11 surprising things that probably make you an introvert

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When you hear the word introvert, you already picture the stereotype in your mind’s eye.

An anti-social person who hates people, loathes being the center of attention, and rarely leaves the house.

In reality, introverts exist in many shapes and forms.

Being an introvert simply means that you are more inwardly focused and you find your energy in solitude and introspection.

Not sure if that description applies to you?

Let’s get more specific.

Here are 11 surprising things that probably make you an introvert.

How many of these would you say apply to you?

1) Small talk makes you cringe

You find discussions about the weather, sporting events, and weekend plans mind-numbingly boring.

Not because you don’t want to get to know people, but because there are so many more pleasant ways to do that.

Like asking them whether they have a good relationship with their parents or if they actually like their job.

Now, that’s interesting.

See, introverts prefer deep, meaningful conversations over chit-chat.

They like to connect with people, and you can’t do that if all your conversations revolve around superficial topics.

2) People find you easy to talk to

Despite your aversion to chatter, others find you delightful to talk to.

Not only that, but they often reveal secrets around you or discuss heavy subjects, even if you don’t know them that well.

It’s because you’re a good listener.

Introverts are naturally thoughtful and observant, as well as curious about people in general.

This makes them ask relevant questions and pay close attention when someone else speaks.  

Oh, and introverts talk less when in social situations, so others might be drawn to your quiet ways.

You give them an excuse to escape the big circle and dive deep into something they care about.

3) At parties, you spend a little too much time in the bathroom  

Despite what you might have heard, introverts attend parties.

Sometimes, they don’t have a choice. Social gatherings are a natural part of life.

Other times, it’s because an extrovert decided to adopt them, and they now require their presence for moral support.

Jokes aside, if you’re an introvert, parties likely drain you.

Since you recharge in solitude, you frequently retreat to the bathroom or a quiet corner to balance your energy levels.

You’re the person who:

  • spends a suspicious amount of time petting the family dog
  • enjoys a drink on the balcony while staring at the stars
  • peruses the host’s shelves to assess their taste in books
  • offers to go out and buy more alcohol to enjoy 10 minutes of solitude
  • hides in the pantry when sent to retrieve more chips

You’re not weird.

You just need regular alone breaks to keep up your spirits.

4) You have a small circle of close friends

Since introverts prefer deep connections over superficial ones, their circle of friends tends to be on the small side.

I have two close friends and a few more people I care about deeply, but I haven’t had a big social circle since graduating high school.

Work is exhausting, errands are exhausting, keeping myself alive is exhausting some days.

And since I recharge best on my own, scheduling regular socializing time into my schedule isn’t something I’m keen to prioritize at the moment.

On the bright side, those people who are close to you don’t drain your social battery.

Quite the contrary – if you’re lucky, being with them is as relaxing as being on your own.

5) You love people-watching

If one of your favorite pastime activities is people-watching, you’re probably an introvert.

See, introverts don’t hate people.

They are naturally curious about the world and the people around them.

People-watching provides an opportunity to satisfy this curiosity by silently observing the behavior of others without actively engaging in social interaction.

Moreover, we’ve already established that introverts find solace in solitude and contemplation.

People-watching allows them to do that while being in a public setting.

It’s a form of “alone time among others,” where they can recharge without the pressure of making conversation.

I love to sit on a park bench while listening to an audiobook and sneak glances at passersby.

Or sip a hot chocolate in a café while watching the other customers (in an entirely non-creepy manner, I hope).

I wonder why they look sad or what they are celebrating, and I make up entire backstories for them in my head.

It’s mentally stimulating.  

6) You would rather text than call

Do you dread making phone calls?

Wait until the phone stops ringing and then text the person asking what they want?

You might be an introvert.

Introverts prefer written communication because it’s less draining and gives them enough time to mold their thoughts into coherent sentences.

Granted, this point applies to most people under 45, so it’s not the most conclusive on the list.

However, if the written word is your go-to mode of communication, your introverted side is showing.

7) You believe canceled plans are the best kind of plans

There’s nothing better than making plans with friends.

Except maybe having said friends cancel them so you can stay in and spend quality time on your own.

In other words, if your reaction when someone cancels plans with you is relief instead of annoyance, you’re probably an introvert.

8) You avoid crowded places

Introverts don’t do well in crowded places. They get overstimulated.

Crowded places are bustling with activity, noise, and a multitude of sensory inputs.

For introverts, overstimulation can be mentally and emotionally draining.

They become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stimuli, making it challenging to focus or enjoy themselves.

Furthermore, crowded places mean limited personal space, which can be uncomfortable.

Introverts generally find it stressful or intrusive to be near so many people with no decent place to hide.

Going to concerts is one of my favorite activities, but I need about one to three business days to recharge in the aftermath.

It’s a steep price to pay. It’s also well worth it.  

9) You’re a night owl

“The early bird gets the worm” is a common saying I despise with my entire being. 

I was never an early bird.

Even in school, I hated waking up early, and I spent the first classes of the day struggling to keep my eyes open.

I’ve always enjoyed the quiet hum of the evening and the small hours of the night much, much more.

Turns out, a lot of introverts are night owls because they focus better when there are no distractions.

Think about it. 

There’s a small chance someone will DM you or burst into your room at 1 AM, enabling you to feel truly and completely alone.

You can focus on your thoughts, get work done, listen to your favorite tunes undisturbed.

Or, perhaps you are a morning person and wake up at 5 AM to enjoy a couple of hours alone before going about your day.

Either way, this craving for solitude makes you an introvert for sure.  

10) You loathe group projects

Given that introverts prefer one-on-one interactions over large group discussions, they may feel like their voices aren’t heard when they’re expected to work on something as part of a team.

This can lead to frustration and resentment, making group projects a chore.

Plus, group projects require meetings, and meetings leave introverts feeling exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong: introverts can thrive as part of a team as long as they balance activities like calls and team meetings with deep work sessions.

Even so, group projects likely aren’t their favorite tasks, and they gravitate toward independent work.

Does that sound familiar?

11) You overspend on home décor

Finally, spending a ton of money on your home probably means that you’re an introvert.

Your home is your sanctuary, so it’s natural to want to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

This is where you recharge and come up with various plans to take over the world.

It must look, smell, and feel as lovely and “you” as possible.

Your space is a canvas you use to express your individuality and creativity, so you spare no expense to make your cozy décor dreams come true.

Just ensure you don’t go over budget.

Otherwise, you might be required to engage in some of those dreaded group projects for extra cash.

Final thoughts

Like many personality traits, introversion isn’t a one-size-fits-all characteristic.

It exists on a spectrum.

But if you recognize yourself in several of the above points, there’s a good chance you would rather spend an evening curled up with a book instead of mingling at a loud party.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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