47 romantic and special ways to surprise your girlfriend

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In a relationship with a girl you absolutely love? Want to make surprise her and make her feel special, but don’t know how to go about it?

Well, don’t worry! This article has got you covered.

Whether you’ve been together for three months or three years, taking the time to surprise your girlfriend with little gifts or thoughtful notes can make all the difference in the strength of your bond and relationship.

So often, couples settle into a funk where neither one goes out of their way to show the other one just how much they care and they both end up feeling taken for granted.

This issue can be avoided by small acts of kindness every now and then.

You don’t need to do these things every day, or even every week, but on a random day when you’re thinking about her, try doing one of these things to let her know you’re thinking about her.

It’ll go a long way to help your relationship blossom and stay the course.

1. Leave her romantic notes

Look, it may sound a little like grade 2, but notes actually work, especially in the current age of smartphones and computers.

It’s also a great way to express how you feel about her. Tell her how lovely and smart she is. If you are in a hurry, a simple “I love you” note works wonders.

Even better if you can leave the note when you’re not around.

Sounds cheesy, sure, but she’ll love it. If you leave for work before her in the morning, slip a note in her bag or leave it on the pillow before you go.

She’ll wake up to find it and an instant smile will stretch across her face.

It’s not the same as sending a text. She gets texts from you.

Stand out with a real piece of paper where she can see it, touch it and keep it.

2. Mix things up

There are many places you can place a note or a nice photo of you and her.

Slip the photo or note in her handbag, travel bag, or file. It does not matter the spot you choose, as long as you are sure she will find it easily.

If you decide to prepare a packed lunch for her, add a note to remind her how beautiful and intelligent she is.

You can also add an encouragement sentence, especially if she told you she is stressed or anxious about something.

3. Express yourself in a love letter

Sometimes you want to say more, but a note doesn’t have enough space for your thoughts and feelings.

So try writing a love letter and pouring your heart out. Let your thoughts flow and tell your woman what you feel, how much you love her, and how you treasure every second you spend with her, among many other things.

Don’t overthink it. Just express how you feel about her. She’ll love it.

4. Postcards can help

For the times you are apart, send her postcards telling her how much you miss her company and how you wish you were side by side with her wherever you are.

5. Why don’t you write her a song or poem

If you have the musical talent, put it into action. Write her some nice romantic lines that will leave her wanting you even more.

It is all about being creative. If you are not a poet or a songwriter, you can use other people’s work.

Dedicate a song to her or send her an erotic poem by a poet. Every woman likes songs, and whatever you are sending her, she will appreciate it, given it has the words you want her to hear from you.

If you have a great singing voice, record yourself singing a popular love song and send her the audio or video.

6. Help out with DIY or chores

She might not tell you to help her clean up the dishes, but she will appreciate it if you do.

You can also assist her in doing laundry or some dry cleaning errands. It goes a long way in making your girlfriend feel fantastic about you.

If she has been talking about a bookshelf, for example, but never gets to it, fix one for her if you can do it.

What woman doesn’t like a handyman?

You will reach her heart and make her feel loved. If you leave together, helping out with chores is one way to show her you love her, and you do not mind helping out around the house.

7. Personalize the gifts you buy her

There is nothing wrong with buying your girlfriend the common gifts we all know, be it flowers or chocolate.

However, go the extra mile and make the gift special. If it is flowers, buy her favorite types, could be roses or tulips, for instance.

Put more thought into the ordinary gifts we know and make them unique.

Do not buy her just any concert ticket. Buy tickets of her favorite band or artist and surprise her.

You can also get her a book she has been raving about or one from an author she likes.

As a good listener, you can always tell the types of gifts your lovely woman would highly appreciate.

8. Buy her lingerie or pajamas

You know those times she tells you she is going shopping at the mall? A woman can spend quite some time selecting underwear to look good and pamper herself as well.

What better way to surprise her with sexy lingerie.

If you have been with her for a while, you probably know the type she likes, and choosing the right size should not be a problem. Do not be shy. You can do this!

However, if you feel that buying her undies is too intimate for you, buy her stunning, luxurious pajamas instead.

The look on her face when she opens the gift will tell you how much she appreciates the thought of you purchasing her something nice.

9. Come up with a mix of her favorite songs

There are songs your girlfriend hears, and they take her into a singing and dancing mode. Make a playlist of songs you know she likes and send or give it to her.

If you do not know what she likes, YouTube and other online platforms have a wide range of erotic songs she cannot resist. Identify those you know will touch her soul and create a playlist with a smooth flow that will blow her mind!

10. Do the one thing you always talk about but have never done it

Through the many conversations you have with her, there might be something the two of you always talk of doing, but somehow you never do it.

Take charge here. Come up with a plan and surprise your girlfriend. It could be a road trip or a visit to a certain destination.

