The Obsession Method Review (2023): Should You Buy It?

Would you like to get the woman you want? Would you like her crave you?

Let’s get real, no honest guy would answer ‘no’ to either of these questions.

I often write the psychology of attraction on Hack Spirit and was interested to find out if The Obsession Method by Kate Spring could actually provide new insights to men that don’t exist elsewhere.

I was pleasantly surprised and I know understand why the course has become so popular.

In my epic The Obsession Method review, I reveal the key teachings of this hit dating book and give my verdict as to whether you should buy it.

We have a lot to get through. So let’s begin.

(This review contains affiliate links which means we earn a commission if you end up buying the book – at no extra cost to you. However, this is a balanced review where I reveal its pros and cons).

Why this is an important book

Today’s dating game requires wisdom and patience.

In a world where women are turning to their sex-toys and choosing to remain single — it’s time for men to take a stand.

Guys everywhere need to learn how to become the men women want and The Obsession Method can teach them that.

Kate Spring’s easy-to-follow system is full of tips and advice to get whatever woman you want. It guides you from point A to point B with little hassle, allowing you to try out your newly acquired skills

Whether you’re shy, overweight or awkward, Kate Spring teaches men that they can have any woman through the power of language and psychology.

Do you have issues approaching women in general? Particularly hot women? Do you often say the wrong thing at the wrong time when speaking to females?

If you answered yes, well then this program can give you the tools that you need and make you come out on top.


What is The Obsession Method?

The Obsession Method by dating and relationship coach Kate Spring may be the ultimate guide for men. It’s a daring, up-front and invaluable guide for single males.

It effectively helps men to understand female psychology and hack women’s brains for their own advantage.

This is a four-part, 28-video and 50,000 word program. It turns every man into a ‘great catch’ with crafty strategies, professional techniques and a “highly secret” encrypted language.

And because the format is digital, you always have easy access to it on your PC, Laptop, tablet or cell phone — to touch up on your skills.

To quote the author of The Obsession Method — Kate Spring:

“I’m going to teach you a secret language that will make any woman feel an uncontrollable lust for you and only you.  This highly secret “encrypted language”  will allow you to psychologically hack into a woman’s brain and give you complete control over how much she desires you.”

Sounds good?

After you’ve completed The Obsession Method, there will be no need to spruik cheesy witticisms or repeat embarrassing slogans like other relationship and dating programs suggest.

Rather, Spring’s advice will turn you into the man you were always meant to be.

Confident, charming and ahead of the game.

Instead of driving women away, you’ll draw them to you like a magnet. Men spend lifetimes trying to achieve this yet many never get close to their goal.

Kate Spring solves that problem for you.

Whether you’re broke, fat, ugly or awkward around women — none of it means a thing.  Because after you hone the skills taught by Kate Spring, every woman will feel uncontrollable sexual urges towards you.

And that’s the dream, yeah? It’s been mine since I was a pimply teenager who couldn’t get a date.

Who is Kate Spring?

Kate Spring is a Canadian dating coach from Vancouver. She teaches men how to allure women and can turn a bumbling bloke into a ladies man. She received a BA from the University of Victoria and is a best-selling author.

Spring has helped numerous men around the globe achieve their relationship goals and writes advice articles for men on her popular blog. She is a regular contributor to and other publications. Additionally Spring offers one-on-one coaching sessions to those seeking dating advice.

When Kate Spring isn’t helping men, you will find her in the outdoors with her fiance and two pooches.

What’s included in The Obsession Method

This program is comprehensive.

The Obsession Method includes a lengthy eBook and a special 28-part video series. That’s hours and hours of advice and guidance right there.

It also includes three very useful bonus downloads including:

How to Make Her Approach YOU eBook

The must-have guide for men who NEVER have women approach them.  This download will definitely help you change all of that.

Sex Texts (Get Her Into Bed) eBook

Are you a guy that is really crappy with sending texts?  Can texts possibly help a guy get laid?  Spring’s top-secret texts will change your results — effective immediately.

Sexual Wordsmith: How to Have Sexual Conversations With Women eBook

As a guy that has written a lot of articles on dating and relationships, I’ve noticed that a large majority of men really struggle with having sexual conversations with women.

Actually, scrap that!  Many men have issues understanding women because of their hangups, shyness and fear of rejection.

Spring unpacks all of these issues men struggle with — in this instant download, excuse the pun.

She teaches men how to become a sexual wordsmith, without all the drama. Soon you won’t even have to think about it, you will be a natural.

After you have completed all the bonuses — you will never have to purchase another program again. These three books alone cover necessary communication and body language tactics needed for successful dating.


What The Obsession Method program covers

This program is designed especially for men and includes a whole lot of priceless information that you’re not going to be able to find anywhere else.

If you don’t have much luck with women and would like to change that, this book can help you.

