9 subtle signs of deceitfulness in a man, according to psychology

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Do you think your partner is deceiving you? Have you ever wondered if someone close to you is hiding the truth?

Deciphering deceit can be relatively easy if you know what signs to look out for. In fact, there are many subtle signs that often betray hidden truths.

So, let’s find out what these subtle signs of deceitfulness are in a man. 

1) He’s avoiding eye contact

Okay, let’s start with the basics. When a man avoids making eye contact, it often suggests discomfort or unease. 

That’s because eye contact is associated with honesty and openness, right? So, avoiding it can imply that he’s feeling guilty or anxious about something. 

It’s not a surefire sign of deceit, though, as some people naturally avoid eye contact due to shyness or cultural differences. 

However, if this behavior is unusual for him or happens consistently during sensitive topics, it’s a red flag for sure.

2) His stories are inconsistent

When someone’s story keeps changing or contains contradictions, it should also naturally raise suspicion in you. 

Psychologically, this could result from the difficulty of keeping track of a fabricated narrative over time. 

When someone is lying, their brain might start slipping up, and they could accidentally say things that don’t match up or contradict each other.

That’s why detectives question you for hours on end to see if your story is going to stay consistent or if you’re gonna stumble and make a mistake and change some details. 

If things don’t add up in what he’s saying, it could mean he’s making stuff up or trying to hide something. 

Pay attention to the little details he tells you and compare them over time. If you notice things just aren’t matching up, it could be a sign he’s not being straight with you.

3) He’s defensive

Getting defensive or agitated when questioned is a common reaction when someone feels accused or threatened. 

From a psychological perspective, this could be a defense mechanism to protect themselves from being exposed as deceitful. By getting defensive, they attempt to deflect suspicion and maintain control of the conversation.

So, if a man becomes defensive during a conversation, in many cases, it suggests that he’s trying to protect himself or hide something. 

Pay attention to his tone of voice and body language for clues about his true intentions. If something seems off, it probably is. Trust your intuition. 

4) He gives too many details

Providing excessive details can be a tactic to make a story seem more believable. Psychologically, this could be a form of overcompensation, as the individual tries to address any doubts or skepticism preemptively. 

However, if a man goes overboard with details or throws in a bunch of extra stuff that doesn’t even seem important, it could mean he’s trying too hard to make you believe him. 

He’s pushing his story too much, and it starts feeling fake. Instead of making things clearer, all those extra details might actually make you more skeptical.

So, watch out for stories that seem too fancy or rehearsed. They could be a sign that he’s not being straight with you.

5) He has minimal emotions

If a guy seems kinda emotionally distant, like he’s not really showing much interest or emotion in the conversation, it could mean he’s not fully into it. 

Now, some people are just naturally quiet or reserved, which is cool. I’m one of them. But if he’s usually pretty expressive, and then suddenly he’s all robotic, just giving short, bland answers, that’s a bit weird. 

Like, you ask him how the unexpected out-of-hours meeting went, and he just mumbles ‘fine’ without any feeling behind it. It’s kinda fishy.

And hey, keep an eye on his face, too. Sometimes, what he’s saying doesn’t match up with how he looks. That could be a clue that he’s not being totally honest.

Might be nothing, might be something. 

6) He’s avoiding questions or subjects

Avoiding certain topics or questions is a common strategy used by liars to evade detection

Psychologically, this is a form of self-preservation, as they try to steer the conversation away from areas where they might be exposed.

Dodging questions or changing the subject is a well-known tactic to evade scrutiny or deflect attention. You probably used it, too, so you know what I’m talking about.

That’s why if a man consistently avoids addressing certain topics or becomes evasive when pressed for details, it often reveals he’s hiding something. 

It could be something small and harmless. But it could also be something earth-shattering. It’s up to you if you’ll dig around some more or leave it be. 

7) His speech patterns change

Picture having a serious conversation with your partner about where your relationship is going. 

If he starts stuttering or stumbling over his words when you ask about his feelings, you should be curious and even suspicious about whether he’s being sincere or hiding something.

In general, if a guy starts talking differently than he usually does, it often means he’s having a tough time keeping it together or making stuff up. 

For example, if he starts stuttering, stumbling over his words, or just talking slower than usual, it could be a sign he’s scrambling to think of what to say or stall for time. 

Pay attention to any weird pauses or things that don’t add up to what he’s saying. Those could be clues that he’s not telling the truth.

8) He’s using fillers

If a dude keeps saying ‘um’ or ‘uh’ a lot when he’s talking, it could mean he’s having trouble getting his thoughts together or making up stuff on the spot. 

Those filler words are like placeholders while he figures out what to say next. So, if you notice him using them a ton, it might mean he’s not totally sure about what he’s saying, or he’s trying to make things up as he goes. 

Keep an ear out for how often he uses those fillers and when he uses them. It could give you a clue about whether he’s feeling confident and honest or not.

9) He won’t commit

And sometimes, when a guy avoids promising or committing to stuff, it could be because he doesn’t want to be held responsible later on. 

If he’s hesitant to agree to plans or promises, it might mean he’s trying to dodge being held accountable for what he says or does. 

Psychologically, this reluctance stems from a fear of future exposure or contradiction. By refusing to make commitments, he creates ambiguity and maintains flexibility to adapt his story as needed.

Keep an eye out for him always being wishy-washy or unsure about things. That could be a sign he’s not being straight with you and might not be reliable.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, if a guy starts acting weird or different from how he usually does, it’s worth paying attention to. Most of the time, people stick to their usual way of doing things. 

So if he’s suddenly acting totally different, it might mean something’s not right. Keep an eye out for any changes in how he acts, what he does, or how he talks. Those could be hints that he’s not being straight with you.

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