17 spiritual signs your life is about to change (complete guide)

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Something is shifting and evolving in your life – and it feels disorienting yet exciting!

It seems like a magical turnaround awaits you and you’re heading in a surprising direction.

This monumental transformation might be subtle or dynamic – yet they don’t happen that often. But there are signs indicating that spiritual changes were indeed happening.

It’s time to find out if you’re on the verge of spiritual transformation so you can prepare and embrace it.

Spiritual signs your life is about to change

When spiritual transformation comes knocking on your door and you experience some or most of these signs, it’s clear that your life is headed towards a positive change.

1) There’s an increasing moment of gratitude

You’re fully aware of what you’ve been given and you acknowledge the good things that happen in your life.

Being appreciative and thankful fills your life with more positive thoughts and feelings. This is the key to genuine happiness.

You feel closer to friends and family, find it easier to cope with tough times, and are likely to enjoy your life more.

If you’re noticing yourself becoming more grateful, know that you’re heading in the right direction.

2) You experience synchronicities

You’re spotting synchronicities as these situations tend to show up when you’re experiencing a soul-awareness state.

These meaningful coincidences are clues, guides, and confirmation that you’re on the right path. Though sometimes, it can serve as a warning of some sort.

When you experience significant coincidences, take it as a sign that you’re going through a period that will transform you forever. And this change can also be positive or negative – depending on how you see it.

These shifts can be small or monumental. It can be a change in your daily schedule and perspective in life, career, or relationships.

And it’s telling you that you need to change yourself or the things around you.

3) Being alone feels good

Spiritual change isn’t easy – as sometimes it can be overwhelming.

But then, you feel comfortable being alone with your thoughts. You appreciate moments of silence and solitude. As you dive into your inner world, you discover its diversity and beauty.

Spending time taking care of yourself and doing things you love prepares you for the changes to come.

Being alone with your thoughts gives you a chance to embrace what’s about to come.

You come to enjoy how your thoughts flow freely in the direction in which they are most pleasurable. You’ve realized that your world is a source of motivation and inspiration.

This is a sign from the Universe that your life will soon change dramatically.

4) You understand lessons from your mistakes

Instead of beating yourself up, you start to understand that it’s important to learn from your faults and mistakes. You’re aware of your shortcomings and use this to improve yourself.

You accept challenges that come your way and see failures as an opportunity to be better.

And when you’re faced with similar situations, you’re trying not to make the same mistakes again.

You know that everything that’s happening will help you grow as a person and make you stronger in the end.

Nobody is perfect – and you stop seeking perfection from everyone else.

And your life is about to change for the better.

5) Raw emotions are building up

When you’re experiencing lots of changes, emotions will start to build up inside you. During the process of transformation, it will become intensified and uncontrollable.

You’ll experience mixed emotions such as:

  • You want to laugh your heart out
  • You want to scream uncontrollably
  • Your tears start to well up in your eyes

But don’t worry when you can’t contain your emotions.

Never push or shove them away. All you have to do is to spill them out and express them openly.

Let those feelings move through you as they will pass.

Here’s the truth.

There’s strength in your emotions as they spring forth from your heart. And when you embrace your vulnerability, they can help you take a positive turn.

6) You have more inner security and trust in life

Trust is one of the strongest forces that hold our lives together.

While most of us spend our lives in near-constant fears, worries, and anxieties, it makes life intolerable. Even if we aren’t aware of it, it affects us on a deeper subconscious level.

It is during spiritual transformation that these looming negative thoughts and feelings dissipate. That’s when we experience the unfathomable wisdom of the Divine.

With this increased trust, we realize that everything is happening for a reason and is working for us. And this leads to feelings of inner security as we discern that nothing can destroy your true essence.

7) You’re discovering your spiritual side

As you go through changes, it’s hard to ignore that call from your spiritual side. It becomes an important part of your life and your journey.

The desire to find deeper meaning and fulfillment will likely become a priority.

However, just like everything else in life, spirituality can be manipulated.

Here’s the truth.

Not all experts and gurus who preach spirituality do so with our best interests at heart. Some tend to twist spirituality into something toxic – poisonous even.

I learned this from shaman Rudá Iande whose 30 years of experience in the field has seen and experienced it all.

In his free eye-opening video, he tackles a range of toxic spirituality habits – from exhausting positivity to downright harmful spiritual practice.

And Rudá is different from the rest as he’s not one of the manipulators you should be warned against.

Here’s why: He promotes spiritual empowerment from within.

Click here to watch the free video – and dissolve the spiritual myths you’ve bought for the truth.

Instead of telling you how you should practice spirituality, Rudá puts focus on yourself. He puts you back in the driver’s seat of your spiritual journey.

And this is about enlightenment that works for you.

8) You’re noticing signs from the Universe

Spiritual transformations are natural and a bit otherworldly. So if you’re coming across number patterns, signs, symbols, repetitions, or unexplainable encounters, they’re not accidental.

When you listen and pay attention, the Universe could be sending a message that the time has come for great change. Don’t be afraid as you have support from the spiritual realm.

Even if these changes are positive or negative, embrace and adapt to them. For when you accept these changes openly, you’ll become more resilient.