11. Spend more time with her

We live in a world where love has been commercialized so much. However, there is more to romance besides buying gifts and taking her out to a high-end restaurant, for example.

Spending more time with your girlfriend shows how much more you love her. It means that she is important to you, she is a priority in your schedule, and you are not too busy to spend quality time with her.

12. Watch the sunset together

One of the beautiful sceneries nature offers is the sunset. Find a perfect spot, gaze at the sunset together, and watch the day end in a spectacular way.

There are many locations where you can do this, including the beach or a rooftop. Make sure the spot has some privacy for the two of you to talk as well.

13. Make a scrapbook or a photo album

Like notes, love letters, and postcards, a scrapbook or photo album is another way to surprise your woman.

While an album limits you to photographs, a scrapbook offers more flexibility. You can add whatever material you have and come up with a spectacular gift for her.

You end up marrying your girlfriend, and the album and scrapbook become one of the memories of your love for each other.

14. Travel the world together

Traveling is a fun and intimate way to spend more time with your lover.

Come up with a list of destinations the two of you would like to visit and enjoy the trips. You will not only have a good time but also bond more and get to know each other better.

15. Build something for her

If you have the skills to make something, surprise your girlfriend with one of your creations.

As mentioned earlier about helping around the house, here it is about making something she has never thought of or told you about it.

For example, you can make her a kitchen stand so she can reach cabinets above her head easily or a colorful TV stand.

16. Massage her

Everyone loves a massage, whether it is after a tough day or when relaxing at home. Massage your girlfriend’s back, shoulders, or feet, and help her muscles feel better.

It is something you can do at any time and it is easy. She does not have to tell you to massage her. Take the initiative and make her feel great.

17. Prepare her a bath

A bubble bath is soothing and relaxing, and she will like it. Make her a hot bath to assist her to unwind and relieve stress after a tough day.

Light a scented candle for her to make things even more interesting.

Better still add music to the mix. Play a soothing, calming song. As she enjoys the bath and the aromatic smell in the air, she also gets to listen to nice, romantic music.

18. Have a filled water bottle in bed

Everyone wants to sleep in a warm bed. The house heating system may not provide enough warmth in between the sheets. Fill a hot water bottle and place it on her side of the bed.

She will appreciate that, especially during that time of the month. It shows how much you care about her wellbeing, and you want her to feel as comfortable as possible.

19. Make her hair

Brush your girlfriend’s hair as you spend time together at home. It is a soothing experience for her. If you have some hairdressing skills, use them on her.

Oil her hair, massage her scalp and style her hair. Offer to style her before a dinner date or picnic, for instance.

If not, you can do something as simple as passing your fingers smoothly through her hair, as you relax together. It feels great, and she will love you for that.

20. Prepare her a meal and make it special

A woman appreciates the effort of you cooking for her. You do not have to be a chef to prepare a special dish for her, but if you are one, use those skills to your advantage.

You can cook a simple meal but make it special to her. Take your time to make a dish with ingredients balanced and spoil her taste buds! If it’s dinner, light candles as well and invite her to the table to enjoy your food.

21. Have a picnic

When you want to spend some time outdoors, a picnic is one of the things you can do. Fill the basket with food, drinks, and water.

Hold her hand, head out to the spot you have in mind and have a romantic occasion with your girlfriend.

Have a good time as you breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view of wherever you are going.

22. Do not underestimate the power of a candle

When spending quiet time together, a candle can make the experience even better. It does not have to be at night to use candles.

Close the blinds and pull the curtains together to keep light out of the room.

Light candles and have a conversation or use them as you watch movies together. If you have a camping tent, get creative.

Make your living room or bedroom a campground. Pitch the tent, sit or lie inside, and enjoy each other’s company.

23. Leave her something in the fridge

You have cooked for her and gone out for a picnic. What else can you do that is food-related? Add something to her fridge.

It could be a drink, her favorite dish, or a treat she enjoys. Include a note on whatever you are leaving her to let her know you are always thinking about her.

You can also go big and do some grocery shopping.

24. Reinvent your first date

Remember the first time you met her and later had your first date? You can do something with that. What about taking her to the place you had your date.

Remind her how you felt being with her at that moment, how beautiful she looked, the conversation you had, and what you ate. She will love you for that.

25. Take care of her when she is sick

Having company and support when ill feels amazing. You can leave work early and take care of your woman. You can also go see her during your lunch break. She will appreciate the thought. If you have a flexible schedule, you can accompany her to the hospital and have her checked out.

You could also ask a colleague to cover for you at work for a few hours. Even if she tells you she is okay, what she means is she would appreciate it if you took care of her if possible.

26. Deliver her lunch

Surprise your girlfriend with a lunch delivery from a restaurant she loves. She will be happy to see you. Besides, if she is not held up during lunch, you can have the meal together and call it a date!

27. Prepare her packed lunch

Instead of takeout, you can prepare her packed lunch. Give it to her as she leaves for work and remind her how much you love her.

