7 things introverts wish you knew about them

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Introverts draw their energy from time alone and solitude. 

It can be hard for them to communicate to others or express their emotions or thoughts. 

How do I know?

I’m an introvert! 

Here are the top things us introverts want others to understand about us even if we’re not always good at explaining it. 

1) We hear what people are saying

Introverts can come across as tight-lipped and not contributing a lot. 

Extroverts and those on the more boisterous side of the spectrum may wonder if we hear and appreciate what they’re saying to us: 

We do. 

Sometimes not having so much to say back or being more reserved and private is simply the way a person operates. 

It doesn’t mean they aren’t hearing what others are saying or considering it, it often just means their process happens more in solitude and outside of group discussions. 

2) We feel emotions deeply 

Introverts might seem detached to some, but we tend to feel very deeply. 

In fact, introverts are more likely than extroverts to be HSPs (highly sensitive people). 

This means that what may seem like a simple interaction to somebody else can really weigh on our minds. 

A breakup that an extroverted person might get over in a week or two can take us months. 

A social issue or controversy that may generate some enthusiasm or anger for somebody more public-facing wraps us in months or study and deep emotional turmoil or joy. 

We’re just built that way!

3) We can keep a secret

Extroverts feed off the energy of those around them and love to talk it out. 

As introverts we think things over and usually have a smaller and tighter circle of friends and acquaintances. 

We’re generally better at keeping secrets

I’m not saying to just automatically trust somebody with your deepest secrets because they’re reserved and introverted. 

But generally speaking your better off doing so. 

4) Our imaginations run wild

Introverts tend to love creating and art, but their process is usually very reflective and solitary. 

This leads to a higher amount of artists, creators and imaginative types among the introverted community. 


I’m not saying there aren’t plenty of extroverted artists and creators out there, too!

I’m just saying they tend to be more visible and seen because their creative process tends to be collaborative and more in the public eye. 

But us introverts are here as well, creating and imagining behind the scenes and coming out with all sorts of creations. 

5) We tend to have highly analytical minds 

Introverts are more than just a pretty face:

We tend to have very analytical minds working away here, whether it’s crunching numbers or thinking of deep subjects. 

The idea that introverts are lost in their own world is more of a cliche than true. 

The fact is we’re often very on subject but just less adept at sharing that in a group situation or finding the words socially. 

If you take the time to get to know us as introverts, you’ll find that we have a lot to contribute and that we just need to be coaxed out of our shell by welcoming and warm people who respect our increased need for space and personal boundaries. 

This brings me to the next point… 

6) We lead and work in teams differently than extroverts

At work and in group situations we still have plenty to contribute as introverts. 

But we’re less likely to break in, interrupt or demand attention. 

Sometimes we feel excluded and overlooked as louder and more extroverted people get the spotlight. 

If you’re leading a team or in a group work or group project situation, look out for the quiet guy or woman who’s over in the corner. 

He or she could have amazing ideas that will boost your business in huge ways, but they may be introverted in a way that holds them back from confidently breaking in. 

Sometimes we just need somebody who believes in us and makes the social introduction or smooths the way for us to feel wanted and heard in a group situation. 

7) Our decision-making process tends to be more private

When it comes to decision-making more generally, we tend to go about it in a more private way. 

If there’s a group decision at the family or business level, the introvert may seem to not be interested or to be distant from the process. 

That’s just our way of going about it, because we often do our best thinking alone

If there’s a vote or an asking for opinions on a course of action, sometimes we just need a bit more time to think it over and go to our quiet place to reflect. 

This isn’t a lack of dedication or interest, it’s just our unique method of processing and deciding. 

The introvert’s manifesto

If there was an introvert’s manifesto it would focus on three things:

Introverts feel deeply, we notice a lot and we still want to be part of life. 

Our quiet behavior and approach to life is just how we roll.

It doesn’t mean we don’t want to take part or be involved. 

We’re here to contribute what we can and be a thriving part of what’s around us in our own special and individualized ways! 

Going beyond the introvert/extrovert binary 

There’s more than just extroverted and introverted, of course. 

For one thing there are hundreds of shades of introverted and extroverted and every person is a unique individual. 

For another thing there are those who are fairly evenly balanced between both polarities, known as ambiverts.

This is the final thing that I think a lot of us introverts would like people to know:

We’re not a stereotype. 

Some of us have very extroverted traits at certain times and very introverted ones at others. 

Some of us are much more in the ambivert camp, and may even feel constrained by the introvert label. 

At the end of the day, introverts ask the same as everyone else: to be given room to grow beyond the labels and to be given the same consideration as every other person. 

Being introverted is really a spectrum, just like being extroverted. 

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