9 subtle behaviors that show somebody is trustworthy and honest

We all strive to be seen as trustworthy, right?

Sometimes, though, it can feel like our honesty and integrity go unnoticed.

You’ve been there, haven’t you? Acted with complete transparency, only to be met with skepticism or doubt. At times, it can feel like your trustworthiness is overlooked or taken for granted.

Truth is, many of us feel this way. We often think our honest actions go unnoticed.

But here’s the kicker – this might not be true at all. You could be displaying signs of trustworthiness without even realizing it. These signs can be subtle and easy to miss.

Today, we’re diving into 8 subtle behaviors that show you’re honest and trustworthy.

This might seem a bit harsh or confronting – I get it.

As you read on, understand that my goal is not to make you question your integrity. That’s the last thing I want.

Instead, I aim to shed light on overlooked behaviors that indicate trustworthiness.

Perhaps you’re already aware of them…

Let’s see, shall we?

1) Consistency in actions

We all have that one friend who’s consistently inconsistent.

They promise you the world, yet never pickup when you need it.

They call themselves kind and caring, yet frown down upon those in need.

They say they’re the most generous person around, yet wouldn’t share their last penny/sandwich/coat with you in a million years.

Now, doesn’t this make you question their reliability?

Generally, the most trustworthy people are those who are consistent in their actions.

They walk the walk (having talked the talked too), and their behaviors very much aligns with their words. This consistency builds trust over time as it shows that the person is reliable and they mean what they say.

2) Openness and honesty

Have you ever had someone be brutally honest in owning up and confiding in you about a mistake they made?

This might look like owning up to killing the goldfish, or being candid about having slipped up and set the house on fire…

And that despite the fear of failure or of being targeted by conflict (which many of us run from, hiding ourselves with lies.)

I can tell you now; someone openly admits their errors is showing their honesty and vulnerability.

They’re facing the heat of the kitchen (that many run and hide from) and the consequences that come with it, and still proving that they can take accountability for their own actions.

3) Empathy towards others

Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, is a powerful tool for building trust.

There is a time and a place to tell people to pull it together (and that time is few and far between.)

What’s far more indicative of a trustworthy person is someone who naturally empathizes with others. Someone who is kind and generous and wants to help out as much as they can.

Because empathetic people are also often trustworthy; those two traits go hand in hand.

4) Admitting when you’re wrong

I’ll never forget a particular meeting early in my career. I was absolutely certain I’d nailed a project. But as my boss started pointing out errors, my initial confidence quickly faded.

Swallowing my pride, I admitted I’d been wrong. It wasn’t easy, and my ego certainly took a bruising. But guess what? My willingness to admit my mistake actually earned me more respect from colleagues.

It’s a lesson that’s stayed with me – admitting when you’re wrong isn’t a sign of weakness. Quite the contrary, it’s an indicator of honesty and trustworthiness. People appreciate and respect those who can own up to their mistakes.

5) Keeping promises (and taking them to your grave)

We’ve all made promises at some point or another. It’s easy to say “I promise” I won’t tell anyone/I believe you/I’m going to be there for you…

But it’s how we follow through with our promises, that are what really matters.

People who keep their promises show that they are reliable, dependable and trustworthy.

So if you’re someone who sticks to their word, you’re likely seen as trustworthy by those around you.

6) Telling hard truths

Ever had to deliver bad news? It’s tough, isn’t it? People often want to shoot the messenger…

But sometimes, telling a hard truth is a necessary part of being honest.

And both the messenger and the person receiving the hard truth may well show characteristics you weren’t aware of in the heat of the moment.

7) Showing vulnerability

Being bold and courageous is one thing…

But someone who has the courage to open up and get vulnerable?

Almost more impressive, if you ask me!

Being able to discuss your feelings, your thoughts, to show your flaws and your true colors…

Now that takes courage. Don’t overlook the power and the bravery that vulnerability takes; it’s often a far sager sign of someone you can trust, than someone who never let’s anyone in and keeps 10-foot-walls around their heart.

8) Acting with integrity

Integrity is sticking to your morals and what you believe, even when the going gets tough.

Even when you’re busy, or when everyone seems to be swimming in the opposite direction…

If someone adheres to their beliefs and stands up with courage, they’re very much proving the fact that they won’t change beliefs just because everyone at the table leans a certain way.

9) Being patient

Patience is a virtue, as the saying goes.

But did you know it’s also a sign of trustworthiness?

When you’re patient with others, it shows that you respect their pace, their process, and their time.

This respect can foster trust in your relationships both personally and professionally.

Trustworthiness and honesty are not always easy to demonstrate, but when recognized and appreciated, they can strengthen relationships and build a strong reputation.

If you find yourself resonating with these behaviors, then know that you are likely more trusted than you realize.

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