And there’s a possibility that what you’re expecting will happen in time.

9) You feel calm and at peace

When you’re experiencing changes and reaching the peak of transformation, everything irrelevant falls away. This means that what would be left is the most basic thing that matters most in your life.

It is in this process that your thoughts become clear, your mind and body feel calm and relaxed. You see things from a brighter and more beautiful perspective.

And no matter what’s going on, you’re certain that things will work out exactly as they are meant to.

You have gathered enough courage to embrace changes and wait patiently as you await what’s on the other side.

10) Your perception of life changes

Regardless of what’s going on in your life at the moment, your new outlook in life makes you feel better about yourself and the world.

There are no more expectations and you start having more positivity towards certain people, places, or things.

And it’s because you’re being more realistic about what you’re thinking and feeling.

You listen to your intuition and trust that it will lead you in the right direction. This helps you to embrace the change that’s unfolding in your life.

This is one of the best feelings when you’re experiencing spiritual change. You don’t worry and stress too much as you finally get to understand why these things are happening in your life.

You’re ready and want to make the future happen for you.

11) You feel a bit stuck and lost

Ever felt bored, discontented, or unenthusiastic?

You can’t find fulfillment in your job but you have no idea what else to do. Your relationship isn’t satisfying, but you’re afraid to let go. And you can’t figure out how to get rid of where you are now.

When you get caught up in the rat race of life, you’re being called to take some serious alone time. Slow down so you can uncover your truth and unpack what’s coming up.

See this as a moment wherein your soul opens and starts to guide you. When you follow that inner voice, you will experience the harmony of mind, body, and soul.

12) You let off the negativity that’s weighing you down

You’ve gotten rid of toxic habits that you’ve unknowingly picked up along the way.  You’ve realized that stress, worries, negative emotions, and past baggage are causing you down.

Now, you’re not holding on to anything that doesn’t feel right and have been a burden to your life.

Your life and the world seem light and better. Your result is rewarding as you feel more relaxed.

This is a good sign of spiritual change happening in your life. For it’s how things should be whether you’re starting a new relationship, a new career, or a lifestyle change.

13) A burning desire in life

When you have this deep and burning desire to change and improve yourself and your life, you’ll experience more diversity in your mental and emotional state.

Your need to accomplish and do something gets stronger and stronger – and you find yourself more passionate than ever.

To cultivate this desire, these tips will help you transform your dreams into reality:

  • Be clear about what you want to achieve
  • Believe passionately in yourself and your endeavors
  • Stay focused and pursue your desires aggressively

With your drive and commitment, you know that nothing can hold you back from improving. And it’s because you’re more confident and you stress less about things that you can’t control.

It makes your mind at ease as life is slowly unflowing the way you want it to.

This change is a clear sign that you’re living your dream.

14) You no longer feel sorry for yourself

When you present yourself as helpless as though the world is against you, that is how you experience yourself. For when you keep complaining and blaming everyone else, the negative energy keeps coming back to you.

Playing “victim” is the fastest way to lose the power you have.

But when you start to become aware of your potential, skills, and talents, your self-esteem will increase. Looking at the positive side will attract positive energy in your life.

It feels incredible when you no longer feel that you’re a victim of life’s circumstances. You start to see opportunities and believe in what you can do.

Now, you’re taking full responsibility for everything – both the good and the bad. You become open to change and new ways of thinking that will support your growth and success.

And this is the moment where you’ve given spiritual change the potential to transform your life for the best.

15) Unexpected shifts in your environment

It’s a spiritual sign that your life is about to change when out of the blue, you notice changes in your environment.

For instance, people you know are leaving but suddenly new people are becoming part of your life.

People moving on might give you a sense of grief, don’t allow your emotions to rule over you. Know that everything is a necessary part of the changes in your cycle of life.

Here’s the thing:

One main messenger of spiritual transformation is the people around us because they are the ones who affect our lives the most.

A significant change in your attitude can influence and inspire others to improve their lives as well. While some would try to control and discourage you, keep your focus.

Stick to your path as you’re the one who should take responsibility for your life.

16) You’re fully aware of every moment

During this time of great change, it’s easier for you to be in the “now”. You’re less focused on the past and you never worry too much about what the future will bring.

You noticed that your thoughts and emotions are more focused on the present. When you do something, you’re fully aware of it. Spending time with people who matter to you becomes more enjoyable.

Everything you do becomes more fulfilling as concentrating on the present brings more happiness and harmony in life.

Perceiving the present moment makes you feel more satisfied with your existence. It’s good for your mood, health, and well-being – and it also nurtures your relationships

17) You start to accept challenges as part of your journey

If you’re facing obstacles and feeling afraid or unsure, this could be a sign that something is about to happen in your personal life for the better.

This is because you’ve acknowledged them and faced them head-on. Instead of being scared and getting depressed, you start to pay attention to them.

You start to understand why they’re happening to you and how to overcome them. These things will teach you to understand yourself better – and you’ll begin to grow as a person.

Most of the time, you won’t realize what you’re capable of until you face those fears. It is by doing that you’ll see the power that lies within you.

These circumstances will strengthen your self-confidence in more ways than you can even imagine.

Take this as a sign of spiritual change as you live to be the master of your world.

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