15 things authentic people aren’t impressed by

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Authentic people are trustworthy, genuine and direct. 

The result is that many of the shallower and faker things of our modern world don’t impress them one bit. 

Let’s take a look… 

1) Popularity 

Popularity doesn’t have a big impact on authentic people. 

The popularity of somebody else doesn’t form their judgment of that person: they prefer to get to know them in person and form their own judgment. 

If the genuine individual is the one who’s popular it doesn’t change who they are, either. 

They uphold what they believe and never let the popularity go to their head. 

Popularity comes and goes: sometimes people deserve it, sometimes not. Authentic people don’t put too much stock in it. 

2) Great reviews

On a related note in terms of the things authentic people aren’t impressed by is great reviews. 

This goes for reviews of products, places, books, films or anything else. 

An online review may say that a new SUV model is the bee’s knees, but an authentic person doesn’t just jump at the first clickbait. They read the details carefully and consider other sources, too. 

The same goes for reviews of holiday destinations, products or even things like job descriptions. 

They consider the best and worst that’s been said before taking a risk on something new, instead of just jumping for a simplistic or easy conclusion. 

3) Official titles

Next up in the things authentic people aren’t impressed by is official titles. 

They may walk into the office of the Grand Exchequer of the Empire, but it’s not going to cow them. 

Authentic people respect official titles when such titles have import and meaning, but they never let it blind or intimidate them. 

They may be meeting with the Dallas Chief of Police on an important matter, but they know that he’s still just a man at the end of the day.

Titles may matter, but they’re never very impressive to an authentic person.

This brings up the next point…

4) Political or corporate power

Political or corporate power clearly matters. 

It can start or end wars, impact entire industries, change laws and influence entire regions. 

But being around political or corporate power doesn’t impress an authentic person very much. 

He or she is much more interested in finding out what that political or corporate power is being used for than how strong or intimidating it is. 

The fact that the head of a massive bank says her bank has the highest revenue in Europe doesn’t impress the authentic person nearly as much as what her bank actually does and for whom. 

Political or corporate power isn’t inherently impressive to an authentic person: its use for goals or objectives that he or she considers worthwhile is what’s impressive. 

5) Social media clout

Next in the things authentic people aren’t impressed by is social media clout. 

Followers can be bought, and even if they are totally genuine, so what?

They’re much more interested in what somebody is using their social media for and what ideas and projects they’re advancing through it. 

The authentic person appreciates social media as a tool but finds it immature and ridiculous as a mode of clout chasing and social status. 

Who has the most likes? Who cares!

6) Famous ties

Some of us know famous people, maybe we’re even friends with them. This can be pretty cool, since some famous people are interesting and pleasant folks. 

But for an authentic person, the fact that they or somebody else knows celebrities or famous people isn’t really a big deal. 

It’s not all that impressive. 

Fame comes and goes, and it doesn’t define somebody’s value. 

The fact someone is famous or knows famous people doesn’t impress an authentic person, and they’ll never be that one breathlessly chasing after a celebrity outside a nightclub or pestering a famous comedian for a selfie (to put on social media). 

7) Pretty toys 

Next up in the things authentic people aren’t impressed by is pretty toys. 

This person’s incredible vintage car, that guy’s yacht, this CEO’s private jet…

So what?

In an age when people literally rent fake private jet studio interiors to take photos for social media, the authentic person has no time for it and finds it both hilarious and sad. 

Even for those who do have a private jet or the world’s largest infinity pool, who cares?

It may be great for relaxing and enjoying, and an authentic person may have an infinity pool or a private jet or a Lamborghini.

But they don’t find it impressive and don’t do it to get applause or fame. Authentic people who have pretty toys have them because they enjoy having and using them, not for any seeking of outer status. 

Which brings up the next point… 

8) Material wealth 

It’s the same with material wealth:

Authentic people may appreciate somebody’s grand villa or vast estate stretching for miles, but they aren’t particularly impressed by it. 

They are much more likely to be impressed by the work which went into it and the business empire or accomplishments that led to it. 

