The Silva Ultramind by Mindvalley: It It Worth It? 2023 Review

A way to overcome stubborn challenges and achieve your goals faster.

Sounds intriguing. But the million dollar question is, how?

Through “altered states of consciousness”.

It sounds pretty mystical but it is more scientific than that.

For some people, the Silva Ultramind System may push their comfort zone with all its talk of ESP (extrasensory perception). But I suspect it will also broaden many minds too.

That doesn’t mean I think it’s the right fit for everyone. In fact, I think some people won’t gel with this course at all.

As the founder of Hack Spirit, I’ve taken and reviewed plenty of courses over the years. Arguably, this is one of the least conventional.

After completing the Silva Ultramind System in full myself, I want to share with you exactly what I made of it — warts and all. We’ll cover:

The Silva Ultramind System in a nutshell

I’m going to dig into plenty of detail about what’s inside the Silva Ultramind System course soon. But let’s start with a quick overview.

The Silva Ultramind System is a 4-week (28-day) program that incorporates dynamic meditation and visualization in order to strengthen your mind.

It’s presented to you by Mindvalley founder and Silva Method enthusiast, Vishen Lakhiani.

As a best-selling author and entrepreneur, he attributes a lot of his own personal success to the methods he teaches in this course.

You’ll learn certain tools and techniques to help improve concentration, memory, focus, creativity, and intuition.

Potentially one of the more controversial elements (as it isn’t something widely scientifically accepted) is the programs talk about psychic abilities.

This is something I’m going to go specifically into later.

What is The Silva Method?

Now also seems the right time to explain what the Silva Method is. After all, the course is named after it and based on these teachings.

The Silva Method was created by José Silva back in the 1960s.

It is wildly popular throughout the world, with reportedly millions of followers in a variety of countries.

Silva— a former radio engineer — concluded that certain brainwave states heavily contribute to someone’s personal evolution.

You’re going to hear a lot about the different brain wave states if you take this program. They are:

  • Beta level
  • Alpha level
  • Theta level
  • Delta level

The most significant being Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness.

It’s worth clarifying, in case there’s any doubt, that the existence of different brainwave states is totally scientifically recognized.

Scientific America explains it well when it summarizes:

“There are four brainwave states that range from the high amplitude, low-frequency delta to the low amplitude, high-frequency beta. These brainwave states range from deep dreamless sleep to high arousal.”

So for example, meditation puts your brain into a theta state. When you’re deeply engaged in conversation, your brain will be in a beta state.

These different states have different effects on you.


Who is The Silva Ultramind System a good fit for?

  • People who have an existing meditation or visualization practice and want to deepen and explore more.
  • People who already believe in, or are curious and open-minded about ESP (extrasensory perception).
  • People who consider themselves spiritually minded, or feel comfortable exploring concepts with more spiritual overtones.
  • People who want practical tools to calm, control, and guide their minds.

Who probably won’t like The Silva Ultramind System?

  • People who strongly believe concepts like ESP, synchronicity, or higher powers are total nonsense and do not exist.
  • People who only feel comfortable learning 100% scientifically supported techniques for self-improvement. Although plenty of the method is backed by science, other elements are not widely scientifically proven — e.g. the existence of ESP.
  • People who are not comfortable hearing language that sounds spiritual in nature, such as inner intuition and gut feelings (referred to as  “clairsentience” in the course), higher power, and luck. Let me be clear, this program teaches many elements that would be considered new age.

How much does The Silva Ultramind System cost?

To get access to the Silva Ultramind System you will need to sign up for the Mindvalley Membership.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Mindvalley, it is an online learning platform where you can take a wide range of self-development courses.

Topics range widely from entrepreneurship to fitness, spirituality, parenting skills, and more.

An annual membership will cost you $499 if you pay outright for the entire year (which works out at $41.60 a month). Or it’s $99 a month if you decide to pay monthly (which you can cancel anytime).

Buying the Mindvalley Membership also gives you access to the vast majority of their other 50+ programs.

The exception is a couple of their popular so-called “partner programs” — Lifebook and Wild Fit.

You used to be able to buy courses individually. But now you have to sign up for the membership. But I’d say this change makes no difference as in 99.9% of cases I’d say the membership was always better value than just buying one course (which usually cost about the same or even more).

