12 things happy couples do every day (without even realizing it)

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Some couples look so happy, and it’s hard not to wonder “how do they even stay that way?”

There are many things that happy couples do daily, of course. But the funny thing is that, most of the time, they don’t even realize they’re doing them!

Here are 12 things that happy couples do every day without even realizing it.

1) They start the day right

When singer-songwriter Johnny Cash was asked to define paradise, he replied:

“This morning, with her, having coffee.”

Most happy couples take the time to appreciate one another first thing in the morning. It can be simply basking in their presence, having cuddles and kisses, or yes—even coffee and breakfast together.

It can be the busiest day in their lives, but they will make it a point to take the time to appreciate one another. It serves as their energy that keep them going through the day.

2) They give each other loving glances

Eyes are the windows to the soul. And there’s a lot that can be communicated through a simple stare—from adoration to disgust.

Happy couples simply love each other so much that when they do stare at their partner, they do so with lovestruck eyes.

Their partner might be tying their shoes, hanging out with their friends, or simply napping quietly on a hammock… and they would give them the most tender loving stare they can muster.

3) They get silly

People like to think that once you grow older you should be more serious. But life is miserable enough, and we all need a bit of levity to make it bearable.

That’s why the happiest couples don’t care about looking “serious” and “respectable”—they will indulge in being silly with one another!

They have plenty of inside jokes and pet names to spare, and aren’t afraid to act childish like tickling one another and farting and laughing out loud without a care.

So even if people might ridicule them for being silly, they simply don’t give a damn. They’ll find the time to be silly together every single day.

4) They report what’s up

Things happen in daily life, and sometimes we’re forced to take a change of plans.

Now, unhappy couples keep one another informed because they think they’re obligated to. They’re afraid that their partner would suspect them if they fail to mention that they’ll be coming home late and why.

Happy couples, on the other hand, keep one another informed simply because they don’t want their partner to worry. They don’t even have to think about it—it’s second nature for them to inform their partner when something’s up.

5) They give each other genuine compliments


Happy couples truly love their partners. And they’d like to remind them of the many reasons why.

So when they are overcome with warm feelings about their partner, they’ll let them know it.

They have plenty of feelings to spare, so giving compliments is something that is basically second nature to them. When they say “I really love your eyes,” they mean it, and they’re not just doing it to flatter their partner.

And as a consequence of this, happy couples end up always reminding one another of the many ways they love each other, which then helps maintain a loving relationship.

6) They give each other space

When people think of a happy, lovey-dovey couple, they think of people who simply can’t get enough of each other and are always glued to each other.

The problem is that people who are “joined at the hip” are usually people who are new to their relationship or who have attachment problems.

Happy couples, on the other hand, will give one another all the time and space they need to thrive.

They won’t feel like they should also try to get into chess just because their partner got into a chess club, or try to always be included when their partner wants to hang out with friends.

For a lot of people, being this “lax” with their relationship might seem unthinkable. But happy couples have no problem simply because of how much they trust each other.

7) They let things slide

One of the secrets to a happy marriage is knowing when something simply isn’t worth fighting over, and to simply let things be.

Sometimes their partner might act a little annoying now and then, or that they would say something that could be a little offensive.

Happy couples will just shrug and let these slide because they’re simply not that big of a deal. At most, they might try to clarify things later where it’s private.

In contrast, unhappy couples would jump on their partners and go “it’s annoying when you’re like this, STOP that” or “why do you treat me this way?!”

Happy partners can manage to be as easy-going as they are because at the end of the day,  as imperfect and a little assh*le-y their partners may be, they trust their partners not to mean them harm.

8) They ask for each other’s opinions and approval

Healthy relationships depend on maintaining a balance between making one’s decisions all on their own and consulting their partner for it.

People in happy relationships try to get their partner involved in the decisions they make, most notably in big decisions that can affect them both but also on small things like what to have for dinner.

They keep one another in the loop not out of a sense of obligation, but because they simply consider their partner as their teammate.

They don’t want their partner to come home one day to learn they just splurged half their savings on a brand-new furniture they didn’t even ask for.

9) They do something they both enjoy

Happy couples might not always share the same interests, but what interests they do share, they will happily enjoy with one another.

Whether as simple as solving a puzzle, these activities strengthen their bond and add spice to their togetherness.

They’d text each other “Hey, wanna try cooking a new dish tonight?” or “I invited over some friends for game night!”

Having hobbies together keeps couples stronger. This is especially true for long-term relationships where things might get a little boring. And what’s great is that if they get bored with one thing, they’ll try another.

10) They listen attentively to each other

Let’s face it—it’s easy for conversations to get repetitive and boring once you’ve been together for a while.

Unhappy couples let themselves get impatient and frustrated quickly when their partner is talking. They would sigh and try to change the topic when their partner comes to them complaining (for the fifth time this week) about their annoying coworkers.

Happy couples, on the other hand, are happy to simply have their partner opening up to them. So even when the topic starts getting repetitive, they would still try to listen attentively… and even ask for more.

11) They respect their differences

It’s a guarantee that people simply aren’t going to be 100% who you want them to be. Perhaps there’s a little part of their personality that annoys you, or perhaps you don’t like the shape of their body.

As tempting as it might be to insist on a change, like telling them to go on a diet or to “fix” their personality, happy couples simply don’t do any of that.

Here’s the thing—happy couples are the way they are because they accept and appreciate these differences.

Instead of seeing these small “imperfections” as things they need to fix, they see them as things that make their partner the unique person that they are.

12) They end their day right

Happy couples are not entirely devoid of arguments and differences. It’s inevitable that conflicts will happen, and no amount of mutual love will erase that.

But happy people simply love one another so much that they will refuse to hold on to their grudges and will try to reconcile before they go to sleep. They refuse to go to bed angry.

This is not necessarily something they have to always remember—they simply end up doin it because they know how to set their egos aside and let their love for one another win.

Last words

In the end, you can trace the reasons why they act and think the way they do to the fact that happy people are confident, secure, and mature.

Happy couples do things like keeping their partner informed or trying to resolve their issues at the end of the day because they want to, and not because they feel obligated to.

It’s for this reason that if you want to have a healthy relationship, you should try to build up your own self-confidence first…so you can be a much better partner.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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