10 things introverts secretly love, according to psychology

The desires and motivations of introverted people may be mysterious to some, but in fact, they are quite straightforward. 

While being high profile, getting lots of attention, and having a dizzying social calendar may be the holy grail to some, this lifestyle holds no attraction for an introvert. 

On the contrary, it is their idea of hell!

But that’s not to say that certain things don’t get their blood pumping. 

After all, their ways of finding peace, feeling energized, and having fun are different.

We all know introverts love being alone, but that’s not all! 

Here are 10 things introverts secretly love, according to psychology. 

1) When you text (instead of calling)

Introverts don’t like being put on the spot. Nor do they appreciate it when their solitude is disturbed.

This is why they love it when someone sends them a message or an email, as opposed to calling them.

It may seem like a stretch to some, but an introvert may experience anxiety when their phone begins to ring.

This is not because they don’t like who’s calling, but rather that they become so engrossed in their own mind that anything external becomes a massive distraction. Even an inconvenience!

Whereas texting allows the introvert some breathing space and eradicates the chance of any potential awkward silences a phone call may illicit.

The big take away here is this, introverts don’t like being put on the spot!

2) Working from home 

In the early days of the pandemic, everyone seemed happy to spend some time at home.

It was a bit of a treat not to have to get fully dressed every morning, rush out the door, sit in traffic, or deal with people in person.

But after about a month or six weeks into lockdown, this really began to grate on some people.

They were getting cabin fever; they missed the comradery of being in the office and the ability to be out and about.

They felt trapped and isolated. And it became an extremely difficult time for them.

But then there were the introverts.

They considered a protracted lockdown a dream come true… 

A time to be spent in the quiet of one’s own world, with only a handful of the most important people, a world devoid of crowds, queues, and noise.

A way of living that was exactly what they desire. 

Introverts secretly love the opportunity to work from home. Just as they love working independently so they can focus solely on their work

Working from home allows them uninterrupted work time in their own personal sanctuary.

And this gives some good insight into the next thing that introverts secretly love… 

3) When plans are canceled

Don’t take it personally, but psychologists agree that introverts secretly love it when you cancel plans.

Social commitments tend to stress them out, even if their social calendar has only two or three engagements over one month.

So, when someone cancels long-standing plans, introverts breathe a sigh of relief (yes, even if it’s only at the last-minute!)

It also means that they don’t have to come up with an excuse to get out of it. 

This isn’t because they don’t care about their friendships (of course, they do) it’s because it takes a lot of mental bandwidth for an introvert to prepare for the world.

They are much happier chilling at home, recharging in peace.

Which also explains why they love… 

4) Being ignored

Yes, really.

Remember, introverts love to sit back and take it all in, they are brilliant observers.

Therefore, they are not in the least tempted by the spotlight.

They become uncomfortable and awkward when the attention is on them, generally batting away questions and compliments with precision and speed. 

They don’t like it when people make a fuss of them under any circumstances and would much prefer to be ignored if given the choice. 

On the rare occasions they attend parties, you may notice an introverted person sitting in silence and watching the dynamics of the crowd and the drama unfold. 

In this instance, don’t feel like you need to include them or that they’re feeling shy or lonely, nothing could be further from the truth! 

They wish to be alone, and this is how they appreciate a good party – an opportunity to blend into the furniture and take it all in. 

5) Having you all to themselves

The next thing introverts secretly love is to meet you alone. 

Big groups are not their thing, and neither are little ones… 

They infinitely prefer spending time with friends one-on-one and would rather have deep conversation with one person than a general interaction with more. 

They also tend to get overstimulated easily so having you all to themselves means they can enjoy connecting with minimal distractions. 

Similarly, this is also true of introverts in the early stages of getting to know someone

They aren’t as comfortable getting to know people as the more extraverted types.

In fact, they are a bit of a slow burn.

And talking to someone takes a lot of energy out of them, no matter who it’s with!

And from the sort of stimulation they avoid to the kind they adore. Another thing introverts secretly love is… 

6) Being mentally challenged

Finding mental activity far more fulfilling than social stimulation, it’s no surprise that introverts adore considering and discussing weighty issues that others would find pointless or even boring. 

They yearn for mental stimulation and become easily engrossed in all intellectual pursuits.

They love to broaden and challenge their and others’ perspectives with complex ideas and philosophical discussions. 

And when they are alone, they retreat to their mental world and explore their thoughts with zeal.

And while plenty of people will find this kind of mental gymnastics tedious and exhausting, they will make introverts come to life! 

As will… 

7) Escaping somewhere peaceful

Introverts love escaping from busy environments and basking in silence. 

This is why they are so intoxicated with nature.

Not only is this another great opportunity for them to be alone and think but it also rejuvenates, exhilarates, and calms them all at the same time! 

This is because they have a deep appreciation and awareness of their natural environment, and it makes them feel grounded and inspired in equal measure.

From taking it easy to taking over… introverts also secretly love… 

8) Taking over

Ever hear that introverts make exceptional leaders

Well, it’s true. There are many traits of theirs that lend themselves excellently to leadership. 

One of them is a love of strategizing… 

Introverts love to take responsibility; to plan and to organize. Their rich internal world allows them to juggle complex thoughts as well as to see the synergy in all things.

Their propensity to reflect before acting also makes them quite formidable as strategists.

And they find establishing structure and control to be reassuring and satisfying. 

They also find certain relationships reassuring and satisfying…

You may not have known that, according to psychology, introverts secretly love… 

9) Animals more than people

That’s right!

Introverted people are likely to have way more furry friends than their more outgoing peers. OK, this may not be true of every introvert, but it is true of plenty! 

In fact, many will infinitely prefer the company of animals, birds, fish, and reptiles to that of other people.

This is because introverts have a naturally kind and caring nature. It also helps that animals don’t require conversation or create drama. 

And because they have fewer social commitments than most people, introverts are at home more and likely chilling with their animal(s) afterhours.

They form deep connections with their animals, both giving each other lots of unconditional love.

10) When you realize how much they value their time

The final thing introverts secretly love, according to psychology, is when others realize just how preciously they value their time.

They value their personal space more than anything, so when they elect to spend an afternoon with you, take a trip with you, or even just pop round to your house, it means that they deeply value your friendship.

For them, giving someone their space is the most genuine act of love possible

So, if you find that they in turn give you lots of space, don’t despair. It doesn’t mean they don’t value you.

On the contrary, it is probably their way of showing you the great esteem they hold you in. 

Final thoughts

Introverts needn’t be a mystery.

They are deeply layered, sensitive souls that have definite responses to hustle and bustle than others.

And now that you know the things that they love the most you can give the introvert in your life what they really desire.

Niamh McNamara

A freelance writer fascinated with human nature and social dynamics, Niamh read literature, history, and philosophy at university before spending time in journalism and PR. Armed with a passion for words and ideas, and a healthy appreciation of the ridiculous, she tries to make sense of it all. Connect with Niamh on X @NBMcnamara123

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