18 things happy people don’t waste their time complaining about

Happy people have problems just like the rest of us. 

But there are certain things they never complain about because it’s just a waste of time and energy. 

Here are the things to leave off your sh*t list. 

1) The weather

The weather can be an interesting topic of conversation, but complaining about it doesn’t do a whole lot. 

Happy people tend to accept that the weather is what it is!

Sometimes that means the weather gets in the way of your plans or causes suffering or property damage to you or those you care about. 

But apart from a sense of solidarity from venting about the weather, happy people try to go with the flow. 

You’re not going to change the weather by complaining about it! 

2) The news

Much of the mainstream news tends to feed off a cycle of negativity.

You’re much more likely to see the latest horrible event happening in your city than a story about outreach to the homeless and how it’s making a difference. 

But happy people don’t complain about the news. 

If they choose to watch and follow it at all, they already do so knowing that the click and view model is negativity-focused. 

If it bleeds it leads. They know that and they don’t take it personally, limiting exposure accordingly. 

3) The economy

The economy goes through ups and downs and it can have a very negative and difficult impact on our lives. 

But if you’re honest about it, there’s not a heck of a lot you can do to magically shift the economy. 

That’s why the economy is one thing happy people don’t complain about. 

They may adjust to a changing economy or economic downturn, but they don’t bellyache about it, because there’s just no purpose in doing so. 

4) Their ex

Happy people don’t complain about their ex.

Not only is a former partner an awkward topic for conversation, it can also be a really heavy topic. 

Nothing brings down the mood like bringing up a broken relationship and what went wrong with somebody you used to love (or maybe still love).

Happy people don’t complain about their ex, at least not outside of a therapist’s office. 

5) Their childhood

There’s a lot of pain that can be buried back in childhood:

Bullying, abuse, neglect, divorce, to list just a few… 

But happy people don’t dig into it and complain about it. 

For one thing they don’t want to relive whatever trauma they experienced. 

For another thing, they don’t want to fall into a victim mindset

No matter how full of suffering their childhood may have been, people who are content prefer not to focus on it or make themselves out to be a victim. 

6) Messy spaces 

Happy people like to be around order and clean spaces like all the rest of us. 

But they don’t complain if they’re in a messy space. 

Instead, they offer to help clean it up or do what they can to make the area a little neater and cleaner. 

That’s just the way happy people roll: being part of the solution instead of a passive observer of the problem! 

7) Being ghosted 

Happy people hate getting ghosted just as much as the rest of us.

But they don’t complain about it or air their frustrations about it because they don’t want to focus on something so exasperating and have it become part of their life script. 

Somebody who ghosts you doesn’t deserve a second more of your attention and their disrespect says it all. 

8) Stupid people

Stupid people are hard to deal with at times, there’s no doubt about it. 

But happy people don’t focus on them or complain about them. 

They’d rather focus on all the bright, unique and creative people out there instead. 

It’s much more interesting than complaining about the dullards who bring us down! 

9) Odd people 

Weird people may confuse us in many ways. 

But happy people try their best to take strange and odd people as a humorous occurrence. 

If somebody’s being genuinely harassing, they will tell them to get lost. 

But happy people do try their best not to judge

Which brings me to the next point… 

10) People’s quirks 

Quirky people can sometimes be confusing and a “bit much,” as well…

But happy people do their best to appreciate such folks. 

Whether it’s their boss who’s always whistling show tunes on his way to work or their old friend who constantly talks about aliens, they don’t sweat it. 

Let these folks do their thing! 

At least you’ll become an expert on Area 51 and Gershwin. 

11) People’s beliefs

Happy people don’t complain about people’s beliefs. 

They may strongly disagree or find someone’s beliefs ignorant or objectionable, but they don’t complain about it. 

What would be the point? 

Not everyone is going to agree: nothing wrong with that. 

12) Romantic rejection 

Romantic rejection can sting worse than a hornet. 

But complaining about it tends to just rub salt in the wound. 

Happy people try their best to deal with rejection in other ways than talking about it, whether that’s music, art or going for a long hike. 

13) Bad TV shows

Bad TV shows can definitely get on the nerves. 

But happy people prefer to watch something else or turn off the boob tube altogether. 

If they don’t want to watch something, they don’t!

Happy folks have been known to get up in the middle of a movie at the cinema and just leave if it’s too crappy. 

Life is short, why waste it as a captive audience to something that’s not worth your time? 

14) Ugly music  

Ugly music can definitely aggravate the eardrums. 

Happy people know that sometimes it can’t be avoided, for example when in an elevator or while on hold with a company.

Let the ugly music play… 

Which brings up the next point.

15) Old elevators

Old elevators or low-quality elevators can run very slowly and get on everyone’s nerves. 

They may also play old and annoying elevator music. 

Happy people don’t worry about it: they enjoy the novelty of the experience or, if possible, they take the stairs. 

16) Slow wifi

Slow wifi can be very frustrating and even get in the way of work. 

But happy people do their best not to complain about it: they will bring it up if they need wifi, but if the quality is still slow they’ll do their best to find another source of wifi. 

At worst it probably means drinking a cappuccino you didn’t really want at the cafe down the street. 

17) Bad customer service

When customer service is bad, many of us tend to complain or get angry. 

Happy people try to see it as an exercise in patience

At most they might make a suggestion or write down a review to help the customer service improve for the next person. 

18) Flight delays 

Flight delays can be extremely frustrating. 

They can even interrupt important meetings and necessities. 

Happy people don’t complain about them, though, because they know that airline staff and other passengers are already frustrated enough.

There’s no need to add to that frustration. 

Plus, expressing displeasure about waiting for a flight doesn’t make it come any faster. 

Instead, the happy man or woman sits down and takes out their laptop to get some work done or slips in some earbuds and gets lost in an audiobook. 

Might as well! 

Turn that frown upside down

All of the issues above are frustrating and potentially very upsetting. 

But they’re also the type of thing that complaining about does nothing to fix. 

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