19 remarkable symptoms of a soul tie (complete list)

Do you feel a strong, all-encompassing connection with someone? Chances are you’ve formed a soul-tie relationship.

A soul tie isn’t a new thing – and it isn’t just about sex.

Soul tie refers to a spiritual or emotional connection formed with partners from previous relationships. It may also exist after two people have been physically intimate.

Because soul ties can be both healthy and ungodly, it helps to recognize its signs and symptoms.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

19 healthy symptoms of a soul tie you can recognize

While the concept of soul ties is often mistakenly considered the same as that of a soulmate connection, they are different.

This union of souls can result in positive or negative consequences.

You can have a soul-tie connection with several people in your lifetime. And this can have a significant effect on your life and well-being.

So whether you want to avoid unhealthy soul ties from forming or want to know why you feel so connected to someone,  look out for these soul tie symptoms.

1) You can’t stop thinking about them

You’re wondering why your mind is flooded by thoughts of this person and you can’t get them out of your head.

It feels that your thoughts are controlling you.

No matter what you’re doing or whenever you turn, the only thing that crosses your mind is the thought of them.

It’s crazy as you can almost see their reflection to the point that you become obsessed with them.

This soul tie symptom arises from good and bad relationships.

It’s healthy when thinking of this person inspires you, but it becomes unhealthy when thoughts of this person hinder you from doing anything else.

2) You’re inexplicably connected on a deeper level

People who share a soul time are connected not only in spirits but also in flesh and mind. Normally. This starts on a social or physical level but may develop into an emotional and spiritual connection.

When you’ve developed a soul tie with someone, you’re bonded at the level of the spirit. You’ll feel insanely connected to them on a spiritual and emotional level.

Experiencing this profound sense of connection is a clear sign of a soul tie connection.

It’s like there’s a cord pulling you towards this person.

Probably the feelings you have for this person are stronger than other people you’ve met in your life. Or maybe this person completes you somehow.

And having this emotional connection means that you and this person have bonded on a deeper level.

3) They bring up strong emotions in you

There’s a level of intensity that soul ties bring.

Because of your deep emotional bond, there are intense feelings of love, pain, or fear.  While they don’t look the same, these emotions and reactions – both positive and negative – will be amplified.

If this person projects commitment, passion, and dedication – then they can be a source of motivation and confidence.

Or if this person gets excited, they may elicit strong reactions from you.

But if this person constantly brings you into a state of sadness, hopelessness, confinement, and depression, then you’re connected in an unhealthy way.

4) It’s hard to let go

This is one of the most defining symptoms of having soul ties with someone.

It’s because when we form this connection with someone and their spiritual energy remains in us.

No matter how negative or ungodly the connection had been, it’s still complicated to cut those ties. Letting go remains to be a challenging and painful experience.

The thing is, unhealthy soul-tie relationships are overwhelming – and we’ll be facing problems when we deal with or break this.

5) Their timing is right

Soul ties come into existence after two people have been physically intimate.

So pay attention to the time that this person popped into your life.

Meeting this person seems like fate as they came into your life at the right time. And your meeting had been incredibly life-changing and powerful.

This person showed at a significant time – perhaps when you need help, healing, or support. It feels like this person was meant to fill the void in your heart, even if you never realized it.

If it’s a pivotal moment and they have something to offer you, then it’s a soul-tie connection.

6) It feels like  someone is always watching you

Does it feel like eyes are looking at you anywhere you go? Or does it seem like you’re talking to this person in your head as if they’re really with you?

Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that you’re going crazy.

When you go about your daily life, and you experience those situations with just one or a few individuals, it’s a clear symptom of a soul tie.


It’s because the intense energy of this person is with you. There’s this strong energetic bond that keeps flowing back and forth between the two of you.

And if you don’t want to experience this anymore, doing a cord-cutting ritual may help.

7) They feel familiar with you

One of the most definite signs that you have a soul-tie connection with a person is the feeling like you already know them forever.

They’ve only been in your life a short while, it’s like you already knew them somewhere before.

From the moment you meet, you feel comfortable in their presence. It’s like they’ve always been around your life for a long time.

And this tends to fast-track your ‘getting to know you’ stage as you know that you’re safe with them.

You’re experiencing this kind of bond with someone because your soul already knows them. You’re connected on a deep and most of the time a spiritual level.

8) You feel like this person ‘completes’ you

This soul tie symptom is especially true in the case of romantic soul tie relationships.

When you’re with your soul tie or just thinking about the person, you feel more confident like you can do anything.

They cheer for you and encourage you to follow your dreams. And when you feel down, this person can cheer you up.

But this symptom also makes a soul tie unhealthy and can lead to obsession.

These factors can be:

  • Thinking that one else understands you better than the other person
  • Feeling anxious and emotionally unstable whenever they aren’t around
  • Becoming too dependent on the other person

And you have to take a step back, evaluate the relationship, and find ways to break this unhealthy soul-tie connection.

