10 surprising things intuitive people can sense about others

Intuition has always been a mysterious area of life for me. When I was younger, I often wondered if women’s intuition was real, or why people would say things like, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

But as I grew older, I began having those gut feelings myself. I began finding myself with this strange ability to sense what others are feeling and thinking without even trying. 

Amazing, huh? Well, guess what? You just might be a more intuitive person than you think. 

How do you know? It’s pretty simple. 

If you can sense the things I’ll share on this list, that means you are! Read on and find out ten surprising things intuitive people can sense about others!

1) Emotional states

This is one of the first signs I noticed about myself that told me I was an intuitive person. You know that strange feeling when you walk into a room, and it’s like you’ve entered a completely different emotional universe?

That’s what I’m talking about. Intuitive people like me have this uncanny ability to pick up on how the people around us feel. 

It’s like our hearts are tuned into an invisible frequency that allows us to sense the happiness, sadness, or frustration of others.

It’s a gift that comes in really handy when someone out there needs support.

2) Energy levels

“Reading the room” depends a lot on being able to detect people’s energy levels. 

Intuitive people can sense these fluctuations in energy and adjust their interactions accordingly. They seem to have an internal gauge that tells them when to give someone space or when to offer a much-needed pep talk.

In my own interactions, I don’t go in right away talking full-blast at a person. I pause, take note of their body language and, for lack of a better word, aura. 

If the person seems to be upbeat and energetic, that means I can be that way, too. In the same way, if they seem a bit down or low-key, I adjust my tone and lower my energy a bit to match theirs. 

It certainly keeps my relationships harmonious. People always feel like “we’re vibin’!”

3) Unspoken needs

Speaking of knowing when to give someone space, intuitive people have that uncanny ability to detect exactly what someone needs

Sometimes, it can feel ESP-like. I’ve often heard things like, “How did you know I needed this??” whenever I’d bring someone a cup of tea or send them a link to a helpful article. 

I couldn’t explain it myself. I just knew I had to give it to them. I guess that’s why they say intuition is mysterious – you can’t explain it, you just know!

But as mysterious as it is, make no mistake – intuition is grounded in science. Scientists believe that it helps the body “translate our thoughts and unconscious information into gut instinct.”

4) Physical discomfort

You might be surprised to learn that intuitive people can go beyond emotional discomfort. They can also often sense physical discomfort in others. 

They notice subtle cues like body language or facial expressions that reveal pain or discomfort that other people would otherwise miss, 

I’ll share with you a quick story about the time I was chatting with two friends – Mike and Gina. It was all going swimmingly until I suddenly felt like Mike was talking differently. I mentioned it to Gina, but it was so subtle she couldn’t pick it up. 

At first, I tried to dismiss it; maybe I was having an off-day, seeing things where there weren’t any. But less than a minute later, the left side of his face started drooping. Turns out, he was having a stroke! 

Needless to say, it was a chaotic dash to the emergency room for us! We were able to get him there in time for the damage to be reversible, but it was a lesson learned for me. I would never again ignore what my intuition tells me. 

5) Inauthenticity

Just as we can tell when a person’s feeling happy or sad or sick, we can also tell if they’re fake

Yep, this is one of the biggest benefits of being intuitive. Us intuitive folks are pretty good at sensing when someone’s putting on a facade or hiding their true feelings. 

It really helps us weed out the good ones from the bad. Our intuition allows us to filter out the insincere ones and surround ourselves with honest, authentic people. 

So, if you have an intuitive friend, consider yourself a good (or at least decent) person. It means you’ve been vetted and passed! 

6) Sincerity of compliments

Still on the topic of sincerity, intuitive people have no problem figuring out whether compliments given to them are sincere. 

They know when someone’s just saying it to be nice or make small talk. In short, they’ve got an excellent bullsh*t radar

Again, I can’t really explain how. Intuitive people just can tell the difference between a genuine compliment and one that’s just for show. They can sense the warmth and authenticity (or the lack of it) behind the words. 

7) Hidden agendas

The great thing about being intuitive and able to detect insincerity is that we also know when someone’s being manipulative

Ulterior motives? Hidden agendas? If you come to us with any of those, let me stop you right there. We can sniff out shadiness a mile away. 

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve dropped as friends because I had this suspicion that they were after something else. 

And you know what? I’ve never been proven wrong yet. These people would go on and deceive other common friends, proving that I was right about them all along. 

It’s not a nice feeling, to be proven right, but I’m thankful that my intuition saved me from being deceived. 

8) Personal values

This is another area where having sharp intuition pays off. 

All too often, we get into relationships paying no mind to the other person’s values. Sometimes, we get swept up by those intense romantic feelings that we don’t notice how different the other person actually is from us, character-wise. 

As an intuitive person, I can often sense the personal values of others, even without explicitly discussing them. 

I can sense a person’s moral compass and see if it aligns with mine. And if it does, I can keep that person in my life, even if we may have different personalities. 

Which leads me to my next point… 

9) Compatibility

Knowing what a person’s values are helps intuitive people see right away if they’re compatible with a person, whether as a friend, a coworker, or a romantic partner. 

But sometimes, even if they don’t definitively know what those values are yet, they have this sixth sense that tells them if they will jive with someone. 

Think about it – have you ever met someone and just knew, deep down, that you’d hit it off? Even without knowing anything about that person? That could be your intuition at work. 

For me, this has been a game-changer in building strong friendships and even finding romantic partners who truly complement my personality.

10) Spiritual connection

Finally, let’s talk about spiritual connection, another thing that intuitive people can often sense. 

I don’t mean things like being of the same religion, not at all. I’m talking about a deep, soul-level connection that goes beyond religious definitions. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to feel this bond with someone, you probably know how powerful and transformative it can be. 

There’s an intense attraction and a sense of familiarity, as if you’ve known this person even if you’ve just met. 

One of my favorite movies, Before Sunrise, is a great example of two people sharing a strong spiritual connection. 

The two main characters randomly meet on a train, and immediately they feel a strong bond and a sense of familiarity. They intuitively knew they would go well together, and though their story might have its ups and downs, that bond stayed strong. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, intuition isn’t quite so black-and-white. It isn’t something you can easily define. 

It may have other names – gut feeling, inner voice, sixth sense, and so on – but the point is, it defies conscious reasoning and logical thinking. 

Nevertheless, it can make a huge impact in how we make decisions and connect with others. But only if we listen to it! 

So, if you think you might have intuitive abilities, don’t be afraid to explore them further. Get in touch with your own emotions, pay attention to the energy in your environment, and most importantly, trust your instincts. 

You just might find that they can help you understand and navigate life’s complexities more successfully!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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