They are much more likely to be impressed by what the wealthy person is using his or her wealth to build. 

Being wealthy can be immensely impressive and inspiring or revolting and vile: it all depends what it’s used for. 

9) Trendy taste

The next of the things authentic people aren’t impressed by is trendy taste. 

They may share a like of the trends or they may not. 

But meeting somebody who follows all the trends is distinctly unimpressive to a genuine person for the simple reason that it indicates pretentiousness

If they meet a person who likes all the trendiest music, artwork, architecture and literature, the authentic individual is going to get a sense this other person is being fake or just liking what they “should” like. 

And that’s not very admirable or authentic. 

10) Outer appearance

Authentic people do care about taking care of themselves and looking good, but outer appearance doesn’t mean everything

They can meet the most handsome man or beautiful woman in the world, but they’re not going to be overly impressed. 

After all, apart from grooming and fashion, good looking people didn’t earn their looks: they were born with them. 

Being beautiful may be enjoyable and attractive, but it’s not particularly impressive. 

11) High fashion 

The lack of being impressed by outer beauty also extends to fashion. 

Authentic people may be very fashionable and care about appearance, as I said, but they never judge on it or get impressed by it. 

The fact that a person is wearing expensive brands or really big labels isn’t going to change the genuine individual’s opinion of that person. 

It’s just clothes, accessories or boots, not a Purple Heart. 

12) Fitness level 

Next up in the things authentic people aren’t impressed by is fitness level. 

They may meet somebody who’s a genuine fitness rockstar, but that isn’t necessarily impressive to the authentic individual. 

The work and mindset that went into that is impressive, but the results themselves can sometimes be obtained by shortcuts, steroids and other means. 

The authentic person prefers to find out the basis of somebody’s fitness program, diet and mindset instead of just looking at outer results. 

Somebody’s looking great? Cool…

But what’s their actual health and fitness level under the outer appearance, and how did they get there? 

13) Intellectualism

There are some very smart people out there, and intelligence comes in many different forms

The intellectual, mental form of intelligence can be very valuable and interesting, but it doesn’t particularly impress an authentic man or woman. 

The authentic individual is looking at who somebody is in their core and what drives them. 

The ability to rattle off statistics or understand complex things may be useful now and then, but it’s not overly impressive. 

The authentic person is apt to be just as impressed by a great singer, or a woman who can tapdance brilliantly. 

14) Political correctness

Political correctness is the practice of saying what one is “supposed” to say in order not to offend anyone and be thought of as a good person.

Authentic people don’t engage in it and they aren’t impressed by it. 

This is not to say that an authentic person is just going to blurt out offensive epithets during a town hall meeting.

But the authentic person will speak their mind as directly as possible and respect others who do, too. 

Those who seem overly nice on the surface and are clearly just saying what “should” be said not only don’t impress an authentic person, they also lose respect with him. 

Which brings me to the next point… 

15) Copy-paste philosophies 

We all have our own experiences in life and draw our own conclusions. 

Taking the values and beliefs we were raised with and fitting our own experiences into them generally leads to holding a life philosophy or credo that we make truly our own. 

Even if it’s a religious doctrine or a spiritual path many follow, it’s truly ours because we own it and it fits into what we have gone through in life. 

That’s why it’s so disappointing for an authentic person to meet those who hold copy-paste philosophies. 

These are the folks who are passionate about the “Law of Attraction” after reading the Secret once two years ago. They claim that they have this grand and unique ideology that empowers them. 

“Really? Wow. What is it?” the genuine person asks. 

“It’s, like, about vibrations and, like, the power of attraction. My friends introduced me to it a couple years ago and it, like, changed my life.”

Copy-paste philosophies? Chuck ‘em in the trash. 

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, fine, but please don’t believe it just because many other people seem to as well. 

That don’t impress me much

Authentic people don’t play the game.

Shallow score keeping and surface appearances don’t keep their interest. 

They want to know what’s underneath the pretty exterior and they’re more interested in deeper relationships and connections than just going along with the masks most people tend to wear. 

As Canadian country singer Shania Twain put it, “that don’t impress me much.”

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