The superpower of journaling: 8 reasons to start writing about your thoughts and feelings

There’s something truly magical about journaling. It’s like having a superpower that allows you to dive deep into your thoughts and feelings, and come out the other side with newfound clarity.

As Jeanette Brown, creator of Reset Your Life Compass and a life transition coach, I’ve seen the transformative power of journaling first-hand. It’s not just about recording your day, but about exploring your inner world and finding your true north.

Journaling is an adventure in self-discovery. It’s a journey that can lead to powerful insights and empower you to take charge of your life.

In this article, I’ll share with you eight compelling reasons why you need to start writing about your thoughts and feelings. I promise you, it’s a journey worth taking.

1) Embracing change

Change is a constant in life, whether we like it or not. And let’s be honest, it can be downright scary. But what if there was a tool that could help you navigate through the tumultuous seas of change?

Enter journaling.

Journaling is like having a personal compass, always pointing you in the direction of your true self. It helps you make sense of the chaotic whirlwind of thoughts and feelings that often accompany changes in life.

By writing down your thoughts and feelings, you’re able to step back and view your situation from a different perspective. This can lead to powerful insights that illuminate the path forward.

So, when you find yourself standing at the crossroads of change, don’t be afraid. Embrace it. Take up your journal and let it guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Remember, every great journey begins with a single step – or in this case, a single written word.

2) Understanding yourself and the values that guide you

As the great philosopher Socrates once said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” There’s a profound truth in these words that I have discovered through years of coaching and personal development.

Journaling can be a powerful tool to help you uncover your core values and understand who you truly are. It’s like holding up a mirror to your soul, allowing you to see beyond the surface and dive into the depths of your being.

Writing about your thoughts and feelings can reveal patterns and beliefs that shape your behaviour. It can help you identify your guiding principles and uncover the values that truly drive you.

If you are not clear about your values, I’ve created a special Defining Your Values Exercise. This exercise gives you questions for reflection and journaling and then asks you to explore which core values matter most to you.

As you venture into the depths of self-understanding through reflection and journaling, remember these words from Maya Angelou: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Let journaling be the outlet for your untold stories, a pathway to self-understanding and wisdom.

3) Setting meaningful goals

Often, we find ourselves setting goals based on expectations – societal expectations, family expectations, even the expectations we place on ourselves. But are these goals truly meaningful to us? Do they align with who we truly are, or are they just a reflection of what we think we should be?

Journaling can help peel back the layers of expectation and reveal our true desires. It can be a raw and brutally honest process, but it’s in this honesty that we find our most meaningful goals.

When you write about your thoughts and feelings, you’re able to probe deeper into your desires. You can question your motivations, challenge your assumptions and start to build a set of goals that truly resonate with your core values.

So grab your journal and start exploring. What do you really want from life? Break away from the confines of expectation and start setting goals that are meaningful to you. It’s not always an easy journey, but it’s one worth taking.

4) Steering your life’s direction

We’re often told that life happens to us, but what if we could take the wheel and steer the direction of our life? This is where the power of journaling comes into play.

Writing about your thoughts and feelings gives you a chance to reflect on where you currently are and where you want to go. It helps you identify the changes you need to make in order to align your life with your desires and values.

It’s like having a roadmap for your life. Each entry acts as a marker, showing you where you’ve been, where you are, and most importantly, where you want to go.

It can be a raw and honest process, uncovering truths that may have been hidden or ignored. But it’s through this honesty that we find our true direction.

So don’t let life just happen to you. Grab your journal, take the wheel, and start steering the direction of your life. It’s not always easy, but it’s empowering to know that you’re in control of your own journey.

5) Living a fulfilling life

An unexamined life can often feel unfulfilled. We go through the motions, ticking off tasks and hitting milestones, but without real joy or satisfaction. But what if there was a way to change that?

Journaling has been my secret weapon to leading a fulfilling life. It’s my space to reflect, to dream, and to plan. It’s where I align my actions with my values, ensuring that whatever I do brings me closer to the life I truly want.

The process of writing about your thoughts and feelings prompts deep introspection. It helps you identify your passions and purpose, guiding you towards a life that is not just successful, but also deeply fulfilling.

6) Changing your habits

We are, in large part, the sum of our habits. These repeated behaviours shape our days, our health, our relationships and ultimately, our lives. But what if some of these habits are holding us back?

Changing habits can be challenging. They’re ingrained in our daily routines, and breaking them often feels like an uphill battle. But journaling can be a secret weapon in your arsenal.

Writing about your thoughts and feelings can shed light on habits that are not serving you. It allows you to dissect these habits, understand their triggers and effects, and plan strategic ways to change them.

By documenting your journey to change, you create a record of your progress. This can be a powerful motivator when the going gets tough. It’s a reminder that change is possible and that you’re capable of living a better life.

So if you’re ready to change those pesky habits and live a healthier, happier life, grab your journal and start writing. Remember, the first step to change is awareness – and journaling can provide just that.

7) Finding your purpose

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose,” said psychologist Viktor Frankl. There’s a raw truth in these words that resonates deeply. We all yearn for a sense of purpose, a reason to wake up every morning.

Journaling can be a powerful tool in this quest for purpose. By writing about your thoughts and feelings, you reveal your passions, your values, and what truly makes you feel alive.

It’s not always an easy process. It requires brutal honesty with oneself, and the courage to confront fears and insecurities. But it’s through this process that we find our purpose, the driving force that gives our life meaning.

So grab your journal, delve into your inner world, and start uncovering your purpose. Remember, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. And the journey towards finding your purpose is one of the most rewarding there is.

8) Living authentically

In a world that often encourages conformity, living authentically can seem counterintuitive. We’re often pressured to fit in, to follow the crowd, to suppress the unique aspects of our personality. But what if the key to a truly fulfilling life lies in embracing our authentic selves?

Journaling can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and authenticity. By writing about your thoughts and feelings, you can uncover your true self – your passions, your values, your dreams.

It’s about peeling back the layers of societal expectations and discovering who you are at your core. It’s about embracing your quirks and celebrating your uniqueness.

Living authentically means living in alignment with your true self – not the self others expect you to be. And while it may be a counterintuitive concept in our conformist society, it’s the path to genuine happiness and fulfillment.

So grab your journal and start exploring your authentic self. It might feel unfamiliar and even a little scary at first, but I promise you, it’s worth it. After all, there’s nothing more liberating than being true to yourself.

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In conclusion, journaling is much more than just a record of your thoughts and feelings. It’s a compass that guides you through life’s journey, a tool for self-discovery, a pathway to authenticity, and a means to a truly fulfilling life.

The power of journaling lies in its ability to illuminate the depths of our inner selves, helping us understand our values, set meaningful goals, embrace change and live authentically.

With every word you write down, you’re stepping closer to the best version of yourself. It’s not always an easy journey, but it’s one that promises immense personal growth and fulfillment.

So grab your journal, embrace the superpower of journaling, and start shaping the life you truly want to live. Remember, the pen is in your hands – it’s time to write your own story.

Jeanette Brown

I have been in Education as a teacher, career coach and executive manager over many years.
I'm also an experienced coach who is passionate about supporting people in finding real meaning and purpose in their lives, building a resilient, grounded inner self and achieving their desired goals.

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