14 subtle behaviors that show your partner is deeply in love with you

Your partner may not be the expressive type.

Maybe they don’t say “I love you” often, and neither do they shower you with gifts and praise.

And that’s why you can’t help but wonder if they’re truly in love with you.

Well, let’s find out!

Here are 14 subtle behaviors that show your partner is deeply in love with you. 

1) They can’t stay angry at you

You had a heated argument, or you offended them in some way.

But instead of giving you a cold shoulder to teach you a lesson, they choose to become the “bigger person.”

They’d say “Alright, come here, it’s hard for me to stay mad at you.” Sometimes they might even be the first one to say sorry! 

They’d rather swallow their pride because it hurts them more when you’re not okay.

2) They smile when they look at you

We all know this look. 

It’s the look that says “I’m so lucky I’m with this person” or “They’re so adorable it hurts.”

It’s probably how we look at a newborn baby or an adorable puppy.

So don’t worry if they haven’t expressed their love for you lately.

They don’t even have to say anything because how they look at you reveals a lot about how in love they are with you.

3) They find whatever you do cute

You’re just staring at the ceiling with your lips slightly apart…and they’ll tell you that you’re cute.

You’re just washing dishes, strumming your guitar, reading a book…cute, cute, cute!

In fact, even if they don’t say it, you know they think you’re cute even if all you do is breathe.

4) They laugh at your lame jokes

You know you’re not good at telling jokes (well, all your friends say so), so it’s funny how your partner actually finds your jokes funny.

Remember what I said about them finding everything you do cute?

Well, that could be the reason.

But apart from that, someone in love wants to connect with you and make you feel appreciated.

So yes, even your lamest joke becomes funny for them because they’re in love with you.

5) They don’t get bored with you

You can see that they’re genuinely having a good time when you’re together.

They are very engaged when listening to your stories, they enjoy playing games with you…

Actually, you don’t have to do anything at all and they’d still enjoy hanging out with you.

And they tell you “Wow, I didn’t realize three hours had passed already” or “I really enjoy doing nothing with you.”

People in love NEVER get bored when they’re with their partner even when they’re just watching paint dry.

6) They’ve mentioned marriage at least once

People who are deeply in love can’t help but daydream. They also have this intense fear of losing you.

And so they’ve probably mentioned marriage and having kids and staying together forever at least once.

The ones who find it hard to express their feelings usually say this when they’re a bit drunk. And they’d beat themselves up for it afterwards because they’re scared you’d think they’re love bombing you.

And that’s probably the only reason why you don’t hear it often. 

But trust me—if they mentioned it once, they’re definitely in love with you.

7) They’re hyper aware of your moods

Even though you try to hide your emotions, they can quickly tell when something’s bothering you.

Someone in love wants to be in tune with their partner’s moods. After all, they always want to know if you’re alright.

They pay attention to your facial expressions, your voice, your body language.

So, can your partner sense when you’re truly happy or just faking it? Can they sense when you’re anxious, bored, or sad?

Then your partner must truly be in love with you.

8) They light up when they see you happy

When you gush because your favorite band will play in your city…

Or when you jump up and down because you just got a raise…

Or when you go “Awww” because a cat is rubbing against your legs…

They look at you like you’re the most fascinating thing in the world. There’s no other sight more beautiful to a person in love than that of their beloved being genuinely happy.

9) They pamper you

Because they want to see you happy, they often treat you like a prince/ princess.

They’d cook your favorite meal, give you massages, and tuck you into bed.

People who are in love like to spoil their partners. That’s because THEY get a lot of pleasure from making you happy. 

This isn’t the case for a person who’s NOT in love. Those people get more pleasure in getting, not in giving. In fact, they won’t bother trying to make their partners happy.

10) They let you win

You want to go eat Italian, they want to eat Chinese. 

They’d happily let go of their dimsum cravings and say “Okay, pizza it is!”

You want to watch a crime documentary, they want sci-fi. 

They’d go “Fine, I heard there’s a new one on Ted Bundy.”

And when you have arguments or when you play games, they’d sometimes let you win just to make you happy. They’d even pretend to lose fairly just to make you feel like you actually earned it.

It’s adorable, really. And you should just take it as a sign that they’re deeply in love with you.

11) They can’t stop talking about you

Their friends roll their eyes whenever they hear your partner talk about you. We can’t blame them. You’re all they can talk about!

They sound like they’re obsessed about you—and that’s because they are.

Their friends would be talking about something totally random, and your partner always finds a way to connect it to you. 

“Oh, you have a new cat? My boyfriend is crazy about cats.”

“Oh, you went to Tibet? My girlfriend was there when she was 10…”

So you see? Boring. 

If their friends tell you that you’re all your partner talks about, rest assured that they’re totally crazy for you.

12) They’ve become a better person since they met you

They used to be a slob…but when you commented on how much of a slob they are, they got the point.

And so they changed their ways.

Well not completely, but at least they now put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket!

And this applies to other areas in their life as well—from career to fitness to…practically everything!

Love can indeed do wonders, and you can clearly see it in how your partner has transformed.

13) They do silly things with you 

They become a different person when they’re with you.

They’re someone funnier, crazier, sillier. 

And the thing is that they’re only like this with you. When they’re with other people, they’re more reserved and serious.

They’re probably comfortable acting stupid around you because they trust you and they’re totally in love with you.

Because of this, you’ve created your own little world.

14) They have your best interests at heart

Remember Jack Dawson? He was willing to freeze in the icy waters just so Rose would survive.

Well, your partner is like this to you in some ways.

They’re willing to do anything and everything to make sure you’re alright.

They want you to achieve your dreams, to become healthy, to be happy. So they’d support you and protect you in whatever way they can.

In fact, if they need to break up with you so you’ll achieve the life you’ve always wanted, they will. Even if it hurts.

Last words

So…how many of these behaviors do you see in your partner?

Half of them? Then you just won the lottery! 

Sure they’re probably not so showy with their love but rest assured, they’re head-over-heels in love with you.

Now, show them YOU’RE deeply in love with them and stop doubting their love for you.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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