10 things classy men never do in public

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There are certain things that are best kept behind closed doors. 

Classy men understand this and they keep it in mind. 

Here are fourteen things classy men never do in public.

1) Argue 

Arguments happen, and they can’t always be predicted. 

But they’re one of the things classy men never do in public.

If an argument comes up, the classy guy does his best to put it off until a later time when he and the other individual can talk privately. 

Airing dirty laundry in public is very uncomfortable for all involved, and it also muddies up the actual issues being fought over. 

The reason is that when people are fighting and arguing in public, often one becomes embarrassed and pretends to agree or back down, when in reality they’re just mortified by duking it out and shouting and bickering in a public place. 

Save the arguments for a private space. 

2) Floss

Some meals get a bit messy and food tends to get wedged between the teeth in these situations. 

There’s no shame in having some bits of food stuck in your teeth, but flossing in public is absolutely the wrong way to go.

It’s disgusting to watch a person floss in public. 

Secondly, it’s the kind of thing that a classy guy does discreetly by going to the restroom or in his car privately before driving somewhere. 

He doesn’t sit at a restaurant table and floss, or do a quick floss while in line at the bank. 

Yuck! No! 

He waits until he can get somewhere private, or better yet uses a toothpick discreetly, which can be pulled off in a classy Humphrey Bogart-like way. 

3) Pick nose 

Next up in the things classy men never do in public is pick their nose. 

Optimally, classy men don’t pick their nose at all. 

But if they want to dislodge some kind of nasal blockage or feel congested, they optimally wait until being in private to deal with that. 

If they feel the need to blow their nose they avoid doing so in public as well. 

If it’s unavoidable then they blow their nose without being messy and immediately toss the tissue away. 

4) Fart

Farting is something we all do, but doing it in public is almost always best avoided.

This is one of those things classy men never do in public.

This may strike some as redundant: after all what guy of any type actually just goes ahead and farts in public? 

It’s embarrassing, gross and could socially ostracize you. 

But here’s the thing:

Many guys will let one rip if they feel confident nobody will know it was them or they don’t think it will be a big fart. 

Classy guys don’t even if they’re sure nobody would know.


Because it’s not just about embarrassing oneself, it’s about creating a stinky and nasty atmosphere, which they don’t want to do. 

If they absolutely have to fart they go into a larger open area away from people and do it. 

5) Spit

Spitting is sometimes necessary to clear out the throat or dislodge phlegm. 

But it’s one of the top things classy men never do in public.

They save spitting for the bathroom sink. 

When they get the urge to spit in public, they resist it. 

If they have a cold or some reason that a lot of phlegm is building up in their throats then they stay home in the first place. 

This is the thing about classy guys:

They don’t just respect others, they also respect themselves and take care of themselves. 

6) Litter 

The next of the things classy men never do in public is litter. 

If there is a trash can in the vicinity, they toss their refuse in there. 

If there’s not, then they take whatever garbage they have in a bag and throw it out when they see a garbage can or at home in the garbage. 

There’s more than enough pollution, mess and trash everywhere, especially in many of our bigger cities. 

Classy men have no interest in contributing to that trash-pocalypse. 

Plus throwing trash on the ground is just…trashy! 

7) Name drop

Next up in the things classy men never do in public is name drop. 

Even if they do know a number of important, wealthy or notable people, they don’t share it in public to show off. 

It’s super cringe, but even worse, it’s the behavior of a very insecure and irritating person. 

The kinds of people who name drop in public are invariably the most unaccomplished, boring and unremarkable people. 

The classy man knows this:

If you need to drop impressive names to make people pay attention to you, then you’re already losing their attention. 

8) Discipline kids 

Kids can be real rascals, but a classy guy never disciplines his kids in public. 

If an incident occurs such as his child starting to cry or scream over wanting to buy something in the store, he takes them by the arm and leaves. 

Then he talks to them at home or in the car about why it’s not OK to have outbursts in public and how we can’t always get what we want. 

The classy man understands that sometimes kids do need a good talking to and understanding boundaries. 

But doing it in public or having a shouting match with a screaming kid is just very uncomfortable for everyone in the area and potentially humiliating for the man and his kid as well. 

9) Put on a slanket 

Slankets are blankets with places to put your arms: basically blanket ponchos. 

Classy guys may wear them at home or in the comfort of watching a tasteful film. 

What goes on behind closed doors is none of my business. 

But wearing a slanket on a public bus or while sitting in the library or a reception room, for example?

A classy guy wouldn’t do this in a million years. 

He’d rather douse himself in grape juice and run down the street screaming that he’s a vampire. 

At least it would be less embarrassing than wearing a slanket in public. 

10) Talk on speakerphone 

One of the increasingly common things that people do is have conversations on speakerphone in public. 

It kind of makes sense: 

If your hands are full of shopping bags or you’re busy, you switch that smartphone onto speaker and keep it somewhere near you instead of having to hold it to your ear. 

But it’s one of the things classy men never do in public. 

For one thing, it’s super annoying: other people don’t want to hear the intimate details of your life while they’re just strolling down the street. 

For another thing, using speakerphone tends to have lower audio quality, requiring people to often raise their voices and sound like shouting banshees.

Not good, and definitely not classy! 

Staying classy 

The tips above will help you stay classy at all times. 

Classy guys don’t do these things in public because they understand that it’s not the place for them. 

The biggest takeaway here is that it’s not just about them, and classy guys know that.

It’s not only about their own reputation or image, it’s about deciding what kind of world we want to live in.

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