If your partner does these 9 things, they truly appreciate you

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Everyone shows their love in different ways. Some people make it very obvious that they appreciate every single thing you do.

While others are much more subtle in how they show their love for you.

Recognizing the things your partner does for you can be difficult, especially if you’re always caught up in the stresses of daily life. Or have simply been together a long time.

But, provided you’re in a happy, healthy relationship, you’ll notice the little things your partner does for you if you look for them.

Discover these 9 things your partner will do for you if they appreciate having you in their life!

1) They thank you for the smallest of things

This is a given, but it still needs to be said. When your partner appreciates you, they say thank you and they say it often.

They thank you for both the big things and the small things.

But, more often than not, they truly appreciate you if they thank you for the small things rather than the big things.

It’s easy to say thank you to your partner if you treat them to dinner or buy them a nice gift on their birthday.

But noticing the small things and thanking you for them only comes from the heart of someone that truly appreciates you.

For example, if you hung up their towel after they showered. Or made them a morning coffee-to-go when they were in a rush. Or charged their phone when you noticed it was running low.

2) They laugh at the little things you do

Another sign your partner appreciates you is if they laugh at the little things you do. And not out of spite, but endearment.

While laughing at your jokes and quirks may not seem like appreciation, it is. Because they pay attention to the everyday things you do and are filled with love at the thought of them.

For example, they find it funny that you get the lyrics mixed up on certain songs, and will mention it often.

Or they find it heart-warmingly comical how clumsy you are, and it makes them belly-laugh.

3) They do nice things for you, just because

An obvious sign your partner cares about you is if they do nice things for you.

They do these things not because you’ve asked them to. But because they love and appreciate who you are and what you do for them (i.e., make them happy!).

Like carrying your bag for you if it’s getting heavy. Or picking up your favorite chocolate from the store while they’re shopping.

They get your car washed if they know you haven’t found the time to do it. Or change your oil and top up your washer fluid while you’re sleeping in on a Sunday.

4) They talk about you to their friends and family

When your partner truly appreciates you, they talk about you to anyone that’ll listen. 

They may talk about how amazing you are, how much they adore you, and how much they appreciate having you in their life.

Or they may talk about the little things you do for them and others. And tell funny stories about things you’ve done or things you do together.

Overall, they are proud of you, and they want to make sure everybody knows it!

5) They post about you on social media

People have different views about what it means to post about their partner on social media. But, overall, it’s seen as a good thing.

Sharing pictures of you online, with or without them in the photo, means they’re proud of you and want to show you off to the world (or, at least, all their friends if they have a private account).

If they write a cute caption to accompany the photo/reel/video expressing their love and adoration for you, it’s even more obvious how much they appreciate you.

6) They anticipate your needs

Everyone goes through bad days and rough patches, whether that be in work or life in general.

So many everyday life events can make you feel more stressed than normal, from job interviews to exams, and big meetings at work to booking a big trip.

When your partner truly appreciates you, they know when you have a lot on your plate and think about what they can do to help.

How they help you can vary, from providing small tokens of support to making grand gestures.

Like making you dinner, giving you a massage, taking over your chores, or just checking in on you more than normal.

Or delivering flowers to your office and buying you a spa break to enjoy when the bad week is over.

7) They remember things you do for them

Another clear sign your partner appreciates you is if they remember the things you do for them and bring them up on random occasions.

If they do something for you and you thank them, they say, “Don’t worry about it, you always do things like this for me”.

If you mention something you did around the house, they say, “I noticed you did that”. 

Or, better yet, they say, “I noticed you did that for me” if it was something you did to help them out.

When someone appreciates you, they notice the things you do for them, no matter how big or small. And they make sure you know that they know.

8) They return the favor, without keeping score

As well as noticing the things you do for them, a partner that appreciates you will do their best to return the favor.

It’s like the classic saying, “Treat people how you want to be treated”. If someone does things for you, it usually means they want you to do the same for them.

It can be small gestures, like if you’re about to buy something for them, they might say, “I’ll get this because you did this for me the other day”.

Or returning the favor on a much bigger scale. Like booking you a weekend away because you treated them to dinner.

And it’s not about keeping score, either. It’s just because they see what you do for them, and they want to do something back for you.

Relationships are all about give and take, after all. And a good relationship should involve two people feeling loved and appreciated equally.

9) They reminisce, with you and others

Another thing your partner will do with you if they appreciate you is reminisce about the good times.

They find time to talk about happy or funny memories with you, whether that be over the phone, in person, or via text.

They bring up happy memories and laugh about the good times in a group or when you’re spending time alone.

All because they appreciate having you in their life and want everyone (including you) to know how much they enjoy living life by your side.

Final thoughts

Finding a partner who appreciates you is like winning the relationship lottery.

Everyone shows their love in different ways, but feeling like someone is grateful for the things you do, big or small, is a beautiful feeling.

Studies have shown that when we feel like our partner appreciates us, we’re more satisfied with the relationship.

We also feel more hopeful about its future, and less concerned about the relationship ending.

Psychology Today calls appreciation the “glue” that holds relationships together. So, if you’ve got it, hold onto it! 

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