As a personal development junkie, as well as my role running Hack Spirit, I take quite a few Mindvalley programs each year.

So the membership has always made sense to me, and I personally get a lot of value out of it.


Inside look: What to expect doing The Silva Ultramind System

Let’s begin with some key facts before I talk about what I learned in the Silva Ultramind.

  • The program lasts 4-weeks and is broken down into 28 days of lessons
  • There’s a total of 12 hours worth of lesson content
  • You’ll do on average a 10-20-minute lesson each day

After some introduction videos that explain more about the course and the basis of its methods, the 4 weeks are then broken down into the following sections:

  • Week 1: The Mental Screen, Projection of Consciousness & Intuition
  • Week 2: Theta Brainwaves and Waking Psychic Ability
  • Week 3: Manifesting & Healing
  • Week 4: Delta Waves, Higher Guidance & the Mental Video Technique

Here are the tools and materials that come with the Silva Ultramind that you can expect to get:

  • You get an assortment of guided meditation/visualization style audio tracks to help you center yourself, relax, and “project” your mind onto certain things.
  • There is an in-depth workbook to download that you can follow as you work your way through the program.
  • A “Live Experience Bonus Calls” section, which is a sort of pre-recorded Q+A series of videos.

ESP in The Silva Ultramind System

I’m going to go through a couple of lessons in a lot more detail next, as I think that’s probably the best way for you to gauge the course, before doing it yourself.

But before I do, I think it’s a good time to tackle the issue of ESP and psychic phenomena in the program.

Because as you’ll have seen from reading up until now, subjects like mental projection, psychic ability, intuition, and higher guidance underpin a lot of what you do.

I think ESP could be a great divide for a lot of people, and so it certainly needs to be spoken about when reviewing the Silva Ultramind System.

Some will argue ESP is pseudoscience, and not scientifically accepted. Others could point to certain studies which have found a basis for ESP to exist.

Other than highlighting that a scientific debate exists on the matter, I’m not going to delve much deeper.

Because at the end of the day, this one is going to come down to personal beliefs.

I would consider myself to have a healthy skepticism, but importantly an open mind. And I’d say that’s all that is needed if you want to take this course.

If you’re already convinced ESP is real, then the teachings are obviously going to align with you. But if you’re not sure what you think (which sums up more how I feel) I’d say that’s ok too.

What is significant to say about the use of ESP in the Silva Ultramind System is that this isn’t crystal balls and “roadside psychics” (as Vishen Lakhiani says).

Instead, the type of ESP this program refers to is the concept that we can get ideas and knowledge from sources outside of ourselves.


The Silva Ultramind System: Example lessons

Lesson 16: The Power of Belief & Expectancy

Maybe by now, you’re curious about what a typical lesson in the Silva Ultramind System looks like.

One of my favorites I think was The Power of Belief & Expectancy.

That’s probably because I’ve become fully aware over the last decade of how significant our belief system is in shaping our entire world.

We talk a lot on Hack Spirit about the power of belief.

At the start of this lesson, Vishen Lakhiani talks about how people who are performing at the peak of their potential (giving the example of Steve Jobs) utilize these sorts of ideas.

Although we don’t fully understand how belief works, there are so many scientific studies that show how significant it is in creating very tangible results.

One story given in the lesson is of a nun called Sister Barbara Burns, who over the course of a year went from legally blind to 20/20 vision by positively affirming the belief her eyesight was getting better.

Vishen also gives his own more humble example of using the power of belief and positive affirmations to heal his skin.

He said that in 5 weeks he managed to cure his acne.

The expectancy section is as simple as expecting good things in life.

Vishen explains it’s not the law of attraction that draws things to you, it’s the law of resonance. And expectancy is a big part of that. It’s the expectancy that turns you into something that you already believe you are.

For me, this lesson is a good example of how many sections of this course are grounded in widely accepted self-development techniques. Not only that, I’d even go as far as to say grounded in common sense.

Your attitude shapes your brain and in turn your whole world.

Lesson 13: Develop Psychometry To Read Objects By Touching them

The next example lesson I’d like to walk you through I’ve chosen as it highlights the ESP side to the program.

