9 things in life that strong and resilient people never complain about

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Strong and resilient people seem to have a unique steely code of conduct that many of us struggle to follow.

In a world where people just love to whine and moan about the slightest inconveniences, these hardy individuals stand out like unwavering pillars of strength and resilience.

Unfortunately, people mistake this silence and lack of complaining for indifference, when really, they’re just tough enough to get on with it. 

So, how much of a complainer are you?

Read on to discover the 9 things in life that strong and resilient people never complain about.

Who knows – maybe you fit into the list?

1) Forget problems – what are the solutions?

When it comes to life’s challenges, where does your head first go:

  • The irritating and pesky nature of the issue itself?
  • Or how you’re going to set on your thinking cap and start fixing it?

Many people might complain about the hurdles and obstacles that they face and feel weighed down by these bumps in the road.

But truly resilient individuals see these as opportunities for growth and learning.

Because let’s face it: complaining about a problem doesn’t make it go away. 

Instead, it just wastes energy that could be better channeled into finding a solution.

So if you’re being weighed down by issues, try to turn that glass-half-empty mentality into glass-half-full.

By focusing on solutions and approaching problems head on, you’ll be better able to maintain a positive outlook and remain confident in the face of adversity.

2) Change isn’t scary – it’s necessary

Change is a natural part of life.

And yet, we fear it and fight it – even though it is completely inevitable. 

However, it’s how we react to change that really matters. 

In the process of navigating and adapting to change, complaining about it is incredibly futile…

Because it doesn’t stop it from happening.

In fact, it just means you waste energy on something that happens regardless.

Resilient individuals possess the unique ability to weather change, embrace newness, and evolve with each new chapter they stumble across.

3) Past mistakes are just that – a thing of the past

Strong and resilient people have a unique perspective on past mistakes.

Instead of complaining about them or brooding over what went wrong or how they’re at fault, they see these lessons as necessary to help shape them into a better version of themselves.

Because how else would you know what works and what doesn’t, if you don’t open your mind and attempt those trials for yourself?

And how do you move on and continue growing, if your mind and body are trapped in something that has already happened, something far beyond your control?

Hence why resilient types don’t dwell on past mistakes or failures; instead, they learn from them and use these lessons to pave the way to their success.

4) Other people’s success doesn’t warrant jealousy

When you’re strong and resilient, you understand that everyone is on their own unique journey.

Others may complain or feel envious when they see someone else succeed.

Their eyes tint green with envy at the sight of a new car, bag, or lavish lifestyle.

But resilient individuals realize that another person’s success doesn’t diminish their own in any way. 

So instead of complaining or feeling envious, they actually find inspiration in other people’s achievements.

Because after all, everyone has their own path and pace in life. 

The ability to respect someone else’s journey and turn the focus to your own growth instead of comparing yourself to others is key to success.

This mindset allows strong individuals to stay positive, focused, and resilient – no matter what life throws their way.

5) Life isn’t always unfair (so don’t complain about it)

Let’s face it, life can be incredibly unfair sometimes.

Bad things happen to good people, dreams get shattered, and despite our best efforts, things don’t always go our way.

But strong and resilient people, they’ve had their fair share of setbacks and disappointments.

Yet you won’t catch them complaining about it.

They don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves or blaming the world for their misfortunes.

It’s not that they lack emotions or are otherwise insensitive.

They’ve just accepted that life isn’t always fair.

In the face of that hard truth, instead of letting it bring them down, they use it as motivation to push harder, to strive better, and to become the strongest version of themselves.

6) Responsibilities aren’t a burden (or at least they don’t moan about them)

The strongest and hardiest types out there often find themselves shouldering a whole load of responsibilities.

Owing to their steadfast and steely nature, they’re typically found leading booming businesses, taking care of families, or simply managing their own lives. 

The weight of so many responsibilities can sometimes feel like a great burden to bear.

But do they complain?

Certainly not!

They understand that every responsibility is both an opportunity and a show of trust that’s been presented to them. 

Each responsibility is a chance to grow, to learn, and to contribute positively to the world around.

These front-runners believe in doing their part – no matter how big or small – to make this world a better place for everyone.

7) “I don’t have enough time!”

You won’t catch these words coming out of their mouths.

When you’re strong and resilient, you see time in a different light.

You only have 24 hours in a day – just like everyone else. 

But instead of complaining about not having enough time, you prioritize and make the most of what you have.

Everybody is busy.

But what is key is making time for what truly matters.

And sure, that might mean missing out on the latest Netflix series or spending fewer hours scrolling social media, but that’s a choice that those ahead of the pack are willing to make.

8) Gloomy skies? Rain on the forecast? No problem!

You know that slumping feeling you get when you glance out the window first thing in the morning and see only gray, drizzling skies?

Whether rain or shine, the weather is something we all experience, but have absolutely no control over.

Others might grumble about a rainy day ruining their plans, or a heatwave making them uncomfortable.

They allow the weather to dictate their moods and their behaviors – often resorting to slacking off and procrastinating.

But the truly resilient out there have no time no qualms about a few storm clouds.

Hell, they know that life’s too short to complain about things beyond their control.

Instead, they choose to find beauty and joy in these little things, making life a little brighter and learning to dance in the rain.

9) Complaining about hard work doesn’t make it easier

Hard work is just that – hard. 

It’s tiring, it’s demanding, and it often requires sacrifices.

But strong and resilient people don’t shy away from a bit of tough work, nor do they bemoan the task at hand. 

Quite the opposite, in fact; they understand that success isn’t handed to them on a silver platter. 

It’s earned through sweat, determination, and a whole lot of grit.

The good things in life don’t ever come easy.

Hence why these busy bees aren’t afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting their hands dirty.

Because at the end of the day, what’s more satisfying than a job well done is knowing how much effort you put into completing it.

On being strong & resilient

It’s not always easy being a strong and resilient person. 

You can be perceived as emotionless, indifferent, or even heartless, but that’s simply because in a world of people who buckle and fall under pressure, it’s difficult to categorize those who stand strong. 

What’s even more difficult to fathom are those who choose to rise above rather than wallow in self-pity.

So if you’re a strong and resilient person who never complains, keep your head up and keep doing what you’re doing. 

Your unique strength and tenacity is a rare skill, often unseen and frequently unappreciated but worth its weight in gold.

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