15 spiritual signs he misses you (and what to do next)

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When you’re looking for signs that a guy misses you there’s a lot to look out for.

But in the world of energy vibrations and spiritual signs, it can be a bit more subtle.

That’s when you need to readjust your spiritual radio tuner and find out if he’s really missing you on a deeper level.

15 spiritual signs he misses you (and what to do next)

1) You have dreams of him that are meaningful and intense

The world of dreams is rich and meaningful.

One of the top spiritual signs he misses you is that you have intense and significant dreams about him.

These may be situations in which he comes towards you with a glint in his eye and wide open arms, welcoming you into his warm embrace.

They may also involve symbols, numbers and messages which are meaningful for the two of you.

The basic point is that he comes to you in dreams because of the strong spiritual connection you have.

What you do next is up to you, but rest assured that none of this is random.

What to do about it: Turn these dreams into reality. He already misses you, all that’s left to do now is find out the right way to connect with him and find true love and intimacy.

2) Overwhelming sadness about them hits you out of the blue

If this is someone you’re currently separated with then it’s clearly a sad time.

When you suddenly feel overwhelming sadness hit you, your first reflex is going to be to wonder why this is happening and what it means.

It can be one of the clearest signs that this guy spiritually misses you and wants you back.

That feeling of sadness is his soul reaching out to you.

This is basically a spiritual telegram directly to your soul telling you that he misses you and wants to be with you.

The sadness is only part of a process that hopefully will all work out for the best in the end.

As Ratika Pai writes:

“You are out and about with your friends and having a good time — cracking jokes and laughing hysterically —  and right in the middle of this, you experience an unexplained gush of sadness that cannot be put into words.

“You are probably crossing someone’s mind, and perhaps your mind is filled with thoughts of that person too.”

What to do about it: Connect with this sadness and learn what it’s teaching. What’s separating you and this man at the present moment? What can be done to bridge that gap and bring your souls together?

3) You have intense intuition that he misses you

Never doubt the power of your intuition.

It’s important and it means a lot about the future and about what’s needed in your life.

The universe’s voice inside you is your intuition.

When you walk in step with it, your life begins to fall into place and you go through the experiences you need to experience. When you fall out of line with it you start having all sorts of unnecessary suffering and pain.

If your intuition tells you that he’s missing you, it’s spot on.

You’re basically feeling his pain from far away.

What to do about it: How do you feel about him? If you miss him too then let him know about it.

4) You get goosebumps suddenly for no reason

Goosebumps isn’t just the title of a chintzy kids’ horror series by R.L. Stine (and yes I’ve read them all).

It’s also what you experience when he’s feeling heartache and thinking of you in a romantic way.

These feelings are powerful, and they generate intense energy across the universe and touch your skin.

So if you’re sitting there and get goosebumps on your neck, arms or whole body, you can be certain that he’s missing you badly.

Indeed, this is one of the strongest spiritual signs he misses you.

What to do about it: Try not to embarrass yourself in public if it happens at an inconvenient time and you just want to shudder with the rush of it.

5) You suddenly think of him at the oddest times

One of the top spiritual signs he misses you is that you think of him at the oddest times.

Even if there’s not a strong emotion associated with these thoughts, they’re remarkably clear and intense.

You may even see him doing something specific like brushing his teeth or reading.

It’s like seeing a live shot of someone on a reality TV show or something and you have no idea why you’re seeing it.

These thoughts can be welcome or they can be intrusive, but what they are is very specific and sometimes memorable.

As The Love Tarot writes:

“Maybe you are at work or at school. Then all of a sudden, there is a thought in your head about him.

“When you talk to him, he tells you that he has been thinking about you.

“They say this because they have been missing you.”

What to do about it: Tell him about these experiences and when they happened the next time you see him. You might be surprised that he was actually missing you strongly at that exact moment.

6) You literally feel his touch and body warmth when he’s not present

One of the most intense spiritual signs he misses you is that you feel his touch and body warmth when he’s not present.

This is an inspiring and interesting phenomenon, but there’s no sensation for the real thing.

I can’t explain why this happens, but experts say it’s the other person’s spiritual energy reaching out to touch you.

It’s a sign that he misses you and wants to be with you when you feel his energy and body heat envelope you in a warm sensation.

As Dr. Lesley Philipps explains:

“Something that many people sense but do not understand or recognize as a clairsentient is unusual physical sensations.

“These feelings can be in the form of a slight pressure (sometimes not so gentle) or even a tickling sensation.

“An unusual tingle on your head which is the seventh chakra, the crown chakra may also be evident.”

What to do about it: Enjoy the sensation and reach out to him so you can experience the sensation up close and personal.

7) You experience too many coincidences to explain with logic

There are a certain amount of coincidences that can be explained with logic.

After all, meeting the same person a few times on a street corner where you walk to work isn’t exactly remarkable if it’s the same way they get to work.

But if you’re experiencing crazy coincidences that just seem totally beyond the realm of possibility on a regular basis then you need to think about why that is.

Sometimes it’s his spirit telling you he misses you.

You suddenly see signs or repeating patterns in your daily life that tell you about his presence and the fact that he misses you.

