If someone does these 5 things in a conversation, they’re genuinely interested in you

Are you trying to work out if someone is interested in you?

Perhaps you have a date coming up and you want to catch signs of their interest.

Well, look no further. I have it covered in this article!

Let’s look into the 5 things someone does in a conversation that could mean they’re genuinely interested in you.

1) They maintain eye contact with you

When someone is genuinely interested in you, you may notice they hold eye contact for longer than normal.

You see, the longer someone holds eye contact with you, the more it can cross the border into intimacy and attraction.

Of course, they could be overly friendly. If you’re unsure, watch out for how often they maintain eye contact with you.

Do they hold their gaze a few seconds longer than usual frequently? Does their eye contact feel intense and penetrating? As if they’re looking into the windows of your soul?

If so, that is a good indicator they’re genuinely interested in you.

Bear in mind that not everyone has the confidence to show their interest this way! Someone could be interested but be afraid to show it if they’re more of the shy type.

Less confident people might keep their eyes on the floor or look away often to avoid showing interest (even when they are).

2) They ask you a lot of questions

The second sign that someone is interested in you is when they ask you a lot of questions. After all, that’s the only way they’ll be able to get to know you better. If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t bother making the effort.

Not only does it help them to get to know you personally, but it’s their way of maintaining the conversation.

Look out for the type of questions they ask. This can help you to distinguish between them being friendly or something more.

Are their questions more surface-level? Perhaps they ask you about work, your day, or the type of music you like, but they don’t get any deeper than this?

If so, it could lean more towards them being friendly.

But if they like you, their questions may get more personal. So, they ask about your family, past history, love life, aspirations, deepest fears – all of that deep-digging stuff that can open you up to vulnerability.

3) They lean in close to you

The third sign to keep an eye out for is if they lean in close to you.

Again, how close they lean towards you can help you figure out if it’s friendly or something more.

For instance, they may lean in slightly because they’re engaged in conversation. However, they don’t lean in so close that they break into your personal space. In that case, you may be looking at a close pal-type situation.

But if they break the barrier of your personal space, they may subtly be trying to get close and intimate with you. Hence, showing their interest in you.

Now, if someone is not interested, they may sit and lean away from you, so they can create as much distance as possible.

4) They find ways to touch you

Another thing that people do when they’re interested is find subtle ways to touch you.

They might touch your shoulder as they speak or brush their hand against yours. Or, they brush against your knees or knock shoes with you under the table.

Again, it’s another innocent way for them to get close and intimate with you.

Friendly and touchy-feely people may do this often, so it’s hard to tell from this sign alone. I recommend you look for the other signs on this list, along with this, to help you.

5) They mirror your body language

Now let’s look at the last thing someone does in a conversation to show interest – that’s mirror your body language.

They may subconsciously copy your body movements. You can even test this one!

If you tilt your head to one side, do they do the same? Or when you look over in another direction, do they follow your line of sight?

What about if you sit up and straighten yourself? Do they sit up and straighten themselves out, too? Or if you brush your hair to one side, do they follow suit?

If they keep mirroring your body language, they may just like you.

What are other signs to look out for that they’re genuinely interested in you?

While these are 5 of the main things to look out for, there are more indicators out there that they’re interested.

Here are a few other things someone does in a conversation when they like you.

They share their personal stories

Someone interested is more likely to share their personal stories with you. Why?

Because opening ourselves up is a way to form deeper connections and relationships. It’s natural for someone who likes you to want to get closer to you, so they’ll risk their vulnerability by getting personal.

If they’re not interested, they’d likely shut themselves off personally and keep things light. That way, they can maintain a distance from you.

They show enthusiasm

How is their tone when they talk to you? Do they sound enthused and upbeat? Or monotonous and bored?

You can probably guess that the former, rather than the latter is an indicator of their interest.

They may also be interested if they smile and laugh a lot. You know they’re probably interested in you if they laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not funny!

They ignore distractions (you have their full attention)

Lastly, another good sign of their interest is if you have their full attention when in conversation.

This world is full of distractions, especially with all the technology at our disposal. It’s all too easy to be glued to your phone or distracted by the environment around you.

But are they engaged and absorbed by you, even in a place crowded with people? Or when lots of exciting things are happening around you? Are they fully present in your company with their phone tucked away?

If they ignore the distractions around them (and you have their full attention), this is yet another sign they’re genuinely interested in you.


The following things on this list can help you when you’re unsure of someone’s interest. The more things they do, the better chance that they like you.

I should mention that everyone is different. Someone who likes you may not do many or all of these things, particularly if they’re nervous or shy. Still, this list is a guide to help you along!

If you like this person and they do most or all of the things on this list, that’s a good sign things may be headed in the right direction.

Natalya Edwards

Natalya Edwards is a content writer with experience writing content on diverse topics, from entertainment and music to personal development and short stories. When she’s not typing away at the keyboard, she enjoys gaming, reading and watching Korean dramas.

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