9) You have an empathic connection with them

More often than not, two people who are connected on a spiritual level tend to feel the emotions of each other. This goes true for soul tie connections.

In a sense, they can feel not only emotions but also the physical pain of the other. Your mood shifts are also in tune with them.

A soul tie is like an invisible thread that links two people beyond the confines of space and time.

Even if the circumstances have changed or after your relationship with a former romantic partner ended, there’s still a sense of a strong connection.

But unlike a soulmate relationship which always vibrates positivity, soul ties can start healthy and then turn ungodly afterward.

10) It fills you with excitement

When we connect with another soul, we experience an intense surge of happiness and excitement.

You anticipate knowing the person more and being together all the time. Not a day goes by that you don’t seek to spend time with them or hear their voice.

It’s like waking up each morning anticipating them coming home.

Their presence alone gives you comfort – and nothing else seems to matter that much.

And you know that it’s more than chemistry. It’s not just a spark, but a firm emotional bond.

You recognize that those emotions are something else because you can always feel them in the air.

It’s those emotions that make you both feel alive more than ever!

11) Your life experiences are marked by this person

There’s a huge chance that you experienced new things with this person.

It could be trying out new cuisine, hobby, or sexual experience. It could also be conversation styles, emotional intimacy, and other life events.

Even when you’re not together anymore and you have moved on, those experiences seem to continue to connect you with the person.

This means that you’re triggering the intense energy of the soul tie. Even if you don’t want to think about them anymore, the cords tend to become negative because you can’t stop the energy that flows.

And it’s a clear symptom of a soul tie – and if you want to fully live your life, you need to cut the cords.

12) You want to be a better person

If you have a soul tie with someone, this person can influence you.

Being around this person gives you the motivation to improve your life. Whether it’s engaging in a new hobby, developing your skills, or trying out something different.

And this person is right beside you during the process of self-development – that is, as long as you want them to be there.

But if you want to do things on your own, they’ll leave you alone without any words.

The desire to be a better version of yourself is one positive soul-tie symptom you can experience.

A great example of a healthy soul tie is the one with your soul. It’s because a soul tie in marriage is marked by a strong bond, mutual respect, and unconditional love.

13) You can’t imagine life without them

Soul ties can often turn into an attachment – and some tend to see this as an attachment already.

That’s because when you have this constant need to be around someone most of the time, you create a special kind of attachment with them.

While it may sound good, this can create a toxic relationship with the other person.

It’s painful to bear if things go south and even the thought of your relationship coming to an end is hard to bear.

A part of you seems to be missing without this person in your life.

Most people experience this feeling of brokenness when they get separated from their soul ties.

14) You always dream of the person

Developing a soul time with someone makes you dream about this person, your relationship, or your experiences with them.

You feel connected with this person emotionally, spiritually, and mentally – and that’s the reason why they’re always on your mind.

Here’s the thing,

Soul tie dreams are very common, but different in a way that they seem more vivid and real.

When you dream of this person, it’s normal to experience a strong reaction or emotion, like tears or even sexual arousal.

This symptom may even reach a level wherein they might pop into your thoughts at awkward moments.

15) The relationship feels unique

When it comes to soul ties, it’s something that you’ve never felt with anyone else. And the reason is that you have this intense energetic connection.

The relationship feels rare and one-of-a-kind that you believe you’ll never find again.

Probably, you have this intense sexual experience or you felt that this person understood you on a deeper level.

There’s this emotional, psychological, and energetic attachment for someone you once loved or still love. But sometimes, they are unhealthy leftovers of relationships.

And because of the strong emotions, you can’t seem to let go of this energy no matter how hard you try.

Regardless, one of the most definite symptoms of soul ties is that the relationship is different from anything else you’ve experienced before.

16) You feel anxiously attached to them

Soul ties aren’t always bad things, but sometimes it indicates an unhealthy attachment between people in relationships.

This symptom becomes negative and you feel anxious and emotionally unstable without them. It’s like you want to be with this person regardless of whether he is good for you or not.

You feel that you’ll only be complete if you’re with this person. But this only puts your future happiness at stake.

And when you separate and the relationship ends, you can’t get the person out of your mind.

If it has been years since your relationship ended – and you still have that unhealthy attachment, it’s a sign that you’re being reminded of your energetic soul ties with them.

17) They help in your spiritual journey

It is said that a soul tie is formed after an intensely close spiritual or emotional relationship.

Having a healthy soul-tie relationship is one that helps you in your spiritual journey as you accomplish your goals in life.

Through this bond, you can turn your weaknesses into strengths. The presence of your soul tie is beneficial as this person will help you along the way especially when you’re experiencing hardships in life.

This energizes you and fills you with peace as you share knowledge that can help in your spiritual journey.

