10 things strong independent women never do (so you shouldn’t either!)

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Most, if not all of us, aspire to be strong independent women – they’re calm, collected, and have everything under control.

They seem to get things done alone with successful careers and stable emotional well-being.

But what some may not know is that there’s actually more to being a strong independent woman than meets the eye.

These women have also been through what you’re experiencing today.

Being a strong independent woman is more than wearing high-end clothing and walking as if the world is their runway.

What really makes a woman independent is the way she carries herself and that includes her ability to remove herself from any good-for-nothing situations and say “nope, I’m not doing that.”

Here are 10 things independent women would never do:

1) They Never Do Things Half-Heartedly

One of the things people admire in strong, independent women is their work ethic.

Some people may think they can do well in their careers because they’re naturally gifted.

While this may be a factor, strong, independent women thrive mainly because of their hard work.

They always put their heart into anything they do and don’t settle for a mediocre job. Strong, independent women always put their future and self first and never give up on their dreams.

I know it’s not easy to work extra hard and hold on to your dreams – every strong, independent woman can relate.

They, too, have experienced these challenges and frustrations before getting to where they are today.

These women tend to be calm and collected because hardships and mistakes have forged them into being one.

So if you doubt yourself, remember to trust the process and do your best, cliché as it may sound.

2) They Don’t Rely on Others for Validation

Strong, independent women don’t rely on others for validation because they know their self-worth.

They don’t cling to others only to feel complete, much less allow social media engagements to define who they are.

While these women value and trust the guidance of their loved ones, they know that their worth is only as good as how they value themselves.

Strong, independent women trust and respect themselves enough not to base their self-worth on others, especially in romantic relationships, because they know it won’t be healthy for them.

While they greatly value themselves, they aren’t arrogant or narcissistic.

This sense of security only means they believe in themselves to learn from their mistakes and grow.

3) They Never Back Down on Any Challenge

Being a strong independent woman doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid of doing hard things and facing tough problems in life.

You may not know it, but they, too, get anxious over the hardships they encounter.

But despite uncertainties, these women never gave up and chose to be courageous, allowing them to rise above challenges.

This is a painstaking process of making mistakes and learning from them.

4) They Don’t Tolerate Toxic Relationships

The last thing strong independent women would do is stay in a relationship that’s already taking a toll on their mental and emotional well-being, whether it’s a friendly or romantic relationship.

These types of women know their self-worth and won’t let anyone destroy their peace of mind and sense of self with toxicity.

They won’t allow other people’s actions to affect them.

Many of us may have already been in relationships we know aren’t healthy for us.

Sure, these may be the ones that are the most exhilarating, making it so hard to leave sometimes.

But independent women don’t hesitate to end a relationship if it’s not benefiting their life or their future. 

5) They Never Care About Haters

No matter how you strive to be kind and humble, you’ll always meet people who envy you and try to undercut your success and hard work.

The funny thing is they sometimes appear nice to you but say mean things behind your back.

If they’re more creative about hating your guts, they may even put on a show and make themselves appear great and noble at your expense.

Toxic people like these can really say mean things about you, and I definitely understand if their words hurt you and worse, doubt yourself.

But the thing is, they sometimes thrive on your attention and even provoke you to prove their point.

That’s why strong, independent women never cared about haters and only focused on themselves – they let their work and achievements speak for themselves and know their real friends.

6) They Don’t Do Things Against Their Principles

Strong, independent women follow a set of principles and strive not to do things they disagree with.

They aim to live with integrity because they value self-respect and peace of mind.

They know cheating, lying, and any other vices have grave consequences.

Besides, these types of women trust themselves enough to achieve the things they want with hard work.

They aren’t comfortable about achievements they didn’t work hard for and aren’t truly theirs.

Unprincipled stunts just for superficial and temporary gains don’t sit well with them.

Because of this, you may expect them to be honest and trustworthy.

7) They Don’t Allow Themselves to Act on Impulse

Strong, independent women always appear calm because they try not to act on impulse or allow their raw emotions to get the best of them.

They avoid saying things when they’re overwhelmed with emotions.

They don’t like saying words they don’t really mean, especially when they’re angry.

Much less, they avoid doing things they haven’t even thought about carefully.

I know it’s hard to keep your emotions in check always, and it requires a lot of work. That’s why strong, independent women prioritize self-care.

They always strive to have a positive state of mind to keep them grounded and objective even in tough situations.

Strong, independent women practice recognizing and processing their thoughts and emotions healthily instead of setting them aside.

8) They Never Neglect Self-Care

Strong, independent women are productive with a clear state of mind because they prioritize self-care, from leading a healthy lifestyle to rewarding themselves at the end of a long, tiring day.

They try hard to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and get enough rest daily.

These women also take time to relax and have fun by going out or having a relaxing vacation.

They work hard and focus on their career but not at the expense of their overall wellness.

I used to take these things lightly and only work hard all the time.

But when I got burned out, I realized this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable because I eventually lost interest and underperformed.

I used to raise an eyebrow at pilates and yoga classes because I thought they were rather silly.

But when I started prioritizing self-care, I gave them a try – I really enjoyed classes like these, and they helped me relax.

9) They Don’t Apologize for Being True to Themselves

Strong, independent women always stay true to themselves.

They’re secure about who they are and trust themselves enough to do hard things and face tough challenges.

Because of this, they also don’t go out of their way and lose sight of who they really are only to please anyone.

They want to be loved and appreciated for who they are, just like they value their loved ones.

You can always expect them to be genuine people who are honest and trustworthy.

They’re confident about themselves but aren’t narcissistic or arrogant – they know they don’t have to try hard and humiliate other people for validation.

10) They Never Stop Learning

Strong, independent women tend to have great control of their lives, from their careers to their overall well-being.

This is because they never stop learning – they always try to keep an open mind and gather life lessons even in the most unexpected places.

I know how strong, independent women make everything look so effortless because they seem good at everything they do.

But what many may not know is that they’ve also faced challenges and made the same mistakes as everyone.

They know that learning is a life-long process and every day is a chance to be a better person.

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