15 things loyal women naturally do

Most people value loyalty.

After all, aren’t we looking for faithful partners, true friends, and devoted allies in life?

But the sad reality is that some people will break our trust, betray or abandon us.

Loyal women are far more inclined to stay by your side through thick or thin.

These ride-or-die types are real blessings.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have one in your life. Or maybe you are one.

This article will explore the things that loyal women naturally do.

1) She’ll always have your back

 Relationships are ultimately about teamwork.

It’s about doing this whole life thing with others so that we feel supported. In the process, we lighten one another’s load.

A loyal woman lifts you up by always having your back.

She will stick up for you, side with you, and be your ally.

When you need her, she’s there for you.

This unconditional support isn’t because she blindly thinks the sun shines out of your behind.

Significantly, she extends it to those in her life, despite their inevitable imperfections.

2) She’ll love you despite your flaws

A loyal woman’s devotion does not depend on your perfection.

When she bestows her loyalty on you, it doesn’t come with the condition that you are flawless.

Yes, she actively sees the good in you. But she’s certainly not blind to your failings either.

But those failings (which every single one of us has) don’t impact how she feels about you.

She is willing to take it all — the rough with the smooth— and be fiercely dedicated to you regardless.

3) She’ll defend you when you’re not around

A loyal woman sticks her neck out for you.

Let’s be honest:

It’s easy to be loyal when it requires very little of us. But it’s far harder to stay loyal when it demands something of us.

If you are the victim of gossip, a loyal woman won’t just sit there and say nothing.

No, she’ll put the record straight. 

If unkind or false things are said when you aren’t there to defend yourself, she will do it for you.

Jumping to your defense in your absence is all part of the service for a loyal woman.

4) She’ll be there for the bad times as well as the good

I already said that loyalty and support come hand in hand for a loyal woman.

That’s why she’s not only by your side for the highs, she wants to be there for the lows.

She celebrates your successes and commiserates with your defeats.

A loyal woman is the absolute opposite of a so-called fair-weather friend.

She is there for you no matter what.

She will be your shoulder to cry on and your crutch to lean on.

5) She’ll be honest with you

Loyalty demands honesty.

Without transparency, there can be no trust.

But this sincerity comes naturally to loyal women.

They won’t lie to you, even when doing so might be easier.

They understand that the quality of their relationships rests on this truth. So a loyal woman will always strive to tell you the truth.

She finds the strength to be vulnerable. That way, she is able to share with you her true feelings and beliefs.

6) She’ll make you feel like a priority

A loyal woman allows you to feel and see the status you hold in her life.

If she offers you her allegiance, then you know that you are important to her.

Loyalty is far more than words; it’s shown through actions.

And one important part is proving how you feel about someone by prioritizing them.

A loyal woman naturally gives you her time and attention.

She never leaves you feeling dismissed or unimportant.

7) She’ll stay true to her word

Like we just said, actions speak louder than words.

A loyal woman is always true to her word.

Her loyalty means that she doesn’t want to let down the people she cares about.

So she’s going to make sure that she keeps her promises.

A loyal woman’s word is as good as her bond.

You can rest assured that she’s going to come through for you.

8) She is content with what she has and sees its value

Here’s the thing:

Disloyal people are often misguidedly on the lookout for something “better”.

They’re willing to trade in what they already have in the hope of more. But that hope is usually an illusion.

The promise of something shiny and new can seem appealing. But the reality is that everything loses its initial shine.

I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Because the point is that the real magic is created within.

It’s how we choose to see someone or something that makes it special.

She doesn’t make the mistake of assuming that the grass is greener on the other side.

So if you’re in a relationship with her, she certainly doesn’t have her eye out for a “better model”.

She doesn’t see you as just another stopgap. She won’t ditch you as soon as she thinks someone “better” has come along.

A loyal woman looks for deeper value in others. So she is less swayed by fickle temptations.

9) She gives you zero reason to feel jealous

Women that exude loyalty inspire so much confidence in us that there’s no need for jealousy.

If you’re in a relationship with a loyal woman, you most likely feel incredibly secure.

You’re not worried about what she’s getting up to or who she’s with.

She gives you no cause for worry. She’s always shown you that she can be trusted and stays true. 

Loyal women aren’t cheaters; they’re naturally faithful, as we’ll see next.

10) She isn’t naive to temptation, but she doesn’t give in to it

Here’s the thing:

Temptation can be tricky for all of us.

Let’s face it, desire and impulses aren’t the easiest things to control. But loyal women seem to find it a lot easier to avoid temptation.


Because they are able to see it coming and try to avoid it in the first place.

Loyal women don’t make temptation worse by putting themselves into compromising situations.

If she’s in a relationship with you, she remembers the big picture and what she already has waiting at home.

So she’s smart enough not to trip herself up by chasing the promise of fleeting excitement that may lead to betrayal.

11) She makes you feel included

If you have a loyal friend, then you are always going to feel like you belong.

You don’t feel left out or excluded.

Her loyalty to you brings you into her fold.

This is exactly why loyalty in our relationship is so vital.

Because it’s this that creates that sense of togetherness that we all crave and value so much.

People are always going to feel embraced when they are in the company of a loyal woman.

No wonder then that she can help others to feel more secure…

12) She helps you to feel secure in yourself

I’m a big believer in taking personal responsibility.

So largely, the way we feel about ourselves is most certainly up to us.

When we take responsibility and ownership of our feelings, we make ourselves the heroes of our own life.

Rather than feel like victims of how others treat us, we feel like we are in the driving seat of our emotions.

But the fact remains that who we surround ourselves with is still significant.

It contributes to our own self-esteem.

That’s why when you are amongst loyal people, you understandably feel more secure in yourself.

This is one of the natural gifts a loyal woman can offer you.

13) She is consistent

True loyalty lasts.

In many ways, it can only be measured with a certain amount of time.

It requires consistent patterns of behavior.

It’s this that builds the habits of reliability and dependability that so often characterizes loyalty.

That’s why a loyal woman shows people respect, kindness, and fairness— not just once— but on repeat.

14) She can forgive mistakes

Never mistake a loyal woman’s kindness for weakness.

Because a loyal woman won’t simply take whatever it is that you keep throwing at her.

Loyalty should never be at the expense of self-preservation.

Step over her boundaries, and you will know about it.

But loyal women are naturally good at forgiving and forgetting small misdemeanors.

That certainly doesn’t mean you can get away with anything; it just means she understands that we’re all only human.

We’re all going to make mistakes and get it wrong sometimes.

A loyal woman is good at letting these little things go, rather than holding them against you.

She isn’t going to let the little things get in the way of her deeper feelings for you.

15) She inspires loyalty in others

What she gives out, you naturally want to give back to her, too.

That’s why the most loyal women in life inspire loyalty in those around them.

Us humans are naturally motivated by reciprocity.

When someone treats us well, we want to repay them in kind.

The fact that she has your back makes you feel special and supported.

This usually means that a loyal woman is naturally surrounded by fiercely protective and loyal people, just like her.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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