Soulmates connect through the eyes: 14 undeniable signs you’ve found yours

We all have that hope inside us that we’ll meet and be with our true soulmates.

And what if you could glimpse into someone’s eyes, see their soul, and have a sense that it’s completing yours?

When you meet your soulmate, something magical happens. It’s like those romantic scenes where they’re unable to move and simply stare at each other.

Get ready for now, we’re about to recognize your soulmate through your very own eyes.

14 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

How often have you asked yourself the question, “Is he my soulmate?”

You know you’ve found your soulmate when you look into someone’s eyes and feel a soul connection.

When soulmates meet and connect the eyes, they recognize each other by eye contact – and the magic begins. It feels like you’ve met each other somewhere else at another time, and you just can’t keep your eyes off of them.

It’s essential to know the signs of soulmate connections so you can recognize them when it happens.

1) Eyes meeting across a crowded room

Ever felt a strong attraction to someone upon seeing them?

It sounds a bit cheesy but that instant connection means something else. Your heart skips a bit and you feel a lot happier.

When your eyes meet each other’s gaze, something powerful happens. Time seemed to stop and everyone else around you faded away. It seems like you’re being drawn toward each other like a magnet.

This will most likely give you butterflies and make you feel like you’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow.

Even if the moment is fleeting, the attraction and interest spark. It’s experiencing a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met.

Holding a gaze may indicate feelings of love. The connection is so strong that you can already sense that you’re destined to be together.

It’s because your eyes are holding the sign that you’ve already met your true soulmate.

2) Knowing looks that you can feel

Just by looking at each other’s eyes, you can sense the emotion behind it.

Even without speaking, our eyes can communicate what we want to say to the other person. It’s like having that telepathic connection.

Whether it’s affection, desire, longing, or admiration, this kind of experience signifies a strong bond and soul connection. And this is something that only you and your soulmate can understand.

A University of Colorado study shares that just from looking at other people’s eyes, participants were able to determine one’s emotions – like worry, fear, or anger.

When you see through your eyes to find your soulmate, the encounter is something you’ve never experienced before.

And the longer you stare, the boundaries between you melted and you’re no longer separate beings – but you become one.

3) Meeting and holding your gaze

When you look at each other’s eyes, it’s like staring into each other’s souls.

Those stolen glances and moments of eye contact can turn into something more.

After looking someone in their eyes and holding their gaze a bit longer, you’re creating a powerful soul connection. It’s like seeing their soul and realizing that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for your whole life.

And no matter how hard you try, you can’t look away. The eye connection is so strong that you can’t deny the force behind this miracle.

Psychologists established that, on average, the preferred length of eye gaze is three seconds.

So in the right context, when you and your soulmate share that mutual gaze, you’re sharing a special moment no one else does.

4) Those pupils are dilating

Love, lust, and other emotions, like fear and anger, can make the pupils dilate.

It’s because the body responds the same way the eyes do when it sees something attractive or appealing.

Our bodies release “love hormones” – dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin – that make the pupils dilate.

One research also found out that pupil size is an involuntary sign of our attraction to someone.

If you’re looking for signs that someone you’re attracted to feels the same way about you, notice if their pupils dilate. When it does, it’s an indication that the feeling is mutual.

So if your soulmate’s pupils expand when looking at you, it’s a sign of how they are feeling towards you.

5) Meeting is like déjà vu

Upon seeing and looking into your soulmate’s eyes, you have this weird feeling like you’ve met before.

According to Psychology Today, roughly 60% to 70% of people have or will experience feelings of deja vu at one point or another.

There’s a sense of nostalgia and you’re getting flashbacks that you can’t even explain. Even though you lived miles apart and your paths never crossed once, it feels like you’ve already seen each other and known them for a long time.

It could be true that you’re together in the soul world – and now your souls are meant to be with each other.

This happens because your souls have known each other already – and now you’re remembering your past experiences together.

There’s nothing wrong with how you feel as this is something that comes naturally when you get to meet your soulmate in person.

The universe has listened to your manifestation and knows that it’s the right time for you to meet.  And you can even tell from these signs that your soulmate is manifesting you.

His time around, your eyes, bodies, and minds have connected, and not only your souls.

6) You lose your breath for a moment

After looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul, it would feel like it becomes harder to breathe.

This is one of the first signs that your soulmate is entering your life. It’s like time has stopped for a second as your universe crashes.

You become unaware of what’s happening.  You can’t help but wonder why this person is taking your breath away.

