11 things genuine people never feel the need to brag about

Truly genuine people are something else. They simply do things without thinking of advertising them on social media or bragging to others about what they did. 

In fact, genuine people rarely brag about anything. So, here are the top things they don’t even mention to others. 

1) Unpublicized achievements

Genuine people are typically successful in many areas of their lives. However, they don’t use their achievements to seek validation or attention. 

They understand that personal growth and success are more valuable than external recognition

That’s why they choose to focus on the journey itself instead of boasting about the destination.

The same goes for the following:

2) Volunteering and unselfish efforts

Many genuine people engage in charitable actions that reflect their compassionate nature. They do this under the radar, though. 

They quietly donate to causes they believe in, volunteer their time without asking for praise, or extend helping hands to those in need

They might even do unconventional things like pay for a stranger’s meal, leave an uplifting note, or help someone in need without drawing attention to their actions. 

Their motivation lies in making a difference, not in getting attention for their altruism. And if they do share something, it’s just to promote and highlight an organization they’re working with or for. 

Genuine people also contribute to their communities through behind-the-scenes acts of service. 

They might clean up a local park, organize resources for the less fortunate, or assist neighbors. 

3) Quiet courage

We all exhibit remarkable courage. We face challenges, uncertainties, and even fears with a quiet resilience that comes from within. 

Yet, authentic folks do it quietly and without the need for an audience. They go through, above, and around difficulties with grace and determination.

All of this demonstrates their authentic strength of character.

4) Unconventional hobbies

People with unconventional hobbies tend to talk about them. A lot. In fact, they typically make a hobby their whole personality. 

Genuine people also embrace unique hobbies or interests that resonate with them. 

Still, they don’t broadcast these interests to impress others; instead, they find fulfillment in pursuing what genuinely brings them joy. 

Whether it’s collecting obscure vintage stuff, practicing unconventional art, or diving into niche sports, they do it without bragging about it.

And for that, I thank them! Too many times, I was tied up in a conversation about POV drone flying, badminton, LEGO assembly, etc.  

I get it. You love doing it. But what you find incredibly interesting isn’t so fascinating to others.

You don’t see me bragging about my extensive collection of R/C cars, my love for e-bikes, or how much I love Stanley from The Office. 

Most people don’t care for them. 

5) Forgiving nature

Instead of using forgiveness to portray themselves as morally superior, genuine people naturally let go of grudges. 

They forgive because they have empathy and understanding, enabling them to move forward without carrying the weight of resentment.

Forgive and forget is their motto. Unless you said something against Stanley. 

6) Inclusive attitude

Another thing genuine people encourage is inclusivity. They create environments where people from diverse backgrounds feel valued and respected. 

Inclusivity is, in fact, a part of their core values, and they don’t need to advertise it because it’s woven into their interactions and relationships.

For example, a genuine person notices someone new at a party and takes the initiative to introduce themselves, making the newcomer feel at ease and part of the group.

Or what about this example:

I had a teacher who included diverse voices and perspectives in the curriculum, exposing us to a variety of experiences and worldviews. 

I still remember some of his classes 25 years later. Isn’t that amazing?

7) Unadvertised skills

Some folks have a really unassuming demeanor. Yet, if you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find amazing hidden talents and skills

For example, they speak multiple languages fluently but don’t show off their linguistic abilities unless the situation requires it. 

Or they’re incredibly fit but focus on maintaining their health rather than showcasing their achievements.

They don’t flaunt these abilities for attention. What they do instead is use them to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them. 

Whether it’s playing a musical instrument, DIY, or excelling at storytelling, their humility is evident in their unpretentious sharing of these talents.

They also don’t brag about the following:

8) Subtle optimism

Their optimistic outlook on life isn’t a performance. It’s a part of who they are. Some genuine people simply radiate positivity naturally, brightening the lives of others through genuine interactions and support. 

Their optimism is a quiet force that uplifts without fanfare.

They support and help those around them without looking for praise or validation. Whether assisting a coworker with a project or lending a hand to a friend in need, they contribute without expecting honors, focusing on the impact of their actions rather than the recognition.

9) Unannounced personal growth

Another thing that’s not for show is their commitment to personal growth and development. 

They work on themselves quietly, consistently striving to be better versions of themselves. That’s why it’s not surprising that their progress is evident in their actions and choices, and they inspire others through their authentic journey.

For instance, I was always impatient. However, I recognized my impatience in certain situations long ago and consciously worked on managing it. 

Over time, I came to a newfound calmness without mentioning my efforts to change. But hopefully, someone noticed it. At least my wife did!

Another thing I didn’t advertise was working on my work-life balance. I have been working 60+ hours for the past couple of years but have since realized that it’s straining my health and my relationships. 

That’s why I adjusted my priorities and managed my time more effectively without announcing the sudden shift in focus to others.

Real change doesn’t have to be announced. It’s simply seen. 

Think about that for a moment. 

10) Unspoken wisdom

Genuine people share wisdom without pretense, which separates them from many others. 

They offer insightful advice and perspectives without presenting themselves as experts. Plus, their humility allows them to connect on a deeper level, guiding others with authenticity.

For instance, you can teach others even if you’re only a few steps in front of them. You don’t have to be a complete expert at something.

From my experience, that makes you connect more easily because you’re not coming from a position of absolute authority, making you more relatable. 

People are wary of so-called gurus that represent themselves as all-knowing. Everyone knows these types of people are only out to get your money. 

Genuine people are in it for many other things (besides money). 

11) Private struggles

Most people don’t boast about their private struggles. Still, there are many that do. They can’t help but share every little detail with the world. 

They don’t care whether someone’s interested in it and in them or they’re hate-watching or even enjoying their misery. 

That’s why there’s no shortage of reality TV show contestants. They’re shameless in promoting themselves for five minutes of fame. 

Not authentic people. They’re dealing with personal challenges privately, which proves their inner resilience. 

They face difficulties head-on without seeking sympathy or using their struggles to gain attention. Their strength lies in their ability to navigate challenging times with dignity.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, everyone has bragging rights, yet not everyone chooses to use and display them. 

The difference between genuine people and the rest is palpable, and you don’t need these 11 things to come to a conclusion. 

You can feel and see they’re genuine in a couple of minutes that you’ve spent with them. 

Adrian Volenik

Adrian has years of experience in the field of personal development and building wealth. Both physical and spiritual. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for helping people enhance their lives. Adrian loves to share practical tips and insights that can help readers achieve their personal and professional goals. He has lived in several European countries and has now settled in Portugal with his family. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, drinking sangria, and spending time with his wife and son.

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