Tell her she is smart, fantastic, and good at what she does. You can also add another note on the pack to make her feel even more loved.

28. Do what she often forgets

Perhaps she forgets to do some things. You can help her with that. Maybe she forgets her key or leaves the TV on unintentionally.

29. Show support for her career

Besides encouraging her and telling her how great she is at her job, you can inform her of any job offers you come across or new development in her industry.

30. Look out for any changes in her look

Every woman wants a keen lover who can notice the small and big changes she makes in her appearance. It could be a new hairdo, dress, or earrings.

She feels visible to you when you tell her she has changed something about her appearance, or she looks great in the new dress.

31. Brag about her to your friends and family

Tell your friends and family members how proud you are of your girlfriend. Tell them how great she is at her job, how much you love her, and how great of a woman she is.

However, do it in moderation, so it doesn’t seem like you are trying too much to prove to other people that she deserves your love.

32. Spend a whole weekend together

There is a lot you can do during the weekend. Finish all your work-related errands during the week and spend the two days with her uninterrupted.

Come up with a list of the activities you will engage in together or stay indoors and have quality time together.

33. Call her

Instead of texting her, call her so she can hear your voice. Some things are better said than written. Wishing her a successful day elevates her mood and motivates her too.

34. Suggest meeting her family

You can also surprise your girlfriend by suggesting that you visit her family. It sounds great coming from you. If she agrees, then make plans and go see her folks together.

35. Have a surprise party for her

Sweep her off her feet with a surprise party for her birthday or after achievement at work.

Even if she does not like parties, she will appreciate the fact that you organized something spectacular for her. Invite her friends and colleagues, and your friends too.

36. Dance Dance Dance

You do not have to be a pro dancer to impress her. Dance with your girlfriend at home and parties. You do not need music all the time. You can dance to a tune in your head.

37. Do the heavy lifting for a big trip

There is a trip the two of you have been talking about, but it has a lot of planning to do. Research more about the destination, accommodation options, the cost, and present them to her.

What remains is the two of you deciding when to go on the trip.

38. Go on holiday

Book a holiday, let her know about it but do not tell her where you are going. The secret destination will keep her looking forward to the experience.

Surprising your girlfriend does not have to be hard. It is about using ordinary events and things in life and making them special. Listen to her. From your conversations, there are many ideas you can get on how to surprise her.

39. Change your cell phone’s wallpaper

Don’t make a big thing about it, but change your wallpaper on your phone to a picture of her, or a photo of you two together.

If you don’t mention, when she notices it, she’ll be surprised and she’ll feel very special.

Tell her that the background photo makes you feel happy when you’re apart from each other.

40. Make her a video

Ever heard of Magisto? Basically all you have to do is download the app, and then put together a collection of your best photos and videos and then put it in the app and it will create a great video for you.

You can even select your own background music. If you want to be extra romantic, then choose a song that you both know and love.

This video will remind her of all the great memories you’ve created together.

41. Send her a postcard on your next trip

If you travel a lot and usually just call or text from the airport or hotel, grab a postcard and fill it out so she gets it before you get home.

It’s just a little thing you can do to make her remember you and let her know you’re thinking about her.

42. Do something around the house without being asked

Most men hate being nagged to do housework, but it’s not women’s work anymore so take the initiative and do something around the house that she usually asks you to do…and then make a commitment to keep doing it without being asked. It’s your home too. Take care of it.

43. Make her a card

Instead of buying her a Valentine’s Day card this year, make her one. Get creative and maybe even make her a video card or sing a song.

Every little effort counts and she’ll be blown away by your boldness and willingness to look silly.

44. Get her a comfortable pair of slippers

A thoughtful, yet personal gift, a pair of slippers keeps her warm on cold nights and reminds her that you are thinking of her comfort. They don’t have to be expensive, but they’ll mean the world to her.

45. Arrange a date.

If date night looks like pizza and beer on the couch every Saturday, shake things up and book a table at a nice restaurant and take her out for the evening.

You can still have pizza and beer, but get out and see people, dance, talk, and take in the night life.

46. Pack a picnic.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, take an afternoon break and go on a picnic that you pack. Don’t just wing it.

Put some thought into her favourite foods and drink. It’s a simple thing you can do for an everyday meal that would mean a lot.

47. Dedicate a song to her on the radio.

If you want to knock her socks off 90’s style, call up the local radio station and dedicate a song to her while she’s at work.

Reach out to a friend or coworker at her office to let them know so they can make sure the radio is playing within earshot of her.

There are so many ways you can keep the love alive in your relationship that don’t cost money or require a lot of time.

The truth is that the little things matter more than the big things and when it’s a special occasion, the pressure is on to perform, so taking the little moments in each day and making them matter is what she’ll remember the most.

So what’s it going to be? Radio shout out? Love note on the pillow? Give them all a try and keep adding to the list each year.

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