10 things a classy woman does differently in relationships

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Class. A bit of an abstract word, right? If a woman is classy, what does it truly mean?

For some, class might be about the way a woman dresses or looks. But in reality, it goes much deeper than that.

A classy woman respects herself. She understands her value. And she won’t stoop to someone else’s level just because they get on her nerves.

As a result, she makes for a great romantic partner, not to mention her poise is extremely attractive.

Want to know more? These are the 10 things a classy woman does differently in relationships.

1) She is aligned with her needs and wants

She’s spent a long time figuring out what her goals in life are, and now that she’s certain of where she’s going, she knows exactly what she needs to get there.

Including her partner.

A classy woman has a clear sense of what she needs from a romantic relationship in order to feel fulfilled. She understands that it’s either happiness while alone or happiness while in a relationship, and if her significant other isn’t making her life any better… the relationship does not belong on her itinerary.

But it doesn’t stop there. She doesn’t just know what she wants – she also says it, loud and clear.

She’s not here to play mind games. You can count on her to be straightforward and honest.

2) She knows how to let go

If you’re not up to the task of making her happy, she won’t cling to you. It’s time to let go.

But even if you’re in a happy relationship, she won’t strive to take control of your life. A classy woman isn’t one to check up on you every ten minutes or dictate what your daily schedule has to look like.

And if you choose to leave, she lets you go without a fuss.


Because she recognizes that some things are beyond her control. And she’s okay with that. All she can do is be fully herself – and if that’s not enough, then it’s not meant to be.

And this acceptance is rooted in the fact that…

3) She has an inner poise

In Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget says:

“I will not sulk about having no boyfriend, but develop inner poise and authority and sense of self as woman of substance, complete without boyfriend, as best way to obtain boyfriend.”

As readers, we’re supposed to laugh at her. She wants to develop an inner poise in order to get a partner, even though the whole meaning of having an inner poise is that you don’t need a partner to feel complete.

But when you think about it, she kind of got it right. A woman with an inner poise does have a better chance of a having successful relationship.

And that’s because she understands her value. She is confident in her abilities and she knows she deserves the best the world has to offer.

If her partner leaves, she’ll be able to pick herself back together and thrive again.

This translates into a calm and self-assured demeanor, which benefits the relationship as it prevents potential fights.

4) She doesn’t get jealous

And do you know what else it prevents?

Yep, that’s right. Jealousy.

A classy woman doesn’t feel the need to compare herself to others. She doesn’t think about Jenna from work and Hayley from the bar.

She trusts her partner won’t cheat. And if they do, she doesn’t let the pain rob her of her dignity. She lets them go with her head held high.

My friend once said, “If he’s willing to be taken by another woman, take him. It clearly means he’s not the right person for me.”

That’s classy behavior right there.

5) She won’t stoop to a shouting match

She displays the same calmness during disagreements.

If you insult her, she won’t fire back. Instead, she’ll give you a look that speaks for itself – disappointment, hurt, and dignity all at once.

She won’t try to douse fire with fire. She knows it’s futile.

6) She chooses her words carefully

A classy woman doesn’t shout or scream insults because she considers such behavior pointless.

This means that when she does speak, her words carry weight. She thinks before she offers a reply, choosing each turn of phrase carefully and with intention.

There’s no blabbering or useless gossiping where she’s concerned. Zero fluff. Everything has meaning.

7) She has integrity

It’s not just the words she says, either – her actions inevitably align with them, proving her integrity.

Integrity is a huge sign of classiness. It means she has values, standards, and principles that are built on stable foundations. It means her morals aren’t flexible.

Her behavior accords with her inner sense of self. If you’re looking for someone you can rely on… a classy woman is the one.

8) She knows how to take care of herself

Resourcefulness is yet another common trait of classy women – they don’t let themselves be fully reliant on others and they strive to develop skills that get them far.

If you’re dating a classy woman, you know she won’t feel stranded once you’re out of town. She knows how to take care of herself, from all the practical stuff to the emotional part of life.

If something breaks at home, she knows who to call or how to take matters into her own hands.

If she’s feeling down and you’re not there to help her, she uses self-soothing strategies to get better on her own.

If she’s not sure about something, she turns to Google instead of calling you when you’re busy.

There’s simply no need to worry. She’s got it figured out.

9) She knows herself

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s actually quite rare for people to know themselves properly. Many of us are wading through several coping mechanisms, cognitive distortions, and emotional baggage that leave us feeling confused.

You can tell classiness from a mile away when you just look at how self-aware someone is.

Does she take well to feedback? Does she know her limits? Is she conscious of all the parts of her that can be changed and all those that are meant to stay in place?

And lastly, does she support that self-knowledge with action that helps her flourish as a woman?

10) She pursues her interests independently of her partner

A classy woman is a person of ambition. When she sets her mind on something, she goes out there and does her best to get it, no matter how challenging things get along the way.

But there’s more to it. She doesn’t just have passions – she’s also all for cultivating them without necessarily including her partner.

A friend once told me, “My boyfriend and I wanted to go camping every weekend. But he’s moved away now, and it’ll be months before he’s back. I’m not going to wait for him. I really want to do this, so I’ll go on my own.”

She did. And she enjoyed it so much that she made it a habit of hers to go every week.

So on a final note, classy women don’t wait for men to enjoy life. They are complete on their own. And if an amazing man comes along… well, it’s a great bonus.

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