10 things high achievers never waste their time on

Ever wonder how high achievers get so much done?

The secret isn’t just in what they do, but in what they don’t do.

They avoid certain time-wasters that many of us fall into.

By cutting out these distractions, they free up more time for the important stuff.

In this article, we’ll reveal 10 things high achievers never waste their time on.

By avoiding these things, you too can get more done and reach your goals faster.

Let’s get started.

1. Worrying About Things Out of Their Control

High achievers understand that worrying about things they can’t change is a waste of time and energy.

They focus on what they can control and let go of the rest.

Whether it’s the weather, traffic, or someone else’s opinion, they don’t let external factors distract them from their goals.

Instead, they channel their energy into productive activities, problem-solving, and finding ways to adapt to whatever circumstances they face.

By not getting bogged down by things outside of their control, high achievers are better able to stay positive, maintain their focus, and make progress toward their goals.

2. Holding onto Grudges

High achievers understand the importance of mental and emotional clarity for achieving their goals.

Holding onto grudges creates a cloud of negativity that can impede their ability to focus and be productive.

Instead of letting anger and resentment fester, high achievers choose to forgive and move on.

They recognize that grudges only hold them back and serve no useful purpose in their journey toward success.

By freeing themselves from the burden of past grievances, high achievers are able to concentrate on the present and stay aligned with their future goals.

3. Engaging in Gossip

High achievers recognize that gossip is a productivity killer.

Not only does it waste time, but it also creates a negative atmosphere and can damage relationships.

Instead of engaging in idle chatter about others, high achievers focus on building positive relationships and fostering a supportive environment.

They know that their time is better spent on activities that help them grow personally and professionally.

By avoiding gossip, high achievers maintain a reputation of integrity and professionalism, which in turn attracts like-minded individuals and opportunities that contribute to their success.

4. Avoiding Difficult Conversations

Counterintuitively, high achievers don’t shy away from tough conversations.

They know that avoiding them can lead to misunderstandings, tension, and ultimately wasted time and energy.

While it may seem easier to sweep problems under the rug, high achievers confront issues head-on, even when it’s uncomfortable.

They value open and honest communication, recognizing that addressing problems directly can lead to more effective solutions and stronger relationships.

By having difficult conversations, high achievers save time in the long run by preventing small issues from snowballing into bigger, more time-consuming problems.

5. Multitasking

High achievers understand that multitasking is a myth.

While it might seem like juggling multiple tasks at once is the key to getting more done, research shows that multitasking actually reduces productivity.

Our brains are not wired to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and trying to do so can lead to mistakes, decreased focus, and increased stress levels.

Instead of multitasking, high achievers prioritize their tasks and focus on one thing at a time.

They give their full attention to each task, which allows them to complete it more quickly and effectively.

By single-tasking, high achievers are able to achieve better results and make more meaningful progress towards their goals.

6. Pretending to Be Someone They’re Not

High achievers don’t waste time pretending to be someone they’re not. They know that authenticity is key to long-term success.

Sure, it might be tempting to put on a façade, to conform to what others expect or what seems to be popular.

But high achievers don’t play that game.

They embrace their uniqueness, their quirks, their strengths, and even their weaknesses.

They know that trying to be something they’re not is exhausting and unsustainable. It drains their energy and takes their focus away from what truly matters.

By being honest with themselves and others, high achievers can devote their time and energy to their real passions, their true goals, and the people who genuinely appreciate them for who they are.

Authenticity is liberating, and it allows high achievers to make genuine progress in the directions that matter most to them.

7. Saying Yes to Everything

High achievers know that time is their most valuable resource.

They are selective about how they spend it and are not afraid to say no to things that don’t align with their goals.

They don’t overcommit or stretch themselves too thin.

While it might feel uncomfortable to turn down invitations or requests, high achievers understand the importance of setting boundaries.

They prioritize their time, focusing on the tasks and commitments that move them closer to their goals.

By saying no to distractions and non-essential activities, high achievers can maintain their focus and make the most of their time.

8. Constantly Seeking Comfort

High achievers don’t spend their time chasing comfort.

In fact, they often embrace discomfort and view it as a sign that they’re pushing their boundaries and growing.

While it’s natural to seek out comfortable situations and avoid challenges, high achievers recognize that growth and success often come from stepping outside of their comfort zones.

They are willing to take risks, face their fears, and endure discomfort in the pursuit of their goals.

By leaning into discomfort, high achievers learn valuable lessons, develop resilience, and become better equipped to handle future challenges.

They understand that the discomfort of today can lead to the success of tomorrow.

9. Dwelling on Past Mistakes

High achievers don’t waste time dwelling on past mistakes. Instead, they view mistakes as learning opportunities and use them to improve and move forward.

They know that nobody is perfect, and that setbacks are a natural part of any journey.

By accepting that they can’t change the past, high achievers free themselves to focus on the present and the future.

They take responsibility for their actions, learn from their experiences, and then shift their attention to what they can do now to progress toward their goals.

This proactive approach allows them to continue making progress, even in the face of setbacks.

10. Chasing Approval and Validation

High achievers don’t waste their time chasing approval or validation from others.

They know it’s a losing game.

Seeking validation from others is like trying to fill a bottomless pit—it’s never enough.

High achievers understand that their worth isn’t determined by likes, followers, or the opinions of others.

They don’t bend over backward to fit into someone else’s mold or constantly seek reassurance that they’re on the right track.

Instead, they stay true to their values and pursue their goals with unshakeable confidence.

They measure their success by their own standards, not by what others think of them.

They are their own biggest cheerleaders and toughest critics.

High achievers know that the only validation that truly matters comes from within.

And by trusting in themselves and their vision, they are free to achieve greatness on their own terms.

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