15 things classy women never do in their dating lives

Classy women date differently.

And it’s not really about the things they do. It’s the things they DON’T DO that sets them apart.

Want to know what makes them different?

Here are 15 things classy women never do in their dating lives.

1) They never beg for love

Classy women know their worth.

They also know it’s not real love unless it’s freely given.

So when a man doesn’t show them the same level of interest or when they start shooing them away, they snap back to reality.

Sure, they’ll cry for a day or two (that’s normal), but they’ll move on and never look back.

2) They never play hard-to-get

Classy women don’t play this game. They just find it too childish.

If they like someone, they won’t let them “work hard” for it. They’ll reciprocate! 

And if they’re sure they don’t like someone, they’ll make it very clear that they don’t want them hanging around. 

They don’t simply say that so men will try harder. They really mean it.

3) They never try hard to impress

Sure, like any girl, they will try their best to be nice and presentable on a date. 

But they won’t ever pretend to be someone they’re not!

They won’t wear short skirts just because they think the guy they’re dating likes it.

They won’t talk about art just to seem cultured.

They won’t pretend to be shy and angelic if they’re really angsty. 

They know that the goal is to find someone who likes them for exactly who they are—and that won’t happen if they delay showing their real self.

4) They never go hot and cold

This is a manipulative tactic used by some women to get more and more attention from men. 

But this is something that classy women would never resort to. 

They’d rather love in a healthy and genuine way!

If they’re committed to a person, they’d go hot…and consistently hot.

They’d never intentionally make them feel insecure by pulling away. That’s just manipulative behavior.

And if a man plays this, they’d never stick around either.

5) They never wait around for a man to realize their worth

Classy women are naturally patient. They know love takes time so they’ll wait…but not too long!

If it’s been months and the guy they’re into is still not making a move, they’d go “Welp, times up. You had your chance.”.

And then move on. 

They have better things to do than wait for people to realize their worth. 

6) They never ignore red flags

Classy women love hard. When they’re in love, they won’t hold back just to seem “classy.”

But they’re not blind.

When they see red flags, they acknowledge them. 

They might not react and make a big deal out of them at first, but they’ll make a mental note of each one of them. 

And if their partner or date commits them repeatedly, they’d assess if it’s something they can just live with…or if they have to let the person go.

7) They never stay quiet when there’s something to talk about

For a classy woman, good communication is extremely important.

So when they have something to say, they won’t be shy to say “Hey, I think we need to talk. Is that okay?”

They know it’s the best way to build a healthy relationship.

If they notice red flags, they’d rather discuss them than just give up on them.

Or if they have some personal challenges, they’d rather that their partner knows about it instead of just keeping everything in.

8) They forgive but never forget

Classy women will forgive their partners, but they’ll never forget what they’ve done.

I mean, of course, they’re not martyrs! 

At the end of the day, the purpose of dating is to find out if someone is good for you or not.

And so if their date or partner repeats a major offense more than twice, you can be sure they’ll end things even if they’re still deeply in love.

They love with all their heart, but they prioritize what’s good for them over what’s good for another person.

9) They never rush 

Love and relationships take time to take shape and solidify.

They’ll fall in love fast, no problem with that. It’s something that can’t be (and shouldn’t be) controlled.

But when it comes to commitment like moving in together, buying a house, having a kid, and getting married?

They’ll take their time. 

They won’t rush no matter how in love they are or how old they are or how ready their partner is.

For a classy woman, love is a wonderful thing, but it’s wise to not move through life hastily.

10) They never stalk their partner’s exes

This is something a classy woman would never ever waste their time on!

Sure, they’ll ask their partner about their exes (we all get curious, don’t we?)…but stalk them? No way!

Not only do they respect their partner’s privacy, they respect themselves, too.

If they really have the need to know, they’ll instead ask themself “Why do I want to know? Am I just insecure? Why do I feel this way?”

And then they’ll work on themselves instead of obsessing over an external force.

11) They never get possessive

If their partner wants to attend a party where there will be plenty of girls, they’ll let them!

They won’t get anxious and say “Hmph, you’ll just flirt all night long!”

And it’s not just with girls.

They also won’t try to control how their partner spends their time with their family, friends, and colleagues.

Classy women know that—no matter how committed they both are to their relationships— they don’t own their partners!

Because of this, they should be free to live the life they want and just trust them that they won’t do something that could harm their relationship.

12) They never make their relationship their everything

Classy women are sensible.

They know that in general, relationships just come and go—and so, no matter how in love they are, they don’t latch on to it.

Sure, they’ll spend time with their beloved and they’ll love fully. 

But they won’t stop meeting their friends and pursuing their dreams. They won’t abandon their hobbies either.

In other words, they make sure that they don’t make their relationship the center of their universe.

Because not only will this lead to codependency, what will happen if they do break up?

13) They never play the role of the caretaker

Classy women want someone who’s their equal—someone who’d carry their own weight and try to put in the same level of effort.

In other words: A responsible adult.

If a man is lazy and passive…

If they always need guidance and help on the things they can do on their own…

If they get much more than they give…

Classy women would simply leave. 

They want a partner, not someone they still have to train to become a good partner.

14) They never worry about being single

Classy women know that it’s not the end of the world if their relationship ends.

In fact, they’re fine if they remain single forever. 

Sure, it’s probably not something they’d want, but they won’t sulk all their life and curse the heavens for not giving them their dream man.

Being single is not a death sentence, after all.

What’s a death sentence?

Being stuck in a toxic relationship until the sadness eats up their soul and turns them into lifeless zombies.

15) They never stay when the relationship is clearly over

Classy women won’t “suck it up” and just suffer ten, twenty, or fifty years being married to someone who they clearly don’t love anymore.

If they’ve tried hard to fix the relationship and it’s still not working, they’ll gracefully say adieu.

It doesn’t matter if they already have five children. 

It doesn’t matter if they’ll be broke once they break up.

It doesn’t matter if people will hate them for it.

Classy women value relationships, but they value themselves too.

Last words

Classy women aren’t “spoiled” or “high-maintenance” or “self-important”.

They’re simply the ones who know their worth.

And because they know their worth, they’re able to make wiser decisions for themselves.

What’s interesting is that these traits also make them more desirable, and that’s why they end up finding the love they truly deserve.

If you want to be classier when it comes to dating, simply apply the Never-Do list above.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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