Here is a sneak-peek at some of the topics Kate Spring covers.

Precision Tactics

When you learn this methodology, you’ll never have to fear getting rejected by a woman as long as you live. Rejection is so painful and it can often make us scared to try again which definitely impacts the chemistry between men and women.

Forget precision, this download teaches you when to make the first move, when to ask her out to dinner and how to inspire sexual intimacy without looking like a douchebag — situations that a lot of guys get wrong through their sheer lack of naivety and knowledge.

Story Mode

This is all about planting seeds in her subconscious and making her lust after you via Story Mode.  This technique helps you to change the narrative.  It’s about telling her a special story that will ultimately make her feel a deep desire for you.  And the story works.

Body Messages

Kate Spring teaches body language techniques that will make women want to spend the night with you.

Considering that sex and dating is primarily built on body language, being able to decode hers and yours is not a bad skill to have.

No cheap catchphrases or one liners necessary. According to Kate Spring, it’s all in what you don’t say.

Unstoppable Pickup

A lot of men have anxiety when it comes to women and picking up.

I mean, how does a man succeed in the pickup?  How does a man execute a pickup successfully?

In the “Direction Approach”, Spring teaches men a tactic to get women interested the moment you meet them. It’s a tried and tested method and it works.

Once you get The Obsession Method you can begin to execute it immediately.

Turn Her On

Put Spring’s seduction system to good use and make a girl become crazy for you — only you!

Every guy wants to know what turns women on and how to rinse and repeat. This simple tool is a handy addition to any dating toolkit.  It will have a HOT girl wrapping her legs around you — in no time.

Desire Protocol

As the name suggests, this technique will make her desirous for you but on a deep level — not a superficial one.

Female arousal depends on so many variables and it’s hard for any man to decode. But Kate, with her psychological approach, explains it simply.

Finally, a hack that actually works.

Subliminal 3’s

Subliminal messaging is used by advertising and marketing agencies to sell the masses stuff on television.  It involves subtle cues, delivered in a way that stimulates an audience under the brink of consciousness.

Can you make a woman come home with you? Can you make a woman sleep with you instantly?

According to Spring you can. This trick teaches you how to use body language subliminally.

Now that’s a super-power.

Text Seduction

Do you text women and they don’t text back? Do you text women only for them to never text you again?

Nothing puts a bigger dent in the ego than an ignored text. Or a text that is answered days after it was sent.

Kate Spring teaches men to text in a way that gets an instant response. After you’ve honed this text technique, you will never fail at seducing a woman sexually again.

Marriage Man

How does a man keep the woman he loves interested?  And faithful? And committed? And sexual?   How does a man make a beautiful woman want to marry him and be with him forever?

Kate Springs answers these questions and more in this great section.

It turns out, it’s not actually as difficult as you would think.


So how much does The Obsession Method cost?

The Obsession Method online dating program plus additional goodies and bonuses costs only $69.95.

What’s even more impressive is that Kate Spring offers you a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Not only is this book easy on the wallet, there is zero risk to the purchaser.

What are the pros and cons of the Obsession Method?

Here is what I liked most about The Obsession Method and the things I didn’t find quite as good about it.


  • Gives you the tools to be confident when approaching women
  • This program takes out the guess-work
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • PDF downloadable
  • Instant delivery
  • It’s written by a female. I think that’s important when you’re trying to hack female psychology.
  • Three special bonuses packed with tricks and techniques
  • It’s an easy to follow guide. Kate explains her methods exceptionally clearly and uses practical examples that all guys can relate to.
  • The program is designed by a reputable dating coach
  • Comprehensive, covers anything and everything
  • The methods are based on tried and tested psychological research
  • It gives men an invaluable insight into how women think.


  • A bit preachy in places
  • No hardcopy program available which isn’t ideal for everyone
  • Kate Spring coins her methods as ‘panty-dropping’ — not sure how well that is going to go down in the #metoo era
  • This book could be used in the ‘wrong’ way or taken in the wrong way because of some of the language used (see ‘panty-dropping’ above!).

My verdict

After all of that, how do I feel about The Obsession Method?

Look, I feel this online program by dating and relationship coach Kate Spring is targeted at men who are really struggling to get laid and connect with women.

If you are a man who wants to lift is game when it comes to women then The Obsession Method can definitely assist.

The popular program most certainly covers a lot and offers beneficial advice which can be implemented at absolutely any time. As I’ve said before, it’s in a digital format, so it can be accessed at any time.

Whether you’re shy, overweight or awkward, Kate Spring teaches men that they can have any woman they want through the power of language and psychology.

What man alive doesn’t want that?

But the greatest thing about this online dating program for men is that it boosts their confidence whilst squashing their hang-ups.

And as a guy myself I feel that is the real positive.


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