And you can’t believe what exactly is going on right in front of your eyes.

It’s because, with the energy of your karmic relationship, you’re getting swept away by the intense emotions you’re feeling. The emotions will be intense, which is understandable given that you’ve finally found your missing puzzle piece.

As time goes by and your breathing returns to normal, you’ll realize one thing: the person standing in front of you has a part of your soul.

7) You’ll shiver and feel unstable

What has just happened?

Your emotions seem to be all over the place. You’re most likely to experience these:

  • You’ll forget what you want to say
  • Your body language will act differently
  • Your body will shake and you can’t control it
  • Your emotions will skyrocket, that you even feel like crying
  • Your heart is screaming with happiness
  • You feel so thrilled and can’t believe that it’s happening to you

How can all these be possible?

Don’t worry as all these are perfectly normal. Your soul knows what’s going on – but it hasn’t sent a message to your brain yet.

No wonder you get so confused as you’re trying to understand what’s going and you’re wanting to know why you’re feeling that way.

But as soon as you realize what’s going on, you’ll calm down. Then it would feel like being home – and you’ll be safe and sound.

For after years of looking and wandering around, your heart and mind know that things are finally falling into place.

And when this eventually happens, you’ll experience incredible peace.

8) You feel so confused

While your soul is aware of what’s going on, your mind and body haven’t fully understood what’s happening.

And upon looking at the eyes of the person standing in front of you, you try to rationalize what’s happening and why you feel that way.

You’re trying to grasp why your gut feeling is telling you that this person is “The One” you’ve been looking for your whole life.

It feels weird as everything about this person seems familiar. And you get confused as your soul keeps telling you that you’re not a stranger.

Your eyes have become the way for your souls to meet after years of being separated. Now, even if you try to look away, you can’t because you’ve already become attached like magnets.

But even if you feel confused, you can’t walk away because you don’t want to lose this person.

9) Your soulmate feels the same way

Upon looking at your soulmate’s eyes, have you felt that their body and mind are going through the same feelings too?

It’s because you’re each other’s soulmates.

You both feel the confusion, the strange yet special connection, and the weird feeling that you already know each other.

The feeling is mutual as you both felt that you’re each other’s other half. Whatever you felt, rest assured that he felt it too. It’s like twin souls thinking about each other all the time.

Even if your soulmate also doesn’t know what’s going on, doesn’t want to give up on you. You can feel that his eyes are radiating and never want to lose you.

That’s when you’ll figure out the role of the universe in your meeting.

And when your soulmate looks into your eyes, he knows and he feels that you’re the one he was waiting for all this time.

10) You feel their presence everywhere

Looking into the eyes of your soulmate has a way of making you feel that they’re with you all the time – even when they aren’t around.

You can sense their presence and it brings such joy to your heart that you can’t contain it any longer.

Sounds weird? Well, this is actually normal for someone who has found their own soulmate.

You’ll start thinking of your soulmate all the time and they’ll become an integral part of your life. Wherever you are, your connection remains strong.

Here’s what’s interesting: that feeling of comfort when you look into their eyes can be very intense.

Why is that?

It’s because you feel the same energy and frequency that your soulmate has. You know that they can see past the physical world, into a spiritual one.

11) You understand each other completely

You know that feeling when you’ve just met someone and you click instantly?

There are no awkward get-to-know stages anymore.

Neither of you felt conscious, worried, or uncomfortable. You understand each other so well that you can talk about anything without any restrictions.

You enjoy talking and spending time together as if you’ve known each other for your entire lives. You can almost sense what the other has in mind and what he wants to say.

You’re amazed by this person’s view of life and seem to love everything about him.

This is an undeniable sign that you’ve connected with your soulmate through the eyes.

12) You become a better person

After looking into someone’s eyes and realizing that the person you’re looking at is your soulmate, you’re filled with desires to be a better person than before.

It’s not about changing to impress the other person. Instead, you want to change and be the best version of yourself.

You become better because your soulmate inspires you.

It’s about improving your life, letting go of your negative habits, and growing more as a person. And you’re doing this for you truly want to.

This happens because soulmates are there to help each other grow and become better.

A soulmate meeting becomes a fateful moment that makes you complete.

Soulmates are always compatible so you’ll know immediately.

While people see a soulmate relationship as a perfect harmonious union of bliss, your soulmate also helps you to “complete yourself.”