This spiritual connection looks amazing, but on the other end of the spectrum, it can get unhealthy as well. It becomes ungodly when it seems as if they have your best interest in mind, but will only use you and disregard your needs afterward.

18) They feel like the missing part of you

With your soul tie, your souls connect with someone that is rooted so deep. You become tied to another person on a soul level. Along with this is the feeling of familiarity.

We think that there’s a gap in our soul that this person fills (even if this gap doesn’t exist before).

It’s like giving us a trick of perception that we need this person to complete our life.

The thing is, we tend to seek people who can provide us with what’s lacking in our current relationships. But this only leads to unhealthy soul ties for we try to connect with someone instead of working at the flaws in our lives and relationships.

And this negative soul tie connection gives a false feeling of completeness.

19) You’re more in love with life

Knowing that you’re bonded into another person’s soul is something else. It’s real and you’re a part of each other.

When you’re with your soul tie, you’re filled with energy that remains even years after your first encounter.

Each moment seems to bring you joy because you know that there’s a person out there who once made your days beautiful.

If you or your soul tie find refuge in each other – and feel emotionally vulnerable, that’s a sign of emotional attachment.

You’re comfortable being yourself and sharing everything that makes up the real you. This sense of closeness that you have allows you to share and confide in each other.

Your soul-tie becomes your go-to person – and you feel happiest when you bond with them.

Even if you didn’t engage in a sexual encounter, the bond that you have remains to be great.  And when the level of your intimacy grows, you feel closer to each other than you ever were before.

The thing about here is that your souls merge right along with them.

Unhealthy symptoms of a soul tie

While a soul-tie relationship can be a positive connection, it can be ungodly when the person you’re connected with brings a negative influence.

This means that something is wrong from an energy standpoint.

It happens when the soul time becomes constraining, obsessive, and dark – and these factors will affect your physical and mental health.

You have to be aware of these potential negatives:

  • It’s hard to function without being near them
  • Having obsessive or intrusive thoughts about the person
  • Unable to break away from thinking about the person
  • Staying in a relationship even if it doesn’t serve you
  • Fantasizing about the person or the relationship
  • You lose yourself or your feelings in the relationship
  • Neglecting yourself, friends, or interests for this person
  • Going against your values or desires when you’re around them
  • Feeling that you’re inadequate and not enough
  • You can’t express your true self and feelings
  • Developing an unhealthy attachment when your affections turn into an obsession
  • You feel trapped in the relationship
  • You feel being controlled and manipulated
  • You change for the worst, instead of for the better

If you’re in a healthy soul tie relationship, you have this renewed sense of appreciation for life – but an ungodly soul tie does the opposite.

An unhealthy soul tie takes away your power and drains your confidence.

So if this connection brings negative energy into your life, it’s important to acknowledge, cut, and release that negative connection.

How to break soul ties?

When your soul-tie partner brings up negative emotions and becomes ungodly,  you may need to give a second thought and break all ties with them.

It’s draining when another person’s needs and desires feed into your own and gives you an imbalance.

In this case, it’s best to break the tie so you can restore your soul and move on with life.

Here are ways to break the soul tie.

1) Acknowledge

Accept the fact that you have a soul tie with this person. While it’s hard to accept that this soul tie is unhealthy, you have to do it.

Once you acknowledge this, that’s when you’re ready to stop fighting to remain by their side.

2) Ask for guidance and strength

Everything is a process and it’s best to start with a prayer. For we don’t have the power to turn away the memories and habits we’ve grown to like, we have to seek the support of the Divine Being.

Let go and allow God to fill the parts of your life that you allowed others to do

3) Seek forgiveness

Forgive yourself for all the hurt and anger you have caused the other person. And forgive the other person for the shortcomings.

Let yourself move forward. The important thing here is that you learn from the past.

Forgiveness will help you live with peace and serenity.

4) Distance yourself from them

The burdens and baggage that came from that relationship are beyond your control. Break free and release yourself from your soul-tie relationship.

Instead of blaming yourself or the other person, look forward to things you can focus on.

5) Remove all your material attachments

It’s important to get rid of all things related to this bond. These include every written note, gift, message, photo, and anything that links you to this person.

Don’t think of hiding them in your attic or putting those photos in the archive.  Those things can cause unnecessary pain and hinder you from moving forward.

Instead, let go – so you can free yourself and move on.

What can you do now?

Soul ties are one of the many relationships we can have in our lives. Although not all soul tie connections are bad, they can be an enriching and loving relationship.

A wonderful soul-tie relationship brings unconditional love, peace, and harmony.

But, they can often be characterized by unhealthy attachment.

Allowing this unhealthy soul tie to continue can cause some serious damage to your path.

Keep this in mind: When you give and love hoping for something in return, you’re not coming from a place of balance.

It’s time to let the old one go so the universe will know that you have room for the new.

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