This lesson was all about Psychometry.

What the heck is that?

Well, as Vishen explains in his video lesson, it’s when you take an object, hold it in your hand, and then get intuitive impulses on that person that their soul wants you to know.

For me, this is definitely more into the mind-reading territory.

As I’ve said, I was determined to have an open mind. And I do genuinely believe there are many things in this life that we do not understand.

So I was curious about what I would hear.

But at the same time, these sorts of topics were also the ones that pushed my own comfort zone (which I don’t think is a bad thing, I actually try to do that in life).

When practicing psychometry, you might get images, feelings, or words that come to mind.

After learning how to do this technique, we were then told to practice it with a friend, which I did.

I purposely did it with a friend and not my wife, because I feel like I already know so much about her that it might be sort of cheating.

I’ll be honest, doing the exercise with my buddy I wouldn’t say I got any groundbreakingly clairvoyant messages coming through.

But I did still enjoy the exercise. And far more than I thought I would. I enjoyed trying to tune in and become more aware of the people and energy around me.


Pros and Cons of The Silva Ultramind System


  • I found this program a breath of fresh air precisely because it was a bit different and taught concepts that were pretty new to me, like ESP.
  • Vishen Lakhiani is a good teacher who is entertaining and engaging to watch. He also clearly is passionate about this program and deeply believes in everything he teaches.
  • There’s a lot of supporting material, and I really enjoyed doing the guided meditation/ visualization exercises.
  • The microlearning format means you only have to find about 30 minutes a day to take the course, which is good for busy lives.
  • The Mindvalley Membership has a 15-day money-back guarantee, so you can essentially try this program risk-free and cancel if you decide it’s not the best fit for you.
  • The Mindvalley Membership, which you have to sign up for to access the program, also gives you instant access to 50+ other courses to explore.


  • For obvious reasons the program wants to totally legitimize the techniques it’s teaching. But that means at times I don’t think it’s transparent enough about the fact that this is heavily disputed in the science world. I’ve already said that what probably matters most is your individual beliefs around psychic phenomena. But it’s not clearly spelled out in either the course or the marketing that plenty of scientists totally reject the notion of ESP. So I do think it’s important that I make that clear in this review.
  • Some of the language used in the program sounds vague and fluffy. For example, “By the end of the program, you’ll have total mastery of your mind’s full scope of abilities – and in turn, a clear path towards your fullest human potential.” That means it can feel hard to wrap your head around the tangible takeaways you’re getting from taking the program.

My own personal results after taking The Silva Ultramind System in full

I wasn’t totally new to the idea of people having certain intuitive Psychic abilities. It is something I’ve come across before in my personal development work.

But this was the most in-depth I’ve probably gone into certain concepts on intuition, projection, and ESP.

So what did I make of it?

Let’s put it this way, I haven’t started having Dr. Doolittle-style psychic chats with my cat. But I have learned how to better tune into the environment around me.

That includes the natural world, animals, and people.

I guess you could say it’s helped me be more sensitive, aware, and even empathetic.

On a practical level, the guided meditations focused around brain waves were super relaxing.

I am already a huge fan of meditation and breathwork to help control and calm the mind. And this felt like a complimentary accompaniment to those practices.

In a similar way, I’d also say the main benefits for me of the hypnosis style meditations were helping me deal with life’s daily stresses and pressures.

So overall, I’d say the two biggest takeaways for me were:

  1. Getting more practical tools to help control my brain chatter and calm my mind
  2. Learning some new and interesting ideas about how far human potential can go

Is The Silva Ultramind System worth it?

Would I have done this program if I didn’t already have the Mindvalley Membership?

Probably not.

But am I glad I did do it?


Despite some reservations from any preconceptions I had about psychic abilities, this course was nowhere near as “out there” as I had expected.

In fact, it made a lot of practical sense.

A lot of what I encountered were well-established ideas that have been floating around in the self-help space for many years.

I certainly wouldn’t say that for most people it’s a magic bullet for fully accessing all the potential you have inside you.

But I would say that if you are looking for an easy (and engaging) way to learn more about intuition, ESP, and manifestation, then this would be a really good place to start.


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