12 things happy women do before 9 am every day

Having a good morning routine can make all the difference in how your day goes. 

And when your days are good, you’re more likely to feel good too. 

You’re more productive, more energetic, and more positive. 

Want to find out more?

Here are 12 things happy women do before 9 a.m. every day – take a leaf out of their book and see how your life changes for the better! 

1) Gratitude journaling

Wanna know what keeps happy women, well, happy? 


Right now, there’s so much negativity in the world. But there’s also a lot of good stuff. 

We can choose which we focus our attention on. 

That’s something happy women are great at doing; acknowledging and accepting the bad, but ultimately, redirecting their focus onto the positivity to start their day. 

And hey, no one is saying they spend hours journaling. Just jotting down three things they’re grateful for in their journal is enough. 

Give it a go – you might find you start the day on a good note!

2) Mindful meditation

The morning is an especially important time because it’s like the calm before the storm. 

It’s the only time to get some peace before you encounter other people, work, traffic, and the usual everyday errands. 

So, happy women make time for some mindful meditation

Again, just as with journaling, it doesn’t have to take too long. 

If you’re unsure of how to start this, try the following:

  • Find a comfortable, quiet place.
  • Sit upright and slowly breathe in and out. Focus on your breathing.
  • Once you’ve concentrated on breathing, allow your mind to take stock of your body. Note any pains or sensations you’re feeling. Finally, open your eyes and take in your surroundings. Stay in the present moment, focussing only on what’s in front of you

The idea is that you can then carry this sensation of living in the moment with you for the rest of the day. 

Not only that but as happy women know, you’ll be giving your body a few minutes of uninterrupted attention – something you probably won’t get a chance to do for the rest of the day. 

3) Physical activity

Did you know that exercise can boost your mood

Happy women know it. 

That’s why they do it every morning, before 9 a.m. 

They know that it’s best to start the day with it, as you never know how busy you’re going to get. 

And let’s face it, after a long day at work, most of us tend to skip the gym in favor of relaxation time. 

So after doing some journaling and meditation, they’ll choose an activity to help them warm up for the day. From going for a run to some calming yoga, it doesn’t really matter what type of exercise.

The main thing is to get the body moving. 

4) Nourishing breakfast

Now, after physical activity, you’re likely to have worked up an appetite.

Even if you’re the type who normally skips breakfast, you’ll notice that when you do some exercise first thing, you get hungry much quicker. 

But there’s no use filling your stomach with unhealthy food. That can actually cause you to have less energy throughout the day.

Happy women focus on healthy food – fruit, yogurt, and eggs. Of course, you can have bread alongside it (who doesn’t love some buttered toast in the morning?), but try to go for the healthier alternatives.

One more thing:

Happy women know the importance of having a balanced diet. 

So while they try to eat healthy regularly, they’re also not opposed to having the odd indulgent breakfast (hello, Nutella pancakes!). 

So don’t beat yourself up for having a cheat day or two in the week. 

5) Hydration

Many of us struggle to get an adequate amount of hydration throughout the day. 

I know I’m crap at it – I’m not thirsty all day but come 10 p.m. when I’m getting ready for bed, suddenly I can drink gallons. 

But what I’ve learned from happy women is that they get going early – they’ve already drunk part of their daily amount before 9 a.m. 

As a result, they’re more alert and energetic throughout the day. 

It also means they can avoid drinking a lot in the evenings (which in turn means they wake up to pee less in the night!). 

6) Digital detox

Be honest, do you check your phone first thing in the morning?

Don’t feel bad if you do, most of us are guilty of this.

But it’s one thing that happy women avoid doing before 9 a.m.


Because they want to ensure their morning is focused on THEM. Not on social media. Not on the work emails that have accumulated. Not on the WhatsApp groups full of messages. 

The truth is, when you start your day by checking your phone, you’re overstimulating your mind. 

You’ve just woken up. And the first thing you digest shouldn’t be a screen full of notifications. 

Instead, do what happy women do – focus on yourself. 

Leave the phone until you’ve finished your morning routine and see how much calmer you feel as a result. 

7) Setting intentions

Another thing that happy women do before 9 a.m. is set their intentions for the day

This keeps them focused on their goals throughout the day. 

A girlfriend of mine wants to lose weight, so her goal setting involves sticking to a healthier diet. 

Her setting the intention in the morning not only motivates her to eat well but also reminds her of how far she’s come on her journey. 

One word of advice on this step though – try to be specific with your goal setting. If it’s too big and broad, it won’t be effective. 

Break your dream down into smaller goals that need to be achieved and go from there. 

8) Mindful grooming

One thing I’ve learned from happy women is the art of mindful grooming

I used to rush out the front door after frantically brushing my hair and slapping on a bit of makeup to look half-alive. 

But I noticed that happy women spend time on their appearance. Not to look good for others, but to feel good within themselves. 

Even if that means having to wake up a bit earlier to fit everything in, it’s worth it. 

See it as a form of self-care. Just as with mindful meditation, you’re giving your body the love and attention it deserves. 

As a result, you’ll step out the front door feeling valued and worth it. 

9) Connect with loved ones

Now, this next point is an important one:

Send your loved ones a quick message in the morning. 

It doesn’t have to be long (who has the time for that anyway, most people are getting ready for work). A short message to say, “Hey, have a great day! I love you xx” is more than enough. 

You see, when we connect with others, it does wonders for our mood. 

It reminds us of the important things in life; family, friends, and love. 

And it’s especially helpful when you’re about to have a stressful or hectic day ahead. 

Just this little bit of connectivity can improve your confidence and general outlook on life – what a great way to start the day!

10) Review the day’s schedule

Before 9 a.m., you should know what your schedule for the day looks like.

Happy women are in the habit of doing this because they know it reduces stress and increases productivity.

But there’s a catch – it’s not just in reviewing the day’s schedule, but in making sure you’re being productive and prioritizing the most important tasks first. 

They rarely have a long list of items that need doing. Instead, they only put a few core, important errands/work-related tasks to complete in the morning. 

Anything less important can be done afterward.

This helps them remain organized throughout the day but also allows them to have a better work-life balance. 

Once their tasks are done, they’re free to spend time with family, take part in their hobbies, or whatever else they fancy. 

11) Read or listen

Once they’ve reviewed their schedule, it’s time for something creative. 

Most happy women will listen to a podcast or music to get their creative juices flowing. It can also serve to warm up your brain and get you focused before starting work. 

Alternatively, you can read. 

Most people choose books that are educational in some way, perhaps something related to their work field, or a self-help book. 

But I also think it’s nice to read fiction if that’s what you love. 

The only problem is making sure you don’t get too hooked and spend hours engrossed in reading your favorite novel! 

That’s where setting a timer helps. 

Ultimately, doing something creative before the day starts sets you up for a more productive day ahead. 

12) Nature connection

And finally, at some point in the morning before 9 a.m. happy women spend time in nature

This can be incorporated in any of the points above:

Maybe you have your breakfast outside. Or you do your exercise in the front garden or local park. You can even do your journaling outside. 

I personally enjoy sitting outside with my cats while I drink my tea – this is where I practice my mindfulness meditation. 

You’ve got to find what works for you, but when you do, you’ll notice how much your days improve.

Not only will you achieve more and feel a sense of accomplishment, but you’ll probably feel happier too! 

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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