10 subtle body language signs that someone is attracted to you

Wondering if your crush just might be crushing back? Keep watch for these subtle body language clues that signal when someone really likes you!

1) Their pupils dilate  

Ever notice how puppies melt you with those big, dark, shiny eyes? Well, dilated pupils work on human to human as well! We unconsciously widen our pupils to take in more of what we want to see, when we feel attraction.  

Also, in dim ambient light, flashing bedroom eyes at someone you fancy helps more reflected light enter the retina. The effect can be apparent but is rarely drastic or obvious.

So if someone is wide-eyed or quite literally making eyes at you in a low-lit restaurant, their peepers are betraying their desire’s depth. Naughty brain, giving the secrets away! 

2) They get fidgety in your presence

But wait, there’s more clue-wise! Frequent fidgeting gestures signal nervous excitement around you. Think non-stop hair touching, clothing and jewelry adjustments, foot shaking, pen clicking, and chair squirming. It’s because you make them slightly self-conscious in an eager, butterfly-inducing way.  

Here’s the thing: awkward fumbling movements mean they feel self-aware thanks to intrusive what-if thoughts about you liking THEM swirling around in their head. This short circuits their composure. 

Notice if fidgeting happens more frequently around only you versus other friends or colleagues, because some people are just naturally fidgety!

3) They point their feet toward you 

While socially accepted foot positioning varies greatly among cultures, (it’s often considered rude in parts of Asia), in many Western cultures, pointing both feet directly at you when seated signals feeling happy and interested. Unless in a deep discussion, most polite people position their legs at slight angles.  

So someone subtly pivoting the lower half of their body to face you straight-on, hints at attraction. This stance displays interest, connection, and receptivity above and beyond general social norms.  

But don’t alarm them by staring fixedly at their feet! Instead just casually take note as you talk, by glancing downward once in a while. Catching their feet shifting your way is a stealth signal they want to stay tuned in.

4) They get more animated and expressive

Have you noticed someone exploding with quick, choppy hand gestures for emphasis when you chat or have a laugh together? 

Or have you seen their eyes widening dramatically to signal surprise over a story you just told? If so they may well fancy you. Because outsized expressions correlate closely with bubbly and flirty excitement.  

More effusive gesturing mixed with bright facial expressions shows an eager interest in capturing your attention. Their larger-than-life liveliness in your presence gives them away!

5) They lean into your space

Ever so slight sideways swaying or forward leaning pulls them very slightly nearer as you stand chatting. Maybe they tilt the upper body your way, crane the neck forward, or redistribute weight so they occupy more of your personal bubble.  

This magnetic body drift occurs instinctively without conscious thought due to affection’s invisible pull. Pay close attention if you catch micro-movements consistently zeroing in over time. Personal space invasion is a dead giveaway that someone is interested in you.

I remember being at a festival where a girl got really chatty with me and stood closer than normal.

(And she was talking animatedly – remember the previous point?)

I noticed it but didn’t think anything of it. A few days later I remembered how she had looked kind of resigned when I had pointed to my boyfriend and that’s when it hit me! She had been trying to signal her interest and I was totally oblivious!

Use this knowledge to make sure you don’t miss the signs like I did!

6) Their eyebrows lift more than usual

Have you noticed someone’s eyebrows quickly arching up for just a split second as you share a funny story or casual opinion? These lightning-fast expressions typically show interest, positive feelings, and agreement.

Eyebrow lifts are an instinctive way we react when something resonates or surprises us. This brief facial movement means they find your words and ideas appealing and want to hear more. It’s similar to their pupils dilating because they want to take more of you in.

So next time you chat, if you catch their eyebrows subtly raising again and again, it means something you said catches their fancy. These micro-expressions can be super quick, so watch closely for their brows on the rise.

7) They adopt open postures

Relaxed limbs indicate feeling safely comfortable and free of tension. If their hands hang loose and unguarded at their sides, shoulders roll back, knees point your way, it conveys wordlessly “I feel totally like myself around you.”

Unlike poses such as crossed arms, physical openness communicates receptivity. 

Side note: According to science, one reason people cross their arms when they are feeling defensive is due to an evolutionary desire to protect their core organs!

So if you like them, mirror their posture right back! Crossing arms tightly for a while sends the opposite signal even if you don’t mean it that way. Open body language establishes an inviting two-way flow.

8) They become adorably clumsy

Why is this?

Well, when someone is attracted to you, simultaneously thinking on their feet while trying to talk to you occasionally short circuits their coordination. Cue knocking drinks off table edges, stumbling over curbs, dropping phones, or spilling items from wallets and purses while nervously fumbling for coins. 

They might feel embarrassed, but from your perspective, if you like them, it’s a good thing. A touch of clumsiness induced by your very presence is cute. Their physical poise momentarily deteriorates because you make their mind delightfully messy and disjointed on the inside.

9) They blush around you

I’m not a blusher usually. But one time years ago, a guy at work that I found really handsome gave me an unexpected compliment. I felt my cheeks flush and he noticed and teased me about it! Argh – the blushing intensified! But he was sweet about it too.

Reddening cheeks or a flushed appearance show self-consciousness about wanting or receiving your positive attention. Blood rising under the skin’s surface exposes the nerves, excitement, or intimidation you stimulate.

So watch for blushing when you compliment their outfit or joke around together! Skin tones don’t lie – reddish hues betray the fact that they feel captivated by you on multiple levels.

10) They massage their necks/shoulders

Massaging or kneading tense areas soothes stress responses. If a person self-massages more around you it probably means they unconsciously feel sensory overload from focusing avidly on your every word and gesture.

Here’s the thing – obsessively tracking someone’s movements and micro-expressions requires intense mental effort. Physically attempting to ease resultant muscle strain exposes an inner strain to deeply impress you!

Or it might mean that they are wishing they could give you a massage as well!

Subtle clues and what to do

If one person keeps displaying these body language clues around only you, chances are good they feel attracted! Multiple signals together make it pretty clear this probably isn’t just friendly behavior.

Now that you know some subtle signs, you can feel confident reciprocating interest through similar cute gestures, if you’re into them too that is. Flirt back and seal the deal!

You can also be a good citizen and send this to a friend who is catching feelings for someone but isn’t sure if it’s mutual. That way they can decode the body language clues that reveal if someone truly thinks they’re crushworthy.

Louisa Lopez

Louisa is writer, wellbeing coach, and world traveler, with a Masters in Social Anthropology. She is fascinated by people, psychology, spirituality and exploring psychedelics for personal growth and healing. She’s passionate about helping people and has been giving empowering advice professionally for over 10 years using the tarot. Louisa loves magical adventures and can often be found on a remote jungle island with her dogs. You can connect with her on Twitter: @StormJewel

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