If someone does these 8 things, they’re trying really hard to impress you

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Ever felt like someone’s going the extra mile just for you?

Maybe they’re dropping hints or acting differently around you.

Chances are, they’re trying to impress you.

Let’s dive into the top 8 signs that someone’s working hard to catch your attention.

Get ready to spot those secret admirers and attention-seekers with ease. 

1. They Always Dress to Impress

When someone’s out to catch your attention, their wardrobe often gets the first update.

Gone are the days of casual tees and worn-out jeans; instead, they don outfits that seem like they’ve jumped straight out of a fashion magazine.

Whether it’s that crisp shirt, those new shoes, or even a signature scent wafting around them, if they consistently look like they’re about to step onto a red carpet when they’re just meeting you for coffee, they’re probably trying to make an impression.

It’s as if they always want to put their best foot forward, making sure you notice how much effort they’ve put into looking their best.

Remember, while it’s endearing to see someone go the extra mile, it’s also essential to appreciate them for who they are, beyond their appearance.

2. They Overshare Personal Details

When someone’s vying for your attention, sometimes they don’t just put their best foot forward; they lay their whole self out, vulnerabilities and all.

You might find them divulging personal stories, past traumas, or intimate details about their life during your initial conversations.

It’s like they’re desperately trying to fast-forward the bond, aiming for a deeper connection quickly.

While it can feel flattering that they trust you enough to open up, it’s also crucial to recognize it can be a tactic.

They might think by revealing these pieces of themselves, you’ll feel more connected or sympathetic.

Always approach such revelations with empathy, but also with a pinch of caution.

Some connections need time and shouldn’t be rushed.

3. They Seem Disinterested (But Not Really)

Sometimes, when people try to impress, they play the aloof card.

It sounds counterintuitive but stick with me.

Instead of showering you with attention, they might act as if they’re only half-listening or like they’ve got bigger things on their plate.

The logic?

They hope that by appearing mysterious or “too cool,” you’ll find yourself more drawn to them, trying to figure them out.

It’s the classic push-pull tactic.

They want to appear valuable by acting scarce.

So, if you notice someone frequently toggling between being engaged and distant, they might just be trying to pique your curiosity in a roundabout way.

Remember, games can be intriguing, but genuine connections? They’re golden.

4. They Become Your Mirror

Ever met someone who, out of the blue, seems to share all your interests?

From that obscure indie band you mentioned once to your passion for South-East Asian cuisine, they’re suddenly on board with everything you adore. It can feel great initially. “Wow, we have so much in common!”

But sometimes, they’re mirroring you.

Instead of showcasing their authentic likes and dislikes, they might adjust their preferences to match yours, believing it’ll deepen your bond.

It’s a subconscious tactic, often stemming from the desire to be seen as compatible.

While it’s great to find common ground, it’s equally important for both parties to be genuine.

After all, the best connections are built on authenticity, not just echoed sentiments.

5. They’re Suddenly Everywhere

Out of the blue, you start bumping into them everywhere.

That new cafe you mentioned you’d like to try? They’re there, sipping a coffee.

That gym you recently joined? Oh look, they’ve just signed up for the same fitness class.

The local park you frequent on weekends? There they are, enjoying a casual stroll.

At first, it might seem like a series of happy coincidences.

But if it happens consistently, there’s a chance they’re intentionally positioning themselves to ‘accidentally’ run into you.

By appearing in your usual spots, they hope to increase the number of casual interactions, making them a familiar and recurrent presence in your life.

While it might stem from a place of eagerness to connect, it’s also essential to establish boundaries if it feels overwhelming.

Everyone needs their space, after all.

6. They Overcompensate with Achievements

We all want to be seen in a good light, but sometimes the need to impress pushes people to amplify their achievements.

Maybe it’s that ‘almost promotion’ they turned into a major career win or that local 5k run they portrayed as a near-Olympic feat.

They’ll casually drop these accomplishments in conversations, hoping to awe you with their supposed success.

Let’s be honest here: it’s a shield.

Many times, this incessant need to highlight successes stems from deep-seated insecurities or a fear of not being ‘enough’ on their own.

It’s an attempt to build a facade of perfection, fearing that their genuine self might fall short.

While it’s human to want validation, true connections are built on real stories, not just the highlight reel.

So, if someone’s always on about their next big thing, remember to look beyond the boasts and into the person behind them.

Everyone’s fighting their battle, after all.

7. They Shower You with Unexpected Gifts

Now, who doesn’t love a surprise gift now and then?

But when someone’s continuously gifting you—be it small tokens, thoughtful gestures, or even more elaborate presents—without any specific reason, it might be more than just generosity at play.

This isn’t about birthday or holiday gifts; it’s those “just because” gifts that suddenly start popping up.

Maybe it’s that book you mentioned in passing or that snack you said you loved.

By offering these unexpected tokens, they’re trying to convey interest, thoughtfulness, and a desire to make you happy.

But here’s the catch: sometimes, gifts can be a way to mask a lack of emotional connection or to create a sense of obligation.

It’s like they’re trying to create a bond using material means.

While it’s lovely to be on the receiving end of thoughtful gestures, it’s essential to discern between genuine kindness and a potential attempt to buy affection or approval.

After all, the most valuable gifts are often intangible – like time, understanding, and sincere affection.

8. They Seem to Disagree with You… On Purpose

Remember when we’re told that opposites attract?

Some folks take that notion a bit too seriously.

Instead of nodding along to everything you say, they might suddenly play the devil’s advocate or take an opposing viewpoint, even when it’s clear they don’t hold that belief deeply.

Sounds confusing, right?

Here’s the counterintuitive logic: by creating a playful debate or tension, they believe it can spark interest, keep the conversation lively, and make interactions with them more memorable.

It’s like they’re aiming for that electric, back-and-forth dynamic, thinking it’ll draw you in.

But, while a healthy debate can indeed be stimulating, it’s important to differentiate between genuine discourse and someone merely trying to be contradictory for the sake of attention.

Because, let’s be real: authenticity always trumps a contrived disagreement.

Genuine conversations, even if they involve disagreements, are built on respect and understanding, not just opposition for the sake of it.

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