19 things confident women never, ever do

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A confident woman – the woman that every man is intimidated to approach and every girl looks up to be.

She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go and get it.

Yes, she can be quite direct and confrontational at times, but she’s a much nicer person than most people think.

Here are 17 things that confident women would never, ever do.

1. Care what other people think

A confident woman doesn’t live her life for other people, so why would she care what other people think?

She’s concerned about her own life and getting the most out of it.

Other people can go ahead and judge her, but it simply won’t affect her.

She’d rather focus on herself and live up to her own high standards of behavior.

2. Not express herself honestly 

There’s no messing around with a confident woman. Every word she speaks is for a reason. She hasn’t got time to waste with small-talk or superficial bullsh*t.

Everything she does is with purpose and this is the same for when she speaks.

3. Not treat others with genuine kindness

This one may be hard to believe, but it’s true. And no, this doesn’t mean a confident woman simply “smiles” at others or “agrees” with everything they say.

Instead, she treats people with integrity and respect. Why? Because we’re all humans and she understands that everybody’s life isn’t easy.

She’s experienced anxiety and depression before, so she knows that life can get tough for a lot of people. So she focuses on being kind and respectful.

4. Not be real

Do you know those people who walk around with a smile on their face and treat everyone like their best friend? Yeah, they’re faking it.

Confident women don’t do that. She’s not trying to impress other people. She knows who she is and doesn’t need outside validation to feel better about herself.

She shows how she feels and what she thinks. This is refreshing in an age of social media where everyone is faking it to look better than they really are.

5. Need a man to feel better about herself

If you wrong a confident woman, she’s out the door. No word of warning. She’s been burnt enough in her life and won’t have it when it comes to a man treating her with no respect.

Flirt with another girl? Then get the f*ck out.

A strong woman holds her own and doesn’t need a man to feel complete. She’s already happy with herself and who she is.

She’ll only keep a man in her life if he is making it better. Simple.

6. Not knowing what men want

She doesn’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, but if she is in one, she brings out the best in her partner.

She doesn’t waste time playing games, indulging in drama, or messing about with the feelings of others.

We all need to live meaningful lives and earn the respect of the people we care about.

That’s what men want from a relationship above all else — respect. More than love and even more than sex.

There’s a new concept in relationship psychology that spells all this out. It’s called the hero instinct.

A badass women doesn’t need help from a man, but she equally isn’t afraid to let him solve little problems, come to her aid, and prove himself useful. She knows this gives him a sense of meaning and purpose.

To learn more about the hero instinct, check out this quick video by nationally renowned relationship expert James Bauer.

He reveals the things you can say, texts you can send, and little requests you can make to trigger this very natural instinct in your man.

Here’s a link to the excellent video again.

7. Not protect herself from assholes

A confident woman has been through a lot, dealt with shady characters who have brought her down, and doesn’t want to go through the same hardships again.

That’s why she appears cold, ruthless, and darn right bitchy to random men who approach her. But this is what she must do if she’s going to avoid those assholes again. It’s part of her nature now.

And you know what? It works like a treat.

8. Be afraid to stand up for her beliefs

A confident woman isn’t on the lookout for arguments, but she also isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.

A hallmark trait of a confident woman is to express her opinions even when her beliefs are against the majority.

She doesn’t express her opinion rudely, or with the intention of annoying others, but she simply states her opinions in a calm and matter-of-fact way.

While some people who can’t think outside of the status quo find this intimidating, most people respect honesty and the ability of someone to speak from the heart.

9. Not be assertive

Notice we didn’t say aggressive? They are two different things. Assertive women understand that their position is important and that they have lots to offer people.

Aggressive women just yell and scream until someone makes things happen. Assertive women take charge and get things done themselves.

A confident woman cares about results and getting to the next destination on her journey as quickly as she can.

10. Seek attention to boost her ego

A confident woman doesn’t need attention to boost her ego. She’s already confident enough as it is.

External praise doesn’t make her happy.

What makes her happy is achieving her goals and helping other people achieve theirs.

