Strong women would rather be alone than waste time on people who don’t deserve it

Woman at cafe with characteristics of a strong woman

Dating can be a lot of work. It’s supposed to be fun and exciting, but for the most part, dating induces anxiety and fear into a lot of people. And it’s no wonder: the whole notion of dating is flawed. We are supposed to continue to sift through humanity to try to find someone who is perfectly suited for us. We are supposed to want to spend our lives with someone because of some primal instinct that has been ingrained in every human being. We are supposed to forgive and forget.

Yeah, that’s a lot of work.

So it’s no wonder that many women are just throwing in the towel and focusing on improving their lives without a man. Afterall, they’ve made it this far in life without a good man, why couldn’t they just leave well enough alone? The truth is that strong women would rather be alone than waste time with losers. Here’s why I believe that this is the case. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and you’re allowed to disagree with me.

They Don’t Need That Kind of Shit in Their Lives

Strong women become stronger with every failed relationship they have. They dig deeper to find what is important to them. They look to themselves to make themselves happy and stop relying on outside sources to bring that happiness to them.

That’s why it doesn’t take them very long to realize when someone is a jerk and not worth their time. They could be off spending time with people who treat the right and respect them for who they are, and they know that they don’t have room for shitty people in their lives.

Fool Me Once, Shame on You

The thing about relationships is that unless you’ve married your high school sweetheart, you have likely been part of a breakup. It’s even highly likely that you’ve taken that person back a time or two, even just to fill some lonely nights.

If he was the reason you broke up, then you know that he is not going to change. Before they become strong and in tune with what they want, many a woman will crawl back into the bed of a man who is not good for her. He’ll say he’s changed and you’ll believe him.

But then you’ll get wise, and you’ll know better. And you’ll be better off until a genuine guy comes along that deserves your love and attention. Until then, it’s all you baby.

Strong Women Aren’t Afraid to be Alone

Many women think that unless they have a guy on their arm that they are alone. The truth is that many women have circles of friends who bring them great joy and make their life worth living.

They have great jobs that make them jump out of bed in the morning. They have amazing families who have supported them throughout their entire lives. Strong women know that a man is not a necessity, and no man gets to be with a strong woman unless he is fit for the challenge.

After all, you aren’t going to sit on the couch and wait for a man to come along, are you? No way! You are going to get out there and live your life. Call you friends. Invite your family over for dinner. “Being alone” doesn’t mean you are alone. Sure, you are single, but that is not the end of the world.

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Strong Women Recognize the Real Deal When it Comes Along

With all of the dating and the searching for Mr. Right, a woman can waste almost half her life. It’s time to knock that shit off. Get real about what you want in a partner and don’t accept anything less. Why should you? Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Strong women are perfectly fine being single.

Strong women don’t take less than they deserve. They won’t stand for a man that’s an asshole. Period.

So if you consider yourself to be a strong woman, decide what you would out of your next relationship and then go out and live your life. Mr. Right will find you. You don’t have to waste any more of your precious time trying to hunt him down.

If you are being your fabulous self and not worried about a ticking clock and a society that says you need to find a man, then you’ll soon build an amazing life for yourself. You’ll have to make room for that man when he does come along because you’ll have stopped waiting to build your life around him and started building your life around you.

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