14 things introverts do in relationships that make them special

Introverts put more value to their inner world than what’s happening around them.

And because of that, they have unique things to offer their relationships.

In this article, I will list down some ways introverts do relationships differently and why they’re extra special.

1) They reveal their most authentic self 

What makes this special is that they do it only to you.

They show you a version of themselves that they don’t usually show to others—probably not even to their closest friends.

You see, introverts need to trust people fully before they show their crazy side…and once your trust is established and your connection has gotten deeper, they’d go all out.

It’s a privilege you earn for being their life partner.

2) They build a world with you

Introverts are all about what’s going on inside—they’re all about feelings, thoughts, and imaginations. 

And when they’ve found the love of their life, they’d want to create a world with their partner where all these things are shared and nurtured. 

You both create your own language and you both do things in your own unique ways. In this world, anything is possible, and everything is permitted.

3) They trust you fully (and you can trust them back!)

Trust is very important to everyone—but especially to introverts. 

This is probably the reason why they only keep a few friends. They’d rather be with a few they can trust fully than to be with random people they don’t know very well.

And usually, people who value trust are trust-worhty. And so when you’re with an introvert, you are most likely with a trustworthy and reliable person.

Reveal your whole self to them—be totally raw and naked—and they’ll keep your secrets safe. 

Of course, they’ll expect the same thing from you in return.

4) They’re all for quality, not quantity

Whether it’s date nights or text messages, introverts don’t care so much about the frequency of interaction. What matters more to them is the quality.

They’d be much happier if, instead of having five unremarkable dinners together in a week, you only have it once a week. Well, as long as that one dinner is something that you actually cooked or it’s at a place you both really like. 

When it comes to texting, they’d be fine with getting one long and thoughtful good morning text instead of several texts throughout the day that don’t have much care or thought.

For an introvert, quality beats quantity. Always.

5) They remember details about you

Yes, even the unimportant ones.

Because introverts keep their friend count small, they have the capacity to put effort in maintaining each one of them.

They remember all their friends’ birthdays and important details about them like their favorite TV shows or what their life milestones are.

And if you’re their partner? Expect that they’ll remember almost every detail about you—from your favorite fruit to the name of your childhood enemy.

6) They listen and communicate well

Introverts may be a little shy and reserved, but they’re usually good communicators.

They listen well, try to understand before talking, and are extra mindful to the words that come out of their mouths. They’re also extra patient as you try to explain things to them.

And, trust me—this is such an important trait when looking for a life partner. It’s the first thing I look for when dating.

Life is hell when you’re with someone who doesn’t know how to pay attention and communicate well.

So if you’re with an introvert, consider yourself lucky because even if they’re not the best at communication for now, they have the traits that can make them one (with your guidance, of course).

7) They don’t pressure you to open up


Introverts hate being forced to say something, and so they’d never force others either. 

It’s not just because they’re comfortable with silence, they also know that opening up isn’t easy.

They know that there are some things that would rather not be said, and that sometimes it takes a while for someone to be comfortable opening up about certain things.

So, for instance, when they sense you’re uncomfortable talking about your parents, they won’t dig and dig—they’ll instead change the topic. And they’ll reassure you that they’re totally fine if you keep some things to yourself.

8) They try to make your connection deeper

Introverts love deep connections. That’s just how they do relationships.

They regularly ask you questions that can make them know you better, and they’ll constantly open up things about them as well.

But it’s not all about talk, mind you.

They’ll also plan activities that can make you grow closer as a couple—like a weekend meditation retreat or even a quick hike in the woods without your cellphones.

9) They are nurturers

If your relationship is a plant, your introvert partner would not be content with just watering it. They’ll also make sure that it gets enough sunlight and fertilizers. 

They’d even talk to it regularly just to make sure it feels loved (in case plants have feelings).

In other words, they’ll make sure your relationship is flourishing and growing well. 

Definitely a trait you should look for if you’re looking for a life partner.

10) They’re full of compassion

Introverts care a lot for others, but most especially for their partner.

If you’re in a relationship with an introvert, you can be sure that you’re with someone who’s supportive and loving.

They spent most of their life living in their inner world and getting to familiarize emotions and one-on-one interpersonal relationships…so being compassionate comes naturally for them.

When you tell them about something painful to you, they would feel your pain. 

When you share your frustrations, they’d feel it too and understand why you’re getting a little grumpy.

11) They show, don’t tell

While some introverts find it hard to express their love through words, they do show affection in many other ways.

They’re the type who would cook for you when you’re sick, send you a note even on ordinary days, and give you a million hugs and kisses.

They might also regularly offer massages and they’d play your favorite music to make you smile.

And if they can’t send wordy text messages, they’d send photos and memes just to let you know they’re thinking of you.

12) They’re highly perceptive

Introverts are highly observant and perceptive. Because they don’t usually like to be the center of attention, they spend more time observing how people act.

This is why sometimes, even without sharing a single word, they can sense how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.

Don’t be surprised if they know how you’d react and feel even if you’ve just been together some time.

It’s just the superpower of introverts, and it’s a must-have trait for a long-term relationship.

13) They’re low-maintenance

Introverts don’t need much to be happy.

They won’t feel deprived or bored when they’re not going out on a Friday night. In fact, they’d actually enjoy staying in.

And when you actually do go out, it doesn’t matter to them if you talk a lot or just keep quiet. 

You don’t have to impress them with your wit and intellect because they’re happy just to be with you.

14) They can make a house a home

Just in case you don’t know, introverts loveee staying at home. 

They consider their home as their safe space. They don’t have to please anybody, they don’t have to dress up, and most of all—they don’t have to see so many people.

And that’s why they treat their apartments like it’s their haven.

They’d keep it tidy, definitely. But more than that, they’d actually put some effort into making it pretty. 

They’d buy cozy sheets, nice curtains, and they would even make sure there’s always fresh flowers and cookies in the cookie jar.

15) They make you appreciate the things that truly matter

People in a relationship influence each other. 

If you’re with an introvert, there’s a very big chance that you’ll slowly have some of their traits, too.

Their most prominent trait is that they put importance on the things that truly matter—like life, love, genuine connections

This will rub off on you. And you’ll have a newfound appreciation on the things that truly matter in life.

Last words

It’s a gift to be with an introvert.

They can make you explore the universe that’s within you, and focus on things that truly matter.

So if you’re with an introvert, celebrate them! 

Make them feel appreciated even if they’re not as lively and cheerful as extroverts. They do have a lot to offer your relationship that can make your union rich, fulfilling, and one of a kind.

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