The spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person

What does it mean when you dream about the same person over and over again?

Dreams are messages, whether that be from our unconscious mind or even a higher power.

In many ways, they reveal our innermost thoughts and feelings.

If you’ve ever dreamed about the same person repeatedly, then you might want to take note of these recurring themes.

This article will help you to discover the spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person.

What your dreams reveal

Your dreams give insight into your emotional state, clues about your subconscious desires, and even offer spiritual messages to help you evolve on your journey through life.

This article will dive deep into the potential spiritual meanings of dreaming about the same person.

But deciphering which one relates best to you will involve a little detective work on your part.

To best spiritually interpret your dreams, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

Make notes of your dreams

Dreams can quickly fade as soon as we wake up. They tend to feel fussier and fussier until we struggle to recall any details at all.

When you first wake up, try to use a dream journal to make notes of what details you can remember.

Don’t think too literally

The content of dreams is metaphorical rather than literal.

That means that the characters that appear as well as the things that happen in your dreams should be considered more generally.

Look at the theme of the dream. Connect to how it made you feel. Ask yourself who this person is to you, what they represent, and how you feel about them.

Try to observe any symbols that appear in your dreams and look for links to your real life.

Remember that dream interpretation is subjective

Interpreting your dreams can feel somewhat mystical. It’s definitely an art, not a science.

There’s no right or wrong way to interpret your dreams. It’s up to you to decide what makes sense for you.

Let the answers come to you in their own time

When we try to force answers to come, we’re more likely to end up over-analyzing and in the process, jump to the wrong conclusions.

The meaning of your dream may not feel clear at first. But give it some time and you may find that later in the day or even in a few days’ time, the truth suddenly hits you.

Allow an intuitive voice inside to guide you.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person

1) A deep soul connection

Dreaming about someone once, is probably not so much of a big deal. We can always chalk it up to coincidence.

But recurrent dreams of the same person suggests there is far more to it.

It’s as though the Universe, working through your subconscious mind, is screaming at you to pay attention.

The fact that this person keeps showing up can suggest that they are or will be a significant figure in your life.

We all have soul connections, whether they be soulmates or twin flames.

The connection can come on a friendship or familial level, or it may be a romantic bond. But dreaming about the same person over again suggests that you have a deeper connection.

This connection may be one that has yet to be fulfilled. Or perhaps it’s something that was lost and now needs to be found.

2) They are a part of your path

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I’ll remind you again that the people we meet in life are our teachers.

For better or worse they leave their mark.

If someone features recurrently in your dreams, they are likely to be a part of your own spiritual journey.

People are here to offer lessons. Many of them are joyful and happy, but plenty of them are not.

It’s an unfortunate part of our spiritual path that sometimes the bumpiest roads can lead to the biggest awakenings.

Despite it happening many years ago, I still frequently dream about an ex who cheated on me, and who later went off to marry the other woman.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a pleasant time in my life. But the earth-shattering implications led to some of my biggest spiritual revelations to date.

In my mind, my dreams about him do not represent any remaining feelings toward him. They serve as a reminder and guidance about that time in my life when so many important truths came to light.

3) Karmic unfinished business

If you have a history with this person who features in your dreams, there may be unfinished business.

Perhaps they were abusive towards you in the past. Or maybe it was you who did something wrong to them. Maybe you hurt them deeply, or vice versa.

Whatever the case, there may be karmic debt between you two. And until that debt is paid, you will continue to see them in your dreams.

You may even feel compelled to try to make things right for yourself. Or your psyche may simply be preparing you for the fact that all is not said and done between you.

Now may be a good time to consider whether you need to take any action to make amends.

4) They are a symbol of your higher self

In the intro of this article, I urged you to avoid literal interpretations of dreaming about the same person. That can be especially true when searching for spiritual meaning.

Sometimes we get stuck in our heads, thinking that we are only human beings.

That we are limited by our physical bodies and emotions.

That we cannot transcend these limitations.

But if you think about it, what is the difference between us and the Divine?

Our souls are connected to the Divine. And our thoughts, emotions, and actions affect the world around us.

What does this person represent to you? In what ways do you connect to them? And in what ways do you wish you connected with them?

Could this person merely be a representation? And perhaps a representation of your own higher self.

Dreaming about the same person repeatedly could indicate that you are ready to move beyond the limits of your current state of consciousness.

To become more than just human. To become divine and move closer towards the Universal consciousness.

5) You’re suppressing feelings for this person

There’s a lot we try to hide from in life, but still the things we want to avoid have a habit of poking through.

The subconscious mind which controls our dreams can try to send direct messages to your conscious mind that it hasn’t been open to receiving in walking life.

So if you’re having dreams about the same person, it could be that you have a lot of feelings about this person, even if you’ve been trying to suppress them.

Perhaps you have been avoiding dealing with issues in your personal relationships.

Look at the content of the dreams. They are trying to tell you something. Something that needs to come out into the light of day.