A confident woman is too busy living her life in her own vision, and that is enough for her.

11. Be a people pleaser

As a person with a strong personality, she knows how to say no to people, and while they might not like it, she does it because she can.

Most people suffer through overworked schedules and get hung up on helping others before themselves, and that leads to a great deal of unhappiness and excessive responsibility.

But a confident woman understands her limitations. She can’t help everyone even if she wanted to.

The best thing about knowing her limitations is that she doesn’t let anyone down, and you can always trust that she’ll do what she says.

12. Disrespect others 

A confident woman sticks to her principles and what’s morally right. She upholds her strong values and maintains her dignity.

One value that is paramount to the way she lives her life is treating others with kindness and respect.

She understands that everybody goes through sh*t in life, and that she’s in no place to judge.

However, if you don’t uphold her strict moral system, she won’t hesitate to let you know to get back in your lane.

13. Play games with others 

She’s straightforward: She expresses what’s on her mind and what she needs.

If you’re trying to “one-up” her then you better watch out: She’ll put you back in your lane and let you know that you’re an idiot.

Competitive men simply don’t know how to act when they’re in her presence.

This is life and she wants to enjoy it. She refuses to engage in any passive aggressive or manipulative behavior.

14. Bask in drama

Gossiping about others because it feels good? Please! This just causes drama

A confident woman hates this kind of negative energy. She knows toxic people are soul-sucking vampires and there’s no reason they won’t be bad-mouthing you behind your back.

She stays away from gossiping about others because it doesn’t make her feel good. It’s also unfair to talk about someone who isn’t there to defend themselves.

15. Not know what she wants

Because she spends time with herself and is comfortable in her own skin, she knows exactly what she really wants in life.

It’s not material wealth. A strong woman knows that this is superficial and won’t bring lasting happiness.

Instead, she strives to create meaning and creativity in her work that helps others, because that’s what makes her happy.

Her dreams and the path to achieving them are cemented in her mind. There’s no self-doubt, if she wants something, she’ll go for it. She’ll also seek help from others but won’t rely on that help.

If she has to do it herself, she’ll simply do the best she can.

16. Complaining about her circumstances

No one chooses where they’re born.

One woman might look around at her circumstances – the wealth of her family or the quality of where she lives – and pass the blame of why she isn’t successful to them.

While those factors do tend to play a role in one’s success, that doesn’t mean she still can’t try to do something about it.

A confident woman knows how to not only accept the reality of her situation, but take the steps necessary to make the changes she wants to see.

Maybe first she starts shifting her mindset, from blaming the circumstances, to feeling grateful that it isn’t worse.

This subtle change could already have a massive impact on her energy and her outlook.

The question you might be asking is:

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17. Not give it her all

Whether a confident woman is washing dishes or chairing a board meeting at her company, everything needs to get 100% of her attention.

That’s how she’s made it this far and found so much success in your life.

Confident women don’t back down from a challenge and are ready to take everything on with 100% of their being.

As a strong person, she does whatever it takes, every single time. She pushes herself to the limit to prove to herself that she can survive and thrive in this world on her own, independently.

18. Have a problem saying “no”

There are some of us who have an incredibly difficult time saying “no” to other people.

We don’t want to disappoint anyone, and even if it inconveniences us, the simple act of pleasing another person makes us feel better than doing anything for ourselves.

Why? Because we are dependent on their opinion of us and will do anything to protect it.

But confident women aren’t afraid of saying no to people, even if it means hurting or disappointing those around them.

She has the strength to say no when something inconveniences her, and people respect that about her.

She doesn’t feel the need to put herself second all the time, and she doesn’t even need to explain herself.

19. Compromise her values

Nobody can tell a strong woman what’s right and wrong. She knows what she stands for and what her beliefs are.

A person who is out to manipulate others will have a hard time convincing a strong woman to do something that doesn’t feel right.

She relies on her strong sense of right and wrong to work out if others have good intentions or not.

Because she trusts her intuition, she recognizes quickly when someone is stepping out of line.

What’s even better is that she is not afraid to tell them that they’re stepping out of line as well.



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