Who is a Taurus’ soulmate? The top 4 zodiac matches, ranked

Ruled by the planet of romance your typical Taurus love’s to be in love.

And they don’t mess around. Often unsatisfied with empty encounters, finding their soulmate is a top priority for Taurus.

So who exactly is the one they are waiting for?

Let’s take a look at the very best zodiac signs who make the perfect Taurus soulmate.

How Taurus approach love

Finding the perfect pairing for a Taurus relies on picking out their most definable characteristics.

Understanding how a Taurus man or woman is wired lets us pinpoint what they truly need from a partner.

Taurus tends to be:

  • Grounded and down to earth
  • Hard-working
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Resilient and tenacious
  • Loyal
  • Hotheaded
  • Elegant and enjoys the finer things

And what about when it comes to matters of the heart? In love and relationships, Taurus is usually:

  • Very physical and enjoy the sensual side of a relationship
  • Passionate and romantic — they are willing to put in the effort for romantic gestures.
  • Reserved — initially a Taurus can come across as cool
  • Dedicated and make for loyal and committed partners
  • Hard headed or stubborn

As Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, many aspects of love and romance seemingly come naturally to them.

Physical attraction is very important to this sensual sign. So too is romance, and they love to wine and dine and pull out all the stops. Planning every detail with their Taurus diligence.

Yet all in good time. Their earthly grounded nature means that they don’t quickly jump into things. In fact, they may even be perceived as standoffish initially when dating.

It can be a while before they open up and express their true feelings.

But as they get to know someone deeper, Taurus’ can become quite determined in going after what (and who) they want.

And once they are in, they are all in, making dependable and devoted partners.

What does a Taurus really want from their soulmate?

So what is it that a Taurus wants and needs in a relationship?

In many ways, this sign is seeking a soulmate who can match their own characteristics and approach love in the same way as they do.

They want a soulmate who will mirror them. That’s why the two most important aspects a Taurus soulmate needs to offer are:

1) Romance

There are two very strong sides to a Taurus personality when it comes to love. And the first is their romantic streak.

They believe in love, and they want the whole song and dance that comes with it.

They want to feel those initial sparks of passion and attraction when meeting someone for the first time.

They want the butterflies, but they are also prepared to put in the work that romance requires.

Their hard-working ethic is equally applied to showering their partners with affection. And they expect that effort back.

They want to feel appreciated and understood by their soulmate.

The romantic high standards of a Taurus can be too much to handle for some zodiac signs. And if those standards are not met Taurus’ can reveal those more hotheaded stubborn bull traits.

2) Stability

Taurus’ mate for life, hence why finding “the one” is so important. They don’t have time for shallow and fleeting connections.

They seek the stability, predictability, and comfort that comes with a deep and committed connection that will go the distance.

A soulmate to a Taurus means a complete merging with their partner. They want the wholeness of a loving relationship. And that means one that is based on mutual understanding and friendship.

And for an earthly Taurus, real love needs to be grounded. They do not thrive off drama or get any misguided sense of passion from it.

Instead, the type of soulmate love they are looking for lies on the more comfortable and cozy side.

They will only truly commit to a relationship that feels stable enough to stand the test of time.

The top 4 zodiac soulmates for a Taurus

1) Capricorn

Born: December 22 to January 19

Capricorn in love:

Ruled by the strict planet Saturn, Capricorns have a steadfast and pragmatic approach to love.

They realize that finding true love doesn’t mean it will all be plain sailing. They apply their sensible and persistent nature in romance.

Due to their realistic rather than romantic outlook in relationships, they are admittedly not the most naturally romantic of signs.

But they do still enjoy the ritual of romance, and following “the rules” of dating. And that means candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach are still something they enjoy.

Why Capricorn and Taurus are soulmates:

Soulmates aren’t one-night stands. So it’s the stability side of things that matters most to a Taurus looking for the one they can share the rest of their life with.

And in that respect, it arguably doesn’t get much better than with fellow Earth sign Capricorn.

They both match each other’s dedication and hard work in a relationship (and in life in general).

They have the same stance on what love should mean. This gives them a deep emotional and intellectual connection that can be hard to beat and makes their bond truly unbreakable.  

