10 things classy people don’t waste their time on

Being classy is more than just being able to afford luxury, looking the part, and being sophisticated.

Class is all about how you behave and carry yourself.

If you’re wondering what it’s really like to be classy, here are 10 things that classy people don’t waste their time on:

1. Gossiping

Gossiping doesn’t feel like time well spent for a classy person.

There’s not much point to it, and most of the time, all you’re really doing is talking bad about someone else who can’t defend themselves.

A classy person prefers to be compassionate rather than judgemental.

Rather than gossiping about people behind their backs, classy people focus on working towards the goals that they’ve set for themselves.

A classy person realizes that another person’s private life is none of their business.

2. Impressing others

Classy people don’t tend to be the type to play status games, seeing who’s better than others.

They don’t walk around, showing off how smart and sophisticated they are.

Classy people understand that the opinions of others are something that is completely out of our own control.

No matter what we say or how we say it, ultimately, it comes down to the person to decide what they think of us.

Since there’s nothing we can do about it, classy people don’t waste their time stressing about it.

3. Changing to fit a stereotype

Validation isn’t something classy people look for from other people.

One of the unique features of being classy is being able to give yourself full acceptance of your strengths, limits, achievements, and failures.

Classy people can fully embrace who they are.

They know and understand themselves deeply enough that they are free from the need to follow trends or adhere to stereotypes.

Classy people often don’t follow trends because they set them.

They have a tendency to dictate the stereotype instead of simply following it.

But take note that this happens with minimal to no effort because they don’t really care about their popularity and influence.

4. Try to be like everyone else

Trying to fit in and be like everyone else is a recipe for living an inauthentic life.

One important trait of any classy person is the ability to be authentic to themselves.

If that means being different from everyone, then so be it.

A classy person would rather stay true to themselves and express themselves for who they are than stick to a pre-written script that sounds the same as everyone else.

This also means that a classy person understands who they are.

There’s no hiding because they know their strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.

5. Indulging themselves in unhealthy habits

Behavior is the ultimate determinant of being classy.

Although classy people do drink, they don’t get overly drunk to the point of losing their poise.

People who have class often want to be on their best behavior to avoid making decisions that they would regret later on.

Being classy is about not overindulging in unhealthy choices in life.

Additionally, when I say unhealthy habits, these include toxic relationships.

Classy people don’t tolerate abuse and they know how to set boundaries.

This applies to romantic relationships, work, and friendships.

6. Talk more than listen

Some people love talking because they’re trying to prove themselves to the people around them.

But the truth is, the more confident and classy someone is the less likely they feel like they have to prove themselves.

Classy people don’t try to dominate the conversation or steer the conversation in a particular direction, because they’re comfortable going with the flow.

They value listening to other people because they see it as an opportunity to learn.

7. Manipulating people

Classy people don’t go around playing games just to get what they want.

When they accidentally gaslight, manipulate or become a little more controlling, classy people are the first to apologize.

Manipulating people wastes time and shows a lack of respect for the other person.

When other people want something, they might subtly manipulate others to give it to them.

If they need help, they might guilt-trip people, saying that everyone else might have been willing to help.

But if a classy person wants something, they try to make it as clear as possible.

They know that being clear lessens confusion as well as builds trust with others.

8. Bragging about their achievements

Whether it’s talking to people or posting on social media, classy people don’t brag about their achievements.

When I say achievements, it also includes luxury purchases and expenses. 

Classy people prefer posting about their “progress” instead of achievements, to inspire other people.

They don’t feel the need to show off their material possessions because they’re not trying to impress anyone. They’re already comfortable and secure with themselves.

9. Dominating conversations

Classy people will simply roll their eyes at individuals whose main topic seems to be all about themselves or what interests them.

This isn’t because they are bored, I think that people who have class know for a fact that talking about oneself a little too much disrupts the quality of a conversation.

It’s not just the “me, myself, and I” topic that’s wasting a potentially great interaction.

A classy person listens deeply, leans in to show they’re interested in the conversation, and makes eye contact to reassure the person that they’re listening.

Only once the person is finished talking do they respond with their own opinions.

Classy people also aren’t the type to have their phone in their hand or on the table while talking to someone.

They don’t look around past the person they’re talking to.

When a classy person is talking to someone, they give that person their full attention; it’s as if the person they’re talking to is the most important person in the world.

10. Dwelling on things that are beyond their control

Classy people understand that they are merely humans.

They acknowledge that they are prone to mistakes, and sometimes giving their very best isn’t a guarantee that they will meet their goals.

Some things are merely out of one’s control and that’s okay.

Opportunities are limitless if you use your time wisely always to be productive and look for them in the right places.

Being classy doesn’t equate to being perfect and immune to failure.

Even individuals who have the most class still have things that are beyond them. We don’t dwell on these things, we simply learn and proceed.

Class is mostly about how you deal with things in life, both the good ones and the bad ones. So being classy is knowing how to handle both success and disappointments.

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