when you see a man who handles conflict like a pro, that’s a surefire way to know he’s likely truly happy in the relationship he’s in.

7) They become more open to trying new things

A man in a truly happy relationship starts being far more open to trying new things because they already have a stable center to go back to, no matter what.

When things aren’t going so well in their life, especially in their romantic relationships, men are inclined to stay within their comfort zone

Who needs another failure or setback when things are already tough?

This looks like doing the same routinary things over and over because it makes them safe and secure.

Whereas when they have a solid happy relationship to go back to, they become emboldened to try out different things. They’ll try a new hobby, and even venturing into a new career or business opportunity.

8) They spend some time away from their partner

If a man goes anywhere without their partner for some time, other people often make the mistake of assuming that the relationship isn’t solid. 

They’d think, “Something must be up or they wouldn’t go backpacking alone.”

This may come as a bit surprising but men who are truly happy in their relationship aren’t joined at the hip with their significant other.

As much as they miss being around their partner, they are able to fully enjoy developing and growing as an individual because they know it is safe and encouraged in the relationship.

Men who take the time and perspective to be wholly with themselves can only do so when they are truly happy and secure in the relationship. That’s because they’re confident that time apart will make their hearts grow fonder, not wander.

Having different experiences as individuals also means that once they go back to each other, their conversations and relationship becomes even richer and deeper.

9) They happily lose arguments

The man in a truly happy relationship doesn’t feel the need to win every argument in every situation.

He is happy to lose, compromise or agree to disagree with his partner. And that’s because he knows that acknowledging their differences as individuals is what makes the relationship work so well.

He respects his partners beliefs as much as his own. 

He derives happiness from the fact that he is unconditionally loved and loves unconditionally in return without having to conform to an idealized version.

The man who is in a truly happy relationship knows that the willingness to lose arguments can be a way to win in relationships. 

They believe that it’s better to be loving than to always be right.

10) They invest in the future

Let’s face it—unhappiness leads to a variety of coping mechanisms. But once we find what genuinely fills us up, we realize we don’t really need to do a lot to be satisfied.

So when a man is truly happy in their relationship, they start investing more time, energy, and effort into the future they are building with their partner.

This may mean literally investing in land and property as soon as they can afford it, or simply taking the time for conversations to plan with you about mutual goals.

They’ll ask you where you want to settle, how many kids you want, even how you want to retire. And not only because they’re curious but because they want to turn that into reality someday.

When they aren’t happy in a relationship, they avoid plans and investments in the future because deep down, they are still unsatisfied and waiting for other options.

But when men finally find the partner that fills them up to the brim, they don’t have a problem going all in. 

Last Words

We’re all changed by being in a relationship with someone we love. 

While happiness remains a mostly inside job, being in a relationship that strives to make each other happy is really one of the things that can make life extraordinary.

So take note of the 10 things that men do when they’re truly happy in the relationship to know if you’re on the right track to being blissfully together forever.

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