10 strange habits we all have but rarely admit to

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You might have some habits that you’re too afraid to admit for the fear of looking weird, or immature, or crazy.

But the fun thing is that chances are that everyone else does it too!

Check out how many of these “strange” habits you do daily.

1) Talking to ourselves

One of the first things we might think when we catch someone talking to themselves would probably be “gee, they’re strange!”

But hold that thought, because it really is not.

In fact, just about all of us will have talked to ourselves quite regularly, and for good reason.

For example, it’s quite normal for us to argue with ourselves when we’re trying to sort our thoughts. Sometimes we do it in our heads, sometimes we say things out loud.

And then when we’re down low, we would talk to ourselves like we’re our own life coach.

Nobody would ever admit to this for fears of being called “crazy”, of course. But trust me—everyone does it!

2) Wondering about our first love (and hoping they miss us)

It has probably been years, if not decades, since you last were together. You might even be married now.

And yet you still can’t help but wonder about them and hope they miss you still. You might think that this is weird—and that you have some sort of defect— but you can rest assured that it’s not.

Everyone will have done it at one point or another. The reason why is simple: first loves are special, and feelings are not rational.

They were the first people we’ve ever fallen in love with, and they were the first people to make us feel special. Even if they turned out to be not at all that special in the end… the feeling is forever etched in our memory.

And eventually we forget who they actually were, and simply remember them based on the way they made us feel.

3) Remembering past conversations and cringing

Perhaps you might be washing your hair in the shower when you would suddenly recall an incredibly dumb remark you made 20 years ago and cringe so hard you just want to hide from society at large.

And the thing is that everyone else will have likely moved on!

So of course you would feel like you’re being weird or strange because why are you letting it affect you still?

Well, you can rest assured that you aren’t alone here.

Fact is that many of us keep on recalling these old embarrassing moments. But what’s good about this is that it might be a sign that we’ve changed as people.

Perhaps it wasn’t embarrassing to us then, but now we cringe because we realize just how wrong we were.

4) Pretending we know things we don’t

There’s no denying that pretending that you know more than you actually do is weird—or more accurately, that we’re fakes. And yet a lot of us do this, sometimes without even realizing it.

You might spot someone posting “fun facts” that are verifiably false and go “Ha! How can this person believe this? They’re so weird for posting this.”

But how many times have you posted or said something as fact without first verifying whether it actually is? How many times have you doubled down and insisted on something simply because it’s just too embarrassing to admit you were ever wrong?

You might even be aware that you’re doing this but, well… it’s just too embarrassing to admit…so you pretend you’re right and knowledgeable when you aren’t.

5) Chatting with friends while on the toilet

Okay, so there’s something inherently disturbing about chatting or being on call with someone while they’re on the toilet.

Like oh yes, how nice of you to share a nugget of wisdom while you’re right there passing a different kind of nugget off your rear end.

But even if none of us like to admit it—not unless we like the idea of being ridiculed on group chat—it happens quite often, actually. It’s just part of living with 24/7 access to the internet.

But who could blame us?

Talking with friends is quite nice, and so long as they don’t know we’re sitting on the porcelain throne what’s the harm?

6) Stalking people on social media

Don’t worry, you’re not a freak with “no life” for doing this.

Stalking on social media is actually quite common, and some of us even have alternate accounts that we use to visit people’s pages without them knowing or to bypass blocks.

Sometimes we would stalk our exes and reassure ourselves that we’re better off without them. Sometimes we would stalk our crushes to know what they’re up to. Sometimes we would stalk our mortal enemies to get dirt on them.

And we all know it’s not classy at all. If someone ever admits to stalking people on social media, the first thing that people would do is to tell they should get a life… even if everyone else is also doing it.

7) Comparing ourselves to others

And I don’t mean just once or twice, but repeatedly.

We would look at someone who’s much more successful than we are and grit our teeth. We would look at someone who’s not as good as us and gloat.

No matter what, we just can’t help but want to compare ourselves to others all the time.

The weird thing is that when we do admit to comparing ourselves to others, we only ever admit to comparing ourselves to those who are better than us… even if we’ve spent as much time comparing ourselves to those below us.

We understand that people don’t generally like it when we spend our days talking about how we’re so much better than the people around us.

And yet we do, and that’s simply because we want to be reassured, to feel like we’re heading somewhere in life.

Don’t feel awful because guess what? Everyone’s doing it.

8) Doing something just for the likes

We like to sneer and judge people when we see that they’re obviously doing something just for attention.

But if you think about it, their only mistake was the fact that they made it so obvious. Doing things for the sake of attention and adoration is something that basically all of us will have done at some point.

And most of us aren’t even aware that that’s what we’re doing, so as far as we’re concerned we weren’t doing it “just for likes”, even if it’s obvious to everyone else that that’s the case.

So don’t feel bad if you ever feel like doing something “just for the likes”—every single one with access to social media is doing it.

9) Being a little extra in private

Maybe you would walk around like you’re some kind of superstar on a catwalk. Maybe you would act like you’re your favorite chef when cooking your breakfast. Perhaps you might even set your table up super fancy-like as if you’re some big-shot VIP.

You don’t want to admit it, not when doing so might get you laughed at for “trying too hard.”

But trust me when I say that a lot of us repress so much in public, and that we like to let loose when we’re somewhere private.

So just go ahead and be a VIP in your own world. It’s totally fine and you shouldn’t feel weird doing it.

10) Fantasizing about how our enemies will react when we get successful

Let’s say that there’s someone who’s taking the piss on you for being different, bad at your hobbies, or for being weird. You’re mad at them, understandably.

And so from time to time you sit back and daydream about how they might react when you achieve success.

Perhaps you might imagine yourself being the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company when your enemy shows up for a job application. You might then imagine them going on their knees when they see you and realize who you are.

Daydreaming about this kind of power-trip is, admittedly, kind of weird—like you’re some kind of psycho. You might be doubly ashamed of it because it makes you feel like you’re a bad person deep inside.

But a lot of us—especially those who have a lot of trauma or insecurities to work through—daydream of this kind of revenge quite often. And you know what, it’s totally fine.

You’re free to imagine whatever you want, but let’s just hope you won’t actually do them when the time comes when you’ve reached your dreams.

Last words

We generally find these habits “weird” because we think they’re too childish or immature, or perhaps because we think that no one else is doing them.

And there are perhaps a few that actually are best abandoned, like stalking people or always comparing ourselves to others.

But in the end, it’s important to understand that these are completely normal and just because you’re a grown adult doesn’t mean you can’t afford to be “childish” and even “weird” every now and then.

Cut yourself some slack. You’re totally fine!


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