If someone does these 10 things in a relationship, never let them go!

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So much goes into creating a healthy relationship, that sometimes it can be hard to know if the person you’re with has the traits needed to make it work. 

The truth is, no one is perfect, but if your partner displays these 10 behaviors in your relationship, it’s a pretty good indicator that you should never let them go! 

Let’s dive in: 

1) They invest in you 

If your partner fully invests in you and the relationship, you’re onto something special here!

They aren’t just thinking about themselves; they genuinely care about your happiness, growth, and overall well-being. 

You should never let go of a partner like this because ultimately, they’ve got your best interests at heart. 

Just think, when you go for that nerve-wracking job promotion or embark on your first solo trip, wouldn’t you want a partner who’s rooting for you and doing all they can to support you?

Of course, it’s something we all hope and wish for, so if you’ve got that, consider yourself lucky! 

2) They try to better themselves 

As well as being invested in you, your partner should also be committed to their own personal growth.

Put it this way – you can’t go too wrong with someone who recognizes their shortcomings and continuously tries to do better!

Even if you encounter bumps along the road (which you will, it’s inevitable in every relationship) at least you know the other person is trying their best. 

In my own relationship, this is something I greatly appreciate – both my partner and I take responsibility for our actions and we both try to improve ourselves. 

So if you’ve got a partner who does this, never let them go! 

3) They challenge you 

All too often, we hear about couples getting comfortable in their relationship and slowly drifting apart.

So, if you’ve got someone who challenges you and keeps you on your toes, this is worth holding on to.

You see, a partner like this will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone (another sign they’re invested in your growth), but they’ll also stop you from falling into harmful habits and patterns of thinking.

For example:

One of my good friends struggled with low self-esteem, but since meeting her boyfriend, she’s come on leaps and bounds. 

Part of that is due to him gently challenging her negative self-beliefs and helping her reframe them into positive thoughts. 

4) They respect your boundaries 

Now, another thing a great partner will do is respect your boundaries, and enforce their own! 

Case in point:

You want to spend time once or twice a week with your good friends because they’re your support network. Your partner respects this and doesn’t expect to be invited along every time – they give you your personal space. 

In return, you respect their need to concentrate at work, so you avoid texting them multiple times during the day. 

It’s a two-way thing, you see, and if you’ve got this going on in your relationship, you’ve got a good thing going on! 

5) They make you feel loved and valued 

Do you feel like your partner recognizes your worth and values it?

Do you know how much you’re loved, to the point that you never doubt it?

If so, you should hold onto your partner for dear life! 

Ultimately, we all want to feel loved and valued in our relationships – no one enjoys the feeling of not knowing where you stand with your SO. 

And if you know how much your partner loves you, it’s clearly because they show you! I mean, what more can one ask for? 

It sounds like you’ve hit the love jackpot! 

6) They’re trustworthy 

But as we know, love can only go so far without trust

So, can you trust your partner with everything? 

If they’re reliable, honest, and communicative, they sound like a great person to share your life with…

You see, when you don’t have to worry about what your partner is up to, or whether they’re lying or not, it frees up your time and emotions to concentrate on other things. 

Not to mention, knowing you can rely on your partner and that they’ll show up for you is invaluable, and definitely something that should never be taken for granted! 

7) They respect your independence 

Now, we’ve already spoken about respecting your boundaries, but what about encouraging independence as well as togetherness? 

Let me explain…

The most successful relationships are ones where both people maintain their individuality…they have their own hobbies, likes and dislikes, and even friendship circles. 

Some people think love means being stuck at the hip, but in reality, space is a great thing in a relationship! 

So, if your partner recognizes the importance of this and respects your right to be an individual (while also maintaining their own), don’t ever let them go! 

8) They apologize when they’re wrong 

Another thing an awesome partner will do in their relationship is apologize when they mess up…

No playing the blame game. 

No playing the victim. 

They’re mature and they own up to their mistakes. The truth is, this is the only way a person can learn and do better in the future! 

Not to mention, when you’re with someone who takes accountability for themselves, it shows a level of emotional maturity that many aspire to reach. 

My advice? If your partner is capable of this, there’s very little that stands in your way of having a successful relationship! 

9) They show empathy 

And talking of emotional maturity…if your partner displays empathy and understanding, it’s another sign you should keep them close! 

Empathy is such an important trait to have, especially in romantic relationships. 

Let’s be honest, a partner who can’t put themselves in your shoes to understand your feelings will come across as cold and uncaring. 

And you, on the receiving end of this, will feel unsupported. 

So, if your partner does their best to not only understand you but goes out of their way to be there for you, consider yourself lucky! 

10) They make an effort to keep the spark

And finally, if your partner keeps the relationship energized, fun, and passionate, never let them go! 

As I already mentioned, many people make the mistake of getting comfortable and taking their partner for granted. 

But if your SO tries to keep the spark going and makes an effort to make you smile and spend quality time together, you’re onto a winner.

With all the other things listed in this article combined, you’re on track to have a healthy, successful relationship – just make sure you show up for your partner in the same ways too! 

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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