15 spiritual signs your ex misses you (even if they pretend not to)

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You want to move on, but something’s holding you back.

You have this strong feeling that your ex misses you (and wants you back) even if they pretend not to.

And chances are that they actually do. It’s possible that you’ve been seeing signs all over the place that’s why you’ve been having these thoughts.

In this article, I will give you 15 spiritual signs that your ex not only misses you but also wants you back.

1) You’re back together in your dreams

You don’t talk to each other IRL but you find yourself talking to your ex in your dreams like you’re still together.

This is not something to be taken for granted. Dreams often bear important messages from the universe, such as what the life you’re fated to look like, and what you need to do to earn it.

It is also through dreams that our souls share our desires with one another. If your ex keeps missing you or thinking of you, then one way or another you will learn of it.

So when you keep dreaming about your ex, chances are that your story isn’t quite over yet. It’s even possible that what you’re seeing in your dreams is the same thing they have been fantasizing about!

2) You keep hearing their name

You haven’t heard from them for a while now, but you’re hearing their name. A lot!

You might be in a coffee shop minding your own business when you hear someone say their name in passing. You disregard it, only to hear it again on the way home.

Normally it’s not something you would even notice. After all, chances are that there are plenty of people out there who share their names.

The most obvious conclusion is that you’re thinking of them, and this is quite likely the case. But this can easily be a sign that your ex is manifesting you by thinking a lot about you!

They’re projecting their feelings on you, whether or not they’re doing it intentionally.

3) You see phantom images of them

You haven’t seen their face in a while, well…not their real face anyway.

Another sign that you’re being manifested by your ex—an eventual consequence of them missing you—is that you keep seeing phantom images of them everywhere.

You could have sworn you saw their reflection in the mirror. Or you might go to the kitchen and glimpse them making their usual drink over at the corner.

But the moment you look closer, they disappear like smoke.

You must think you’re delirious for seeing hallucinations but these visions just mean that their desire of wanting to be around you is so strong they could be unconsciously sending projections of themselves.

4) A psychic can sense it

Your ex has never reached out after your break up—not even one text!—but somehow,  you just KNOW they miss you.

When all you have is a strong hunch, let a psychic confirm it!

I strongly recommend talking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source. I’ve asked for their guidance a couple of times already, and I get creeped out by how accurate they are each time.

They’re truly gifted. They’re in tune with the metaphysical realm and can help you understand the signs that the universe throws your way.

I often found myself asking all sorts of questions including, yes, the same one that brought you here to this article.

It turns out that the one reason why I couldn’t let go of my ex was because we are fated to be together.

What I like the most with Psychic Source advisors is that they don’t just give vague and generalized comments and tips. They’re actually quite nerdy and comprehensive with spiritual stuff…and because of this, they’re also able to give me specific advice on what to do to solve my relationship issues.

If they could help me out, I’m quite certain that they can help you, too.

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5) You keep feeling phantom touches on your skin

You would randomly feel your skin tingling, almost as if someone—or something—were giving you the faintest touch. Barely grazing your skin, even.

Sometimes it might feel like someone’s hugging you or holding your hand, and sometimes it’s like someone brushing your arm longingly.

Sometimes you can’t help but think of your ex when this happens. Perhaps they used to hold you the same way, or there’s something about the touch that reminds you of them.

This is a sign that you’re on their mind all the time. The reason why you’re feeling these things is because they’re imagining themselves holding you or touching you.

6) You have high synchronicity

You get a text from them just as you were thinking of reaching out to them.

You bump into each other at the beach.

You talk about a new resto in town and realize that you’re talking about the same place!

It seems like they’ve moved on but you’re still in sync, and that’s because they’ve been thinking a lot about you.

It’s almost like you’ve been talking to one another telepathically… that, or you share one brain cell. Scientists are already trying to understand telepathy, hoping to explore ways to transfer thoughts directly between minds.

But while their research might give the impression that it’s slow—they took 70 minutes to transfer a single word—that is because they’re trying to do it deliberately and clearly.

Unconscious telepathic sharing of emotions and ideas is significantly faster.

And this kind of unconscious telepathy happens when you are thinking of each other a lot.

So no, it’s not just your imagination.

Your thoughts are merging together and you end up doing the same things together and it’s most likely because you both miss one another.

 7) You keep seeing angel numbers

You wake up at night, and when you look at the clock you see that it’s 2:22. You check how much you owe your best friend, and see $222. You notice these weird repeating numbers—the so-called Angel Numbers—wherever you go.

They’re always there, but unless the universe is trying to tell you something then you won’t even notice them. But you do notice them anyways, so it’s a good idea to try to understand them.

You will want to pay especially close attention to any sequences that involve the number 2, like 222 and 1212. This is because the number 2 is related to the concept of longing.

And with everything else going on in context, it’s not so out of this world to assume that the originator of that emotion is your ex.

8) There are sparks when you’re near each other

Sparks are a strong indication of chemistry between two people. And it’s activated when two people feel something for each other.

When you see your ex, and you feel like there’s so much tension in the room, there is something definitely going on that the two of you still need to settle!

The slightest touch can send shivers down your spine. They lean close and your hairs brush. There are no sensory neurons at your hair tips but you feel them as if a shockwave came over you.

It’s undeniable that the sexual attraction is still there and at least one of you still desires the other.  If so, it’s worth considering that they still miss you and won’t dismiss the thought of spending time with you again.

9) You feel their presence right next to you

You’re so used to their presence that when they’re suddenly gone, not only do you see a mirage of them from time to time, sometimes you can even feel like they’re standing right next to you.

It should be downright spooky, to feel a presence beside you when there’s no one there. To feel their breath on your neck when they aren’t even around. Your hair might even stand on end!

But the weird thing is that, if nothing else, you actually feel comfortable and reassured. This is because the origin of this feeling is benign. It’s your ex sending energies your way.

10) You bump into each other a lot

It’s not by accident if it happens more than once. More so if it’s something that happens on the regular.

And this is why: Your thoughts are on the same page. Yes, even if they’re ignoring you.

You’re thinking of doing the same things. Your intentions resonate and in that very same moment you both head out to that place.

They miss your old haunts.

They miss the things you used to do together. Even if it’s just the trip to the convenience store or the bakery down the street. The familiarity gives them comfort and brings them to you.

11) You get glimpses of future moments together

You do get precognitive visions or moments where you “know” what will happen as if you can see into the future.

They aren’t necessarily going to feel like supernatural visions. In fact, you might disregard them when you have them. You might think that you were simply fantasizing about… say, meeting up at the park.

And then you find yourself stumbling upon them at the park, exactly as it was in your thoughts.

Chances are that it’s not actually that you can see into the future. Instead, they’ve been thinking about you and receiving your thoughts in turn. And so, without knowing, they turn your fantasies into reality.

12) You keep smiling out of nowhere

You’re not supposed to be happy—your ex still ignores you—but somehow you can’t stop smiling.

Unless you’re going mad (you probably aren’t), it’s not without reason.

Perhaps it’s because you saw or thought of something that reminded you of your ex… and instead of being all broken up about it, you smile instead.

The reason this happens is because they’ve been thinking of you so much and so strongly that their thoughts and feelings have been influencing you.

They miss you and want you back, and so you experience these bursts of happiness. Your soul is well aware of all of this, and… well, who doesn’t feel happy knowing that someone misses them?

So you feel not just their feelings, but also your soul’s elation.

13) They remain your refuge

When life has gotten rough and hard and your heart is about to break, think of them and your time together and suddenly it isn’t so bad anymore.

It shouldn’t make sense. If anything, thinking about your ex should hurt you, not make you feel safe.

But somehow your breakup didn’t do anything about how they make you feel, and they—and the memory of them—continue to give you comfort to this day.

This is heartening.

It’s a sign that your relationship was just that good, and chances are good that your ex thinks of you the same way and that the moment you resolve whatever had been keeping you apart and reach out, you’ll end up together again.

14) Your mood shifts many times a day

Sometimes your mood swings back and forth like the weight on a pendulum. You would be smiling one moment and then gloomy the next.

Emotions are contagious. This idea is where the phrase “catching feelings” actually comes from.

Although distance usually does a lot, that same distance is negated if you have a powerful bond. This is quadrupled if they’ve been missing you.

With your feelings influencing one another, it can be easy to lose track of which emotions are yours, and which ones are not. And as one overpowers the other you get the distinct impression that your mood is swinging to and fro.

15) You feel like you’re being watched

You are, as far as you’re aware, not the protagonist of a horror film or a detective show and you aren’t being followed by any ghosts or stalkers. At least none that you know of.

It’s normal to feel this way when your ex keeps thinking about you.

Their physical eyes might not exactly be on you, but their mind’s eye is—and you will feel that all the same.

But if you want to be sure that you’re not, in fact, going mad, consult a psychic to clear things up.

They can help you identify just whose stare it is you feel all the time, whether they’re your ex’s or… someone else’s.

And of course, if that person is your ex, they can also offer you spiritual advice on how to get them back.

You can contact them for a love reading here.

What do you do when you experience most of these signs?

Don’t leave everything up to chance. When you’ve experienced any of these signs, it’s a clear indication that something needs to be done.

Here are the things you should do:

1) Don’t turn it into a “project”

In other words, don’t obsess over this.

There’s the possibility that you’ve been focusing too hard on this and neglecting other parts of your life. And while it’s good to put some effort on your end, you don’t want your world to revolve around them either.

So try to relax and focus on the things that are within your control—your life! Keep yourself busy while waiting for the right time.

2) Resolve your issues

There’s a reason you broke up. Don’t forget that.

Make sure you remember why and address these concerns if you’re ever considering getting back together. Otherwise, it will just be the same thing all over again and you will just get trapped.

Ask yourself:

  • Was I a good partner?
  • Were they really a good partner?
  • What can I do to make our relationship work?
  • Are they really my soulmate?
  • What traits can make me a better partner?
  • Would I hate myself if things won’t work out the second time around?

You can’t just go back to your ex blindly…not even if you know they’re missing you and that they want you back together.

In order for “second chances” to work, it shouldn’t just be all heart, you must use your brain, too.

3) Reach out

It’s time to get proactive. It’s for your own good.

If you really can’t get your ex out of your mind, then try talking to them about it.

It doesn’t mean you should get back together with them. Just tell them how they’re making you feel so that if they truly still love you, they can help you figure out the right thing to do.

Don’t just dump all of your worries on them though. Tell them gently about how you are feeling, why you think they are the cause, and whether or not you think it’s a good idea that you get back together.

Last words

When you rule out all other possibilities, these signs point to one thing: you are constantly on the mind of your ex.

While knowing this feels good, think of your options and think deeply about what you want before you settle on a decision.

You might be feeling the same way towards them, and maybe you’ve even been manifesting in each other’s lives.

But even so, getting together might not be as easy as you might wish.

Most of the time, there are things you need to deal with first.

But rest assured that if you’re really meant to be together, the Universe will give you more and more of these signs to tell you “It’s time.”

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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