You’re no longer afraid of what life throws your way, and all your insecurities will long be gone. And you become stronger as you know that someone has your back, no matter what.

13) And you just know it

Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open to meeting your soulmate.

For when you meet this person, something deep inside you tells you that is “The One” you’re meant to be with.

You just have to feel it and trust your gut.

It’s like there’s a spiritual force that makes all your fears go away.

Your pasts, differences, lifestyle, finances, and everything else become irrelevant. What your heart wants now is to be with your soulmate.

Life starts to make more sense. And now you realize why some things in your past didn’t work out well. It’s because the universe is helping you grow and preparing you to meet your soulmate.

Your soulmate is searching for you too, and you know that with this person, you’ll complete each other’s missing piece.

According to Sabrina Romanoff, PsyD, a clinical psychologist, “There is an assumption that soulmates are like puzzle pieces, and when two partners meet their pieces will align in perfect harmony.”

14) You fall in love with them immediately

It takes time for love to develop, but when you meet your soulmate, you fall in love the moment you see them.

You know it’s been them from the beginning. And you immediately begin to care and love them in ways you’ve never done for anyone else in your life.

When you first meet your soulmate, they become the center of your universe.

Your soulmate becomes the only person you think about, the point at which you forget about all of your exes, all of your traumas and issues, and all of your doubts about whether you are meant to be loved.

All of your worries are washed away. And you won’t wonder if they’ll break your heart, or where this is all going.

It’s because you’ve found genuine love – and you’re confident that this profound connection will last the rest of your life.

Connecting Through Your Soulmates’ Eyes

Make sure you pay more attention to the signs that your soulmate is about to enter your life.

It doesn’t just happen in movies or romance novels, as this kind of “love at first sight” happens in real life too.

But it’s more than attraction, excitement, or sexual intimacy – as what you’re sharing with your soulmate is more than that.

You’re communicating and connecting through your eyes on a whole new level.

So even if you never met before, your soul does, and consequently, you two recognize one another.

Would you believe that soulmates connect through their entire being – and that the best way to connect with your soulmate is through the eyes?

And your soulmate can pierce right into your soul.

You can go through each other’s eyes and feel every little spark of happiness and sense the fears or worries you may have.

This soulmate connection is unlike any other kind of love. It’s unexplainable, special, and something that happens only once in a lifetime.

The moment you connect through your eyes, you feel a love so pure.

And you know that this love is what you’ve been looking for your whole life. `

What does soulmate love feel like?

The universe leads you together for a reason. There are no coincidences as you meet at the right place at the right time.

When your eyes meet, you’re definite that you’ve found your soulmate. And this will be the biggest change you will ever experience in your life.

Truth is, amazing things happen when you meet your soulmate. Your souls are connected like two pieces of a puzzle – and these will feel like:

  • your emotions are more profound
  • your thoughts are peaceful
  • your spirituality deepens and grows
  • you’ll feel relaxed and at ease like you’ve never been before.
  • you feel calm, safe, and happy

It’s like the sparks will fly all over the place when you’re together and when you kiss.

And you know that you can never live without each other anymore.

Open Your Eyes and Heart to Meeting Your Soulmate

Let’s face it.

We all want to be with our true soulmates. Even if we never want to admit it, we pray for the right person to come into our life that will cherish us as long as we breathe – and even after that.

We imagine spending our life with someone who will heal our wounds and fix our hearts. Someone who would make all those pains and struggles worth it.

And we hope that one of these days, we’ll be with someone we can rely on – and meet our true soulmate.

I did.

When I met my soulmate, I felt a profound love and special connection on a completely different level – it’s soul-consuming. Everything feels exceptionally right in the most intuitive and spiritual sense of the word.

And I know you will meet yours too.

Your soulmate knows you more than any other person in this universe – and will carry you no matter where life takes you.

Here’s the truth.

The moment we come into this world, our soul is already destined to be with someone. And it is one of our earthly missions to find our missing part of the puzzle.

You’re not a lost soul for your other half is out there.

To find your soulmate, you simply have to look for the signs that your soulmate is near and embrace the connection.

The more you accept that your relationship is made up of one soul in two bodies, that’s when you’ll realize that life wouldn’t be the same.

Again, your soulmate doesn’t have to be a lover or a total stranger – sometimes it could also be a person you’ve already known all your life. And the time will come that you will both recognize it.

Your soulmate is the “yin” to your “yang.”

And if you haven’t met your soulmate yet, know that it will happen sooner or later – and this person is waiting for you.

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