6 things a strong woman will never tolerate at work

No one expects their job to be rainbows and butterflies.

After all, it’s called “work” for a reason.

Even if you land your dream job, there will likely be aspects of it you don’t 100% love.

Still, there are certain behaviors and demands you should never put up with, especially if you’re a fierce woman who understands exactly how much she brings to the table.

Without further ado, here are 6 things a strong woman will never tolerate at work.

If your company supports any of these, it’s time to update your resume.

1) Harassment

Employers are responsible for preventing and addressing workplace harassment by implementing strong policies and taking action when complaints are raised.

That said, 1 in 5 people have experienced harassment at work – whether physical, psychological, or sexual.

Going to work shouldn’t make you afraid for your well-being, and a strong woman would never tolerate any form of harassment at her job.

In the unfortunate case that it happens to you, it’s essential to take action and report the harassment ASAP:

  • Research the laws and regulations related to workplace harassment in your country/state
  • Familiarize yourself with your company’s anti-harassment policies
  • Keep a detailed record of the incidents of harassment
  • Report the incidents to your immediate supervisor or the human resources department
  • If the harassment persists after that, seek legal advice on how to proceed

Keep in mind that harassment also refers to cases of bullying. If a co-worker or supervisor belittles or intimidates you, speak up.

The work environment should never interfere with your ability to perform your job effectively.

2) Disrespect

Disrespect of any kind is another thing a strong woman would never tolerate at her place of employment.

I can guarantee that every woman has at least one work story involving a disrespectful colleague or supervisor.

This can include anything from co-workers interrupting you during a meeting to managers using patronizing language to colleagues gossiping about your appearance or private life.

True, not every instance of disrespect requires a confrontation.

If the incident is minor or isolated, it might be best to let it go to maintain the peace.

Maybe the person who disrespected you had a bad day, misunderstood what was going on, or didn’t realize that their behavior was offensive.

However, if the disrespect is part of a larger pattern, don’t be afraid to call out the rude behavior and stand up for yourself.

As long as you stay calm and defend yourself with confidence, you’ll come across as a force to be reckoned with.

You can become more assertive by building your self-esteem:

  • Recognize the skills, knowledge, and value you bring to your role
  • Use confident body language (sit up straight, maintain eye contact)
  • Dress to impress
  • Role-play scenarios with a trusted friend to practice assertive responses
  • Find a mentor who can help you better navigate the office politics of your company
  • Share and celebrate work-related achievements

3) Not being paid her worth

Your pay should accurately reflect your experience and the contributions you bring to your role and the company as a whole.

Being paid less than your worth will make you feel frustrated and under-appreciated.

Granted, the economy fluctuates, and there may be times when you have to take a less-than-stellar job (or jobs!) to cover your expenses.

I’ve been there.

As a freelance writer, I had to make do with charging less than I would have for certain projects to make rent.

It was just as frustrating as I expected.

Your compensation should ideally align with the market value of your skills and with your responsibilities.

Here’s how to improve your chances of receiving fair compensation for your work:

  • Research industry standards and salary benchmarks for your role, experience level, and location
  • Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate
  • Seek out opportunities to grow in your chosen field
  • Document your accomplishments and the impact you’ve had on the organization
  • Regularly solicit feedback from colleagues and supervisors
  • Attend industry events to connect with peers (and find out how much they make at competing companies)

If you suspect that your salary is lower than it should be, schedule a meeting with your manager.

It’s about time they rectified this glaring mistake.

4) Not getting credit for contributions

When your contributions aren’t recognized, you feel that your hard work hasn’t been acknowledged.

It’s not only discouraging, but it can negatively affect your performance, as you may be less inclined to share your insights or go the extra mile in the future.

If no one notices, what’s the point anyway?

A strong woman would never tolerate others stealing credit for her ideas or managers simply “forgetting” to record her involvement in a successful project.

Imagine coming up with an innovative idea during a meeting.

Everyone receives it with enthusiasm, and the higher-ups decide to implement it.

But when the idea is shared in a company-wide email, your name isn’t mentioned anywhere.

In this situation, you should talk to your manager and explain that the lack of recognition rubbed you the wrong way.

Simply sulking won’t get you anywhere.

Additionally, make sure to keep track of each and every contribution you make.

Save emails, meeting notes, and written feedback.

These will prove incredibly valuable come promotion time.

5) Excessive workload

It’s common to take on more work than your job description entails.

You want to make a good impression and show that you’re not afraid of responsibility.

So you stay overtime, volunteer to help colleagues, and sacrifice your weekends to catch up on tasks.

Sounds familiar?

While being dedicated to your job is commendable, taking on more work than you can handle leads to burnout. And recovering from that is no walk in the park.

Strong women don’t tolerate being buried in work.

They learn to say no, and they delegate when possible in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

A seemingly never-ending workload will bring your anxiety levels through the roof.

Just when you’re done with your to-do list, a new task pops up, and your fried brain never has a chance to recharge.

Additionally, your boss may notice your dedication and begin to take advantage of it.

Evaluate your current workload.

If it feels like too much, have an honest talk with your supervisor about your responsibilities and time constraints.

Perhaps some projects could be re-distributed or postponed.

In the end, sacrificing your mental health for the company’s bottom line is not worth it.

6) Tasks that don’t align with her values

Finally, a strong woman would never tolerate work that doesn’t stay true to who she is as a person.

Everyone has different standards of integrity, and engaging in work that doesn’t honor your values is a surefire way to live a miserable life.

Unfortunately, many people end up compromising their core beliefs to get ahead at work or stay in a job they secretly hate.

Again, I get it, as I’m no stranger to financial insecurity.

Even so, there are gigs I would never feel comfortable with because I know that taking on jobs that kill my spirit would prevent me from enjoying any financial reward.

For instance, I would never write copy for websites that sell weight loss or detox tea.

I occasionally struggled with body image, so encouraging someone to purchase a brew that can do more harm than good to slim down quickly is a big no-no in my book.  

Maybe you’re passionate about the environment, and your employer is a big polluter.

Maybe you love animals, and the company you work for does animal testing.

You get the idea.

Living in conflict with your values causes anxiety and emotional stress.

In contrast, doing work you truly believe in is a source of pride and contentment.

Which option sounds more appealing to you?  

Bottom line

Your job should be a source of joy, not tension.  

When you work in a toxic environment, dissatisfaction and stress creep into all other areas of your life.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on any of the things on this list to build a successful career.

A strong woman would never.

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