9 simple ways to be a better and kinder person every day

In our bustling lives, we have countless moments that could do with a bit of kindness.

But here’s the thing: being a better, kinder person doesn’t mean making grand gestures or a complete life overhaul. It’s the small choices that can ripple out into the world in big ways.

So, think about it — when was the last time you made someone’s day with a simple act of kindness?

Being kind is about consciously extending goodness into the world, without expecting anything in return. 

And guess what? It feels amazing.

I’m diving into 9 simple ways you can sprinkle a little more kindness into every day. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be that ray of sunshine in someone else’s cloud? 

It’s easier than you think, and I’m excited to share these tips with you. Let’s spread some kindness together!

1) Start with a smile

It’s such a simple thing, isn’t it?

But think about how a smile from a stranger can turn your day around.

Smiling is the universal language of kindness, and it’s contagious. When you smile at someone, you’re silently telling them, “Hey, I see you, and I hope you’re doing well.”

Now, I’m not saying you should walk around with a grin plastered on your face all day — that might be a little much.

But when you make eye contact with someone, whether it’s the barista at your coffee shop or a colleague you pass in the hallway, give them a genuine smile.

It doesn’t cost a thing and can mean everything to someone who might be having a tough day.

Small moments of connection that build up over time, create a kinder and more empathetic world. 

So why not start with something as simple as a smile?

2) Lend an ear

I’ll never forget the time I truly learned the value of listening.

It happened one rainy afternoon in a crowded coffee shop. I was there, buried in my laptop, when an elderly man took the seat next to me.

He looked a bit tired and started to chat about the weather. It was one of those days where I had a to-do list a mile long, but something in his eyes told me he needed more than small talk.

So, I closed my laptop and just listened.

He shared stories of his youth, his time in the military, and his late wife’s love for rainy days.

The conversation didn’t fix all his problems or mine, but it was a moment of genuine human connection that seemed to lighten his load a bit.

And as he left, his thank you held more gratitude than for just the company.

That day, I learned that sometimes, the kindest thing we can do for someone is to simply listen. Not to respond or advise, but to give them space to be heard.

We all have stories that are just waiting to be told. And by lending an ear, we validate each other’s experiences and offer comfort that words cannot always provide.

3) Express gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just about feeling thankful; it’s about expressing it. And the effects of doing so can be profound, not just for you but for those around you.

Studies have shown that when we express gratitude towards others, it increases our own happiness and strengthens our relationships.

Take a moment to think about the last time someone really thanked you.

It felt good, right? Now flip that.

By acknowledging someone else’s help or presence in your life, you’re not only boosting their mood but also reinforcing your own habit of recognizing the good in your day-to-day life.

So whether it’s a note, a message, or just a few spoken words, don’t hold back on saying “thank you.” It’s more than manners; it’s a small gesture that can have a big impact on someone’s day and even their well-being.

4) Offer your help

Sometimes, the simplest way to be kinder is just to offer a hand.

It could be helping someone carry a heavy load, holding the door open for the person behind you, or offering to run an errand for a busy friend.

These acts of service don’t just aid the person you’re helping; they also foster a sense of community and interconnectedness.

Helping others can also have a boomerang effect on your own well-being. Engaging in acts of kindness releases endorphins, which can lead to what’s often referred to as the “helper’s high.”

So by offering your help, you’re not just bettering someone else’s day—you’re giving yourself a little boost too.

5) Practice patience

In a world that’s always in a rush, patience is a form of kindness that’s often overlooked.

We’ve all been in situations where tempers are short and frustrations run high. In those moments, practicing patience can be a powerful way to diffuse tension and show compassion.

Whether you’re in line at the grocery store behind someