Why strong women are happy going without makeup

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For many women, the idea of leaving the house without a full face of makeup seems asinine. Makeup has become such a huge part of our culture that it doesn’t seem strange to see women of all ages wearing it with pride.

Wearing makeup is such a part of a woman’s routine that she will often refer to it as “putting on her face” before she goes out in public. But for every woman that won’t leave the house without her makeup on, there’s another woman who goes bare face with pride. And this trend is gaining popularity fast.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear

There’s good reason to spend your days with a carefree face and no makeup: several scientific studies have suggested that women who don’t wear makeup are happier in general. It’s like they have nothing to hide, on their face and in other areas of their lives.

Women who cover up with makeup are thought to be hiding something. And that could be as simple as a pimple or a blemish, but the idea is that women who go without makeup are comfortable and happy in their skin.

Women who boast a clean looking face send the message that while nobody’s perfect, everyone can feel good in their own skin. And that’s empowering. Imagine not worrying about refilling your concealer each month, and not worrying about changing face powder with the seasons. What if you just got out of bed each day and washed your face and hit the road ready to take on the world. It’s just one more thing to worry about, in the eyes of makeup-less women.

Wrinkles, freckles, pimples: It’s all part of who we are

When you spend any length of time staring at yourself in the mirror, you’ll start to notice little things about yourself that you didn’t notice before. You might notice that you have a series of lines setting in above your brow, or you might notice how beautiful your eyes are.

While you might be inclined to look for the bad things that appear on your face, strong women who go without makeup are more likely to pick out the good things about their complexion over the bad things. Afterall, everyone has lines, wrinkles, freckles, pimples, and hair on their face. It’s all part of who they are, and confident and happy women know this. They embrace the natural look on their face.

And why shouldn’t they? God gave you that face for a reason. It is meant to be shown off and paraded around the globe with a smile attached to it.

An experiment

If you are thinking of getting on the no-makeup bandwagon, try this little experiment to see how comfortable you are in your own skin. Stand in front of the mirror for 10 minutes and look at all of the features of your face. Pay attention the tone of your skin and the placement of your freckles. Look at how your eyes sit in your head and follow the lines of your lips. It won’t take you long to see that you are beautiful. And if you are still not convinced or if you aren’t feeling comfortable going without all of your makeup, try reducing it a bit each day.

Start by cutting out the dark eyeliners and mascara. Try wearing clear lipgloss instead of lipstick. Use a foundation that has a powder finish, so you don’t have to apply two different products. There are ways to start reducing the amount of makeup you wear without going cold turkey. Or, if you want a more natural look but still want to wear makeup, switch to more neutral or nude shades to accentuate your face, rather than hide it.

Strong woman are comfortable in their own skin

Strong women are happy for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons is that they are comfortable in their own skin. It is something many people strive for but never achieve. It’s hard for people to relax into themselves and be happy with who they are, but a strong woman has the ability to look herself in the mirror and be proud of who she is; not only that, but she can look the world in the face and be proud too.

If you are struggling with the idea of not wearing makeup, cut yourself some slack. Millions of women around the world wear makeup every day, but consider that reducing the amount of makeup you wear, or cutting it out altogether, could have a positive impact on your life, rather than the negative impact you might be expecting.

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