It might help to write down some of the dream details. Then ask yourself: “Why am I dreaming about this person?”

Is it because you’re afraid to face up to your feelings? Have I been unconsciously trying to keep those feelings at bay?

6) A precognition sign of what is to come

As highlighted in Time magazine “the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams were equal parts predictions of future events and visitations by the dead.”

If that sounds far-fetched, perhaps it’s not.

Research has found that as many as 17.8% to 38% of people say they have experienced at least one precognitive or premonition dream.

Something that has warranted research studies to look into when people seemingly predict the future.

Whether this person is known to you or is a stranger, you may be dreaming of them as a hint of what is to come.

7) You feel unsure about this person

Dreaming about someone repeatedly could highlight that you feel unsure about where you stand with them.

Your mind feels anxious and unsteady where this person is concerned.

You may be fearful of them, or there may be some conflict. Perhaps you don’t know how to handle certain situations.

Or maybe you’re feeling confused about whether you should pursue a relationship with them.

Whatever the case, you may need to work on resolving any issues before moving forward. Or you may find that they continue to appear in your dreams until you figure them out.

8) You’re trying to make sense of your past

Sometimes we find ourselves reliving moments from our past.

We replay memories over and over again. We revisit old wounds. We may also be revisiting bad decisions made in the past.

This could mean that you’re trying to understand why you did what you did. And why you continue to repeat the same mistakes.

Maybe you’re looking back to see if there was anything you missed. Or if there was anything you could have done differently.

This is all a part of our spiritual journey.

Research has highlighted how our dreams can ‘play a pivotal role in the processing of salient and emotional waking-life experiences, strongly contributing to the emotional memory consolidation.’

Essentially it’s a process of trying to make sense of the things we go through.

Did something happen with this person? Could you be processing traumatic events?

It’s your mind and soul’s way of healing.

The bigger spiritual reason they appear to you is so that you can evolve past these experiences, learn from them and grow.

9) You’re being shown your inner secret desires

We don’t always want what we think we want.

And whilst this isn’t always apparent to us, it is to our higher source.

Call it Universal energy, consciousness, or God — life is always trying to open our eyes up to realizations we are yet to comprehend.

That’s not to say that when you dream of this certain person your literal desires are being revealed.

But dig below the surface and you may discover some secret longings.

For example, dreaming of being in love with someone can represent a desire to nurture loving feelings (but not necessarily for this specific person).

Dreaming about your boss might suggest you are ready to progress in your career.

10) Your deepest fears are being reflected

Just as our innermost desires and longings can be projected in our dreams, so too can our biggest fears.

If you’re afraid of losing control, then you may be having nightmares triggering this. Perhaps you fear rejection or failure. Maybe you’re worried about getting hurt in a romantic relationship.

These are all common fears that many people experience at one time or another.

They’re just manifestations of your fearful subconscious mind.

So if you’re having recurring dreams about this person, it could be because you’re unconsciously projecting your fears onto them.

For example, you might dream your lover is unfaithful, you might dream that a friend turns their back on you, or that someone withdraws their love.

These point to insecurities that you may hold that need some self-love and spiritual attention.

11) They represent a part of you

Even in real life, people act as a mirror reflecting back on what is going on for us. And that goes for the dream world too.

The way we feel about someone, the way we view them, the thoughts and ideas we have about them — are all deeper reflections of ourself.

Rather than be about them, this could all be about you.

This person takes on the form of someone else, but they are a representation of a part of you.

You may be feeling insecure, jealous, angry, or even ashamed.

Spiritually you are being shown a part of yourself that may need some work or need you to take more notice of.

Sometimes we get stuck in patterns of behavior that aren’t serving us well. This person symbolizes a part of yourself that needs to come into balance.

12) You miss this person or what they represent

Whenever we share a bond with someone, it’s understandable that we miss them when they leave our lives.

You know what they say, ‘people enter our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.’

And once they have gone, it’s normal to mourn their loss.

It’s possible that you’ve been missing out on something by not connecting with this person.

Maybe you were meant to meet them in this lifetime, maybe you were meant to learn from them, or maybe you were meant to help each other grow.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to remember that the people who we share experiences with, however briefly, help to form a part of who we are.

It is not always the person we miss who repeatedly appears in our dream, but more what they represent to us.

Maybe that is a source of safety, joy, love, or acceptance. It might be time to ask where else you can find this source. Perhaps from within?

13) You’re being called to forgive and release

Have you been holding on to a person, a particular event, or even certain feelings that you sense it’s time to let go of?

If so, then this person may be calling you to do so.

Perhaps you feel like you need to forgive someone, or perhaps you feel like you need forgiveness yourself.

Or maybe you’re ready to let go of an old pattern of behavior that no longer serves you.

In any case, it’s important to listen to these messages.

Asking questions like “where am I being called to let go in life?” will help you to connect with the message of your dream.

And further asking questions such as “What did I learn?” can help you to accept and move on from things you’ve been holding on to.

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