There may not be fireworks, but it is a slow and steady burn that could last a lifetime.

What makes these zodiac soulmates the perfect match?

  • Both are persistent and pragmatic
  • They can trust and depend on one another
  • Earthly stability is equally important to them both
  • They each take a serious approach to life and love
  • They admire and respect their similarities

2) Cancer

Born: June 22 to July 22

Cancer in love:

Cancerians tend to be the homely type. But don’t mistake that for meaning frumpy. When it comes to love, they are deeply passionate and sensitive.

They are an incredibly emotional sign. And this brings plenty of sensuality.

Cancer signs feel very at home in their bodies and are highly tuned to it. Which means they enjoy long sessions of lovemaking.

They can be a little guarded in matters of the heart, particularly early on. Some of the dating game feels stressful to Cancer.

They prefer to take it slow and get to know one another in a less pressured environment. But when they feel comfortable they are ultimately looking for a committed and long-lasting relationship.

Why Cancer and Taurus are soulmates:

These two zodiac signs have plenty in common to provide the strongest foundations for soulmate love.

They both express their love with physical affection. And can take their slow and steady approach into the bedroom.

Even though the emotional nature of Cancer can be too much for Taurus at times, this softer side ultimately compliments the harder exterior of Taurus. Plus there is little chance of conflict as there is no clash of egos.

It is a sincere and almost innocent soulmate connection between these two. They both can fulfill one another’s need for emotional stability and settled romantic life.

What makes these zodiac soulmates the perfect match?

  • A deep sense of trust and safety between them
  • Both crave commitment
  • Aligned values in love and life
  • Both share a cautious nature

3) Virgo

Born: August 23 to September 22

Virgo in love:

Very few signs love to love quite as a Virgo does. They endlessly chase true love. But they are still known as one of the choosiest signs of the zodiac.

They want it all from a soulmate— body, mind, and soul. So that means they can take their time before committing.

But when they do, Virgos make devoted partners who show their love through acts of service.

They will be sure to bring plenty of thoughtful gestures to the relationship that makes their other half feel cared for and special.

They believe love is having a teammate in life.

Why Virgo and Taurus are soulmates:

As fellow earth signs, these two understand each other well. They are both practical and reliable.

They can create a caring and stable connection that nicely fulfills all of each other’s needs.

Although you might not think that two grounded earth signs would be fire in the bedroom, this pairing has a striking chemistry.

Virgo can go with the flow and is open sexually, and that suits sensual Taurus well.

The more mutable nature of a Virgo also helps to ease the more rigid nature of a Taurus.

What makes these zodiac soulmates the perfect match?

  • Great sexual chemistry
  • Both dependable and practical personalities
  • Changeable Virgo balances out a fixed Taurus
  • They both seek drama-free relationships

4) Scorpio

Born: October 23 to November 21

Scorpio in love:

Scorpios quite rightly have one of the biggest reputations for being the greatest lovers of all the zodiac signs.

Passion, pleasure, and desire are vitally important to this sensual sign. But they’re not a hit-it-and-quit-it type. They are also loyal and devoted partners who will stand by your side.

All that intensity means that a Scorpios can be a bit full-on, and quickly go full speed ahead when it comes to all things love and passion.

Why Scorpio and Taurus are soulmates:

To a certain extent, Scorpio could be considered our wildcard soulmate match.

In many ways, these two signs can be very different from one another, but at least zodiacal speaking, opposites do sometimes attract.

It means they bring out the best and worst in each other. Which can be a wonderful opportunity for growth.

It’s perhaps no surprise that one of their biggest strengths together is romance and passion. So you can expect some serious fireworks to burn brightly when a Scorpio and Taurus get together.

They are also both committed partners who crave longevity, so that can be a match that is hard to separate.

Potential issues can come from clashes of ego though.

Both are very determined signs, and that may spell conflict. Scorpios are also much more emotional and complex than straightforward Taurus.

Their differences can mean this soulmate connection comes along with some turbulence, much like a twin flame relationship.

What makes these zodiac soulmates the perfect match?

  • Insane amounts of chemistry and physical passion
  • Their differences can challenge each other to promote personal growth
  • They are fiercely loyal partners to one another
  • Despite any instability, they still feel magnetically drawn together

Pearl Nash

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