16 things badass women always do (but never talk about)

A badass woman is confident, daring, and knows who she is.

She oozes inner strength that seems to scream “I know my worth”.

You’ll find her taking on the world and generally being her best damn self.

Here are 16 things that a badass woman always does:

1) She gives herself permission

You’ll never find a badass woman in the queue waiting to be handed out validation.

She’s not seeking the approval of everyone else, whether it’s on social media, in her personal relationships, or at work. Instead, she gives herself permission.

If there is something she wants, likes, or values, that’s good enough for her.

She doesn’t need to know that everyone else agrees.

That’s one of the reasons badass women aren’t people pleasers.

They know that their energy, focus, and time should be directed on living their own lives in a fulfilling way.

2) She takes risks

It’s not that a badass woman is reckless, she just knows how to take calculated risks.

She’s not going to let her comfort zone hold her back.

A badass woman realizes that to get what you want, you have to go for it in life.

That’s not always going to lead you down the safest path.

Badass women aren’t fearless. We all get scared from time to time.

But this type of uncompromising woman knows that the secret to success is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

That means taking a leap of faith and trusting you will work things out.

3) She believes in her personal power

If there’s one thing a badass woman knows, it’s that she has the inner strength to see her through every phase of life.

But here’s the thing, we all have an incredible amount of power and potential within us, but most of us never tap into it.

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4) She speaks her mind

A badass woman realizes that being straightforward or direct when required doesn’t make you mean.

Of course, there’s always a healthy way to communicate and a destructive way.

Badass females know the difference.

But you’re not going to find them shying away from speaking their truth for fear of what others might think.

She understands that her voice is just as relevant and has every right to be heard and respected.

She won’t apologize for telling you how she feels or what she thinks, even when it might not be what others want to hear.

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5) She chases her dreams

One thing some of the most famous badass women in the world have in common is that they went after their dreams.

Those dreams don’t have to be of fame or fortune.

Being a badass is all about deciding what your own individual dream is, and working towards making it happen.

That’s why it’s equally just as badass to quit your job and backpack around Asia as it is to start your own company.

The badassery lies not in the dream itself, but in following your own path to happiness and success and being determined to go after whatever it is.

6) She makes her own rules

Badasses are natural rule breakers.

But it’s not because they’re hell-bent on taking on the establishment, it’s because they would rather carve their own path in life.

Whether it’s a glass ceiling that needs shattering or a stereotype that needs turning on its head, she isn’t afraid to break the mold to get the job done.

Forget what is most “expected” of her, you’ll often find a badass girl walking the road less traveled.

7) She enjoys her own company

You’re unlikely to find a badass woman weeping like Bridget Jones as she sloshes red wine all over the carpet.

And you know that on those occasions when she does, she’s going to own that shit for the cathartic exercise it really is.

Being alone isn’t something badass girls sweat.

Whether it’s curling up in bed with a good book or taking herself out for a long and leisurely lunch, she’s not afraid to fly solo.

Neither will she settle for mediocre connections just to fill the void. If a relationship isn’t right, it’s not worth having to a badass woman.

She likes herself and her own company too much to settle for less.

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8) She doesn’t follow the crowd

Although badass women aren’t always natural leaders, one thing’s for sure, they’re never sheep.

They’re not going to mindlessly go along with things just to win popularity or for fear of standing out.

They care less about what other people are doing and more about what is best for them.

They won’t be peer pressured into things that don’t feel right or aligned in their life.

They’ll be out there making their own trends and dancing to the rhythm of their own beat.

9) She refuses to buy into drama

Some people might assume that badass women are feisty enough to find themselves in a lot of hot water, but that’s not the case.

Real badasses don’t have the time or the inclination for all that stress.

Toxic people, narcissists, or constantly negatively people will all go bye-bye sooner or later and find themselves unceremoniously cut out of her life.

A badass queen seeks the company of those who lift her up and bring out the best in her.

She will stand her ground when she needs to, but she certainly isn’t going looking for trouble.

10) She knows how to take a compliment

Let’s face it, it’s not uncommon to be our own worst critic in life.

We may notice that we put ourselves down when we should be the very person lifting ourselves up.

Graciously accepting a compliment is a mini act of self-love and approval.

Rather than playing down all the great things about herself, a badass woman is happy to take praise with a humble “thanks”.

Because she’s not too afraid or insecure to admit to herself when she’s done a great job.

11) She is emotionally resilient

From the outside looking in, it may seem like badass women have a natural inner courage.

But they aren’t born with superhuman strength.

They are just as vulnerable as anyone and equally prone to facing rejection and setbacks.

Yet they’ve practiced and built the emotional resilience to help them cope with whatever life happens to throw their way.

They’ve earned their strength through facing challenges, getting knocked down, but getting back up again.

It’s this that leaves them with the confidence to know they will always be ok, no matter what.

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12) She creates and upholds boundaries

The firm foundation on which every badass woman sits is her personal boundaries.

It is these rules which dictate what she will accept and welcome into her life — the people, behaviors, and opportunities — and which she will reject.

She has created her own private club, break the rules and you’re out.

It’s these boundaries that offer her the protection she needs to stay strong and fierce even in the most testing of circumstances.

They are her secret badass weapon.

13) She is fully responsible for her own needs

Being badass enough to be self-responsible, doesn’t mean a strong woman won’t ask for help or take support whenever she needs or wants it. She will.

It just means she is aware that nobody else is responsible for how she feels, thinks, and behaves.

So she is totally prepared to take full management of her own happiness.

You won’t find her wasting time blaming others or life in general when things don’t work out.

She’s too busy working out her next best move to take control of the situation and make sure her needs get met.

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14) She calls out BS, including her own

How do you act like a badass?

You’ll find badass women standing up for others, highlighting injustices, and defending themselves as well as what’s “right”.

Strong women won’t sit passively on the sidelines.

They are the Greta Thunberg’s of this world speaking out to try and create a better world for all.

That means keeping it real, and calling out BS wherever she finds it.

Even when that includes calling herself out on her own excuses or failings so that she can step into her next-level self.

15) She learns from her mistakes

Badass women definitely aren’t the “oops I did it again” type.

You won’t find her endlessly repeating the same mistakes.

Her growth mindset allows her to see where she went wrong, but rather than beat herself up about that, she chooses to learn from what has happened.

She understands that to err is human, and doing so doesn’t make her unworthy. In fact, it gives her the valuable lessons she needs to fuel her eventual success.

Her mottos in life are:

  • There are no mistakes, only opportunities for greater growth.
  • Failure is only redirection.

16) She shows compassion

One of the biggest signs of inner strength is being able to give kindness and compassion freely.

Rather than being a weakness, loving others, even in the most challenging situations, is incredibly badass.

A compassionate woman has enough love to go around.

That’s why badass women rarely hold a grudge. Instead, she forgives, forgets and moves on. Because life is too short to be unhappy.

Louise Jackson

My passion in life is communication in all its many forms. I enjoy nothing more than deep chats about life, love and the Universe. With a masters degree in Journalism, I’m a former BBC news reporter and newsreader. But around 8 years ago I swapped the studio for a life on the open road. Lisbon, Portugal is currently where I call home. My personal development articles have featured in Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, Thrive Global and more.

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