“Someone who misses us may start turning up places where we are, without either of us knowing the other was going to be there.

“This is the universe’s way of fostering connections, causing our spiritual connections to have qualities that mean we are magnetically attracted to each other,” explains Spiritual Unite.

What to do about it: Respect the synchronicity. It wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t a reason and it’s telling you to get in touch with this man who misses you.

8) They message or text at the exact moment they enter your mind

You know when you’re thinking of someone and they text you at that exact moment?

I’m talking about that exact second and suddenly your phone pings.

When it happens once you can dismiss it as just a coincidence or weird timing.

But when it happens day after day it’s a sign that this person spiritually misses you.

It’s worth paying attention to if you’re looking for spiritual signs he misses you.

When you think of someone it sends out energy into the universe.

And when he misses you he feels that energy reach him and it causes him to reach for his phone and start typing…

That’s when you end up connecting across the vast realm of cyberspace.

What to do about it: Text them back. But not too soon. Even if he spiritually misses you, nobody likes someone who’s too needy.

9) Angel numbers start appearing to you that relate to them

Angel numbers are signs from the angels that are intended to guide you and reassure you in life.

They have different meanings depending on the combinations and what they mean.

Whether you believe in God or a Creator, there’s a plan for each of us in life and a path we can take to reach our full potential.

Angel numbers are there to pop up and remind you that nothing is random and that there is a way forward for you in life.

As Manifest Like Whoa! notes:

“The next spiritual sign your ex misses you could be angel numbers! Angel numbers are repeating sequences of the same number, over and over again, in random places.

“If you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s 2:22 am.

“Then three cars in front of you on the street have 222 on their license plate.

“Then the same day, you buy a snack at the gas station and the total comes to $2.22?

“You’d better believe your spirit guides and angels are trying to tell you something through angel number 222!”

What to do about it: Pay attention to these numbers and write down when are where you see them. They will give you clues about what to do next with regard to this guy.

10) His friends mention him right when you think about him

If you know this guy’s friends and spend time with them then pay attention to what happens when you’re out with them.

If they mention him right when you mention him it’s a good sign that he misses you.

The best way to feel someone’s presence is to spend time with those they love and care about.

That’s why his friends can be such a good barometer for where his own energy and intentions are at.

They reflect out what he’s feeling and the spiritual energy waves he’s sending.

What to do about it: Tell them you miss him too and let the message work its way down the chain of communication.

11) You keep finding white feathers

White feathers are an auspicious sign from the universe.

In many ancient cultures and traditions around the world, they are a powerful symbol.

One of the top spiritual signs he misses you is when you keep finding white feathers.

It’s truly a special message from the universe that this guy is missing you and thinking about you.

Xander Gordon writes about this, noting that a white feather is a universal sign that somebody is thinking about you and missing you.

What to do about it: Give him one of the white feathers and tell him that you know the universe wants you to be together. It’s romantic as hell and you’ll be a New Age Romeo & Juliet.

12) You see signs (literally)

Never doubt the power of literal signs.

Roadsigns, signs on the subway, signs on the side of buildings or restaurants, random slogans…

These can be spiritual signs that he misses you that the universe throws up to remind you about the connection you have.

One sign doesn’t necessarily mean much.

But many signs in a row that seem to be telling you the same message can be very powerful.

They may have messages for you about how he misses you and the connection that you have.

It can be on simple products and services or anywhere else that you see repeating slogans and visual or textual messaging.

What to do about it: Watch for patterns around you that tell you more about this guy and how much he misses you.

13) Music sends you a message

Music is powerful and full of messages.

The magical thing is that the message is basically different for every person depending on who is doing the listening.

When you hear lyrics that speak straight to your soul, open up and really listen with your whole being.

When you’ve had certain experiences and fallen in love, songs will speak to you in particularly powerful and unique ways that they don’t necessarily for other people.

This can be a spiritual sign that he misses you, singing to you through the music.

What to do about it: Crank that music up, baby!

14) You bump into him in public multiple times unexpectedly

One of the top spiritual signs he misses you is repeated coincidences, like I mentioned.

When the synchronicity starts adding up into undeniable patterns you need to stop and think about why this is happening.

If you keep bumping into him in public there are three options.

The first is that he lives close or has a similar routine to you. If so, no big deal…

The second is that he’s stalking you, in which case that’s something creepy you’ll have to deal with…

The third option is that the universe is trying to get you together because his love for you is real and he misses you.

What to do about it: Say hello and plan a date. The universe is practically being Yente for you and trying to be a matchmaker for your future.

15) You feel a deep sense of inner peace and love when you think of him

At the end of the day, you have to pay attention to how you feel inside.

This is your link to him and your way to gauge how he’s feeling about you.

One of the top spiritual signs he misses you is that you feel a deep sense of inner peace and love when you think of him. That’s his spiritual energy reaching out and cradling you until the next time you can meet.

He misses you and wants to warm you in his love while he’s away.

What to do about it: Bask in the love, it feels good for a reason.

How much does he miss you and what comes next?

If you’re experiencing the signs above then you can be sure that he misses you a lot and his spirit is hungering for you.

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