13 things classy people do when they’re not at work

We all know what classy people are like at work—they’re always polished and poised, always ready with precisely appropriate and brilliant words.

But perhaps you’ve wondered, what about outside of work?

Do they suddenly become just like the rest of us? Or are they really classy ALL THE TIME?

For all the mystery around them, one thing is for sure true: classy people aren’t just putting up an act.

To fully understand them, here are 13 things classy people do when they are not at work.

1) They explore their interests

If there is one thing you can say about classy people is that they are interesting. And that’s because they’re always INTERESTED.

The real reason they are able to talk so eloquently about philosophy, art, food, or fashion is because they are truly interested in them.

Instead of thinking about a work project all night and all through the weekend, unless absolutely it’s an emergency, they spend this time exploring other interests.

What’s interesting is that instead of being less productive as people would expect from spending less time thinking about work, classy people stay at the top of their game precisely because of it.

By staying attuned to the times and having a diverse and dynamic life, they always keep their perspective fresh and updated. This brings new energy (and knowledge!) when they go back to the workplace.

2) They surround themselves with people who uplift them

“Friends are our chosen family,” as they say. 

And classy people understand that to be more fully who they are, they need to be very selective about the company they keep. 

Just like the rest of us, classy people can’t always choose who they work with. 

That’s why, outside of work, they choose to surround themselves ONLY with supporting friends and family.

While some people have no life outside of work, classy people carve time to be with those who genuinely uplift them.

3) They work on their personal goals and projects 

Want to know the least classy person?

It’s the person who can’t seem to stop talking about work wherever they may be. Those who’d talk for 20 minutes or forever about what they do whether they’re at a funeral or a wedding. 

Classy people are dedicated and hard-working but they know that no matter how much they love their work, their own personal goals and projects are just as worthy of time and attention. 

This is why for the sheer joy of it, classy people will learn to bake the perfect sourdough, play that classical piece, learn how to build a business, or knit.

For truly classy people, not everything is about the money, and their value isn’t measured by what they can produce.

4) They talk about ideas, not people

Everyone needs a good rant once in a while, but classy people keep theirs to the bare minimum and only to their most trusted circles. 

Rather than giving energy to toxic people (especially if they are coworkers or colleagues), classy people choose to spend it discussing ideas and concepts that elevate the mundane to the universal.

For instance, rather than airing gripes about a co-worker/friend’s betrayal for hours, classy people would acknowledge it but then decide to move on fast.

They’ll say “Well, as annoying as she is, there’s nothing much we can do about our co-worker.”, then choose to move forward and focus on creating community and genuine connections. 

5) They take vacations somewhere new 

Vacation in their beach houses or cabins, and to their favorite country every year, makes a classy person, right?

Not necessarily.

To be really classy is to be unbothered, calm, and collected even when things are going haywire and according to psychology, one of the best ways to do that is to vacation somewhere new.

By taking vacations to new places, classy people cultivate the emotional agility or the capacity to adjust to different situations.

In this way, classy people are not only enriched by the experience, they also enhance their empathy to collaborate, and develop the creativity to tackle challenges.

6) They take care of their bodies

Pearly whites, a good physique and posture, plus a radiant face are all marks of the classy person, but it’s not just genes.

For classy people, taking care of their health is basic, and their external appearance is just a reflection of good health from the inside. 

While other people wait for an illness to visit the doctor, or a toothache to visit the dentist, classy people think of health care as bare minimum.

Classy people are confident in their worth and don’t take it as selfishness to invest time and energy in taking care of themselves.

Whether it be exercise or nutrition, classy people do their own research and learn what works best for their body to perform at its optimum best.

7) They protect their energy

Classy people are able to keep their poise because they have developed the expertise of protecting their energy.

They do this by being mindful of their own, so that they know at each point if they are able to manage the situation.

If they are exhausted and at capacity and a friend wants to vent (for the nth time), they gracefully shift the conversation or clearly state their needs.

They’d say “Anna, please don’t take this in a negative way. I would prefer that we don’t talk about your anger for Elena this weekend. I feel deflated and would rather recharge. Is that okay?”

Classy people set boundaries and take aligned action without the drama that most people put themselves through because they are trying to people-please.

8) They take time to find unique and thoughtful gifts

Classy people are generous

Even when they are not the most financially affluent in a group of friends, classy people take pleasure in gifting and giving surprises. 

They might give a Prada or a Gucci if they can, but they know it’s the thought that truly counts. They take time to find unique and thoughtful gifts and even write letters and cards. 

They know that lives are so much richer with the love and affection of friends and family, and they let their appreciation known through the love language of giving tangible things. 

Unlike people who buy the same thing for a group of people, classy people’s gifts are never generic. 

They are carefully chosen and each one reflects their values, their refined taste and most importantly, their clear message of sincere appreciation to the receiver.

9) They give and receive favors

If there’s one thing to be said about classy people, it’s they know how to properly give and receive favors.

Classy people understand that reciprocity bonds people together.

When someone requests a favor, they gladly do so from a genuine sense of kindness.

And when people see an opportunity to return the favor, classy people receive it from gratitude rather than from expectation. 

This keeps the flow of giving and receiving in a harmonious and continuous flow while strengthening relationships at the same time. 

This is why, on the outside, we see classy people as very social and friendly. But they’re not just pulling an act—they really care for others and thus have formed a network of friends over the years.

10) They upskill and maximize their potential

Classy people don’t wait for commands from their bosses or any other people to upskill and maximize their potential.

While other people only take classes and conferences when required for the job, classy people have the initiative to self-study, take classes, and attend workshops.

They do this because they’ve adopted a growth mindset and are energized by the work of elevating their intellectual, emotional, and even socialization capacities.

While other people choose to believe that their capacities are limited and fixed, classy people believe that with time, effort, and focus, they can uncover and realize their true potential.

11) They support a good cause

Classy people have an air of abundance about them that even the richest people don’t have.

While some rich people choose to keep all their money, classy people support a good cause.

Because they’re well-read and well-informed, they’re exposed to the realities of the world. They care about the climate, the hunger in Somalia, the earthquake in Morocco.

While some people simply Tweet about their principles and values, classy people let their actions and resources support the world they want to see more of.

They’d do this whether by making a donation of time, money, or skills, classy people support good causes that are aligned with their spirit.

12)They deepen their bond with their mentors

Classy people, as smart and brilliant as they are, are always growing from the wisdom of their trusted mentors.

While other people can get caught up with work and other responsibilities, classy people never forget the people they owe their growth and success to.

They make time to deepen their bond with their mentors, and consider it a priority to continuously deepen their bond with them.

They take trips, have dinners and conversations together and stand witness to the evolving versions of each other through the years.

With their mentors, classy people gather the courage to face life’s challenges and become better people each time.

13) They mentor other people, too.

Whether from their college orgs or from underprivileged youth groups, classy people mentor others—especially younger people.

They do this from a space of understanding that all they have gained in life is owed to the privileges they have had, just as much as their hard work.

While other people who have reached a certain level of success delude themselves with the belief that they did it all on their own to justify not helping others, classy people are very happy and eager to mentor.

Instead of feeling threatened by the growth of others, especially younger ones, classy people are self-assured in their skills and only seek to help others transcend limitations.

Last words

By now, I hope you realize that being a classy person isn’t just about learning etiquette and having style.

Classy people are all about cultivating their essence and being considerate of others and people around them.

Even with their full and dynamic lives, classy people balance their interests and passions, cultivate meaningful (rather than transactional) relationships, and develop a rich inner life outside of work.

For classy people, as important as work is, it should never get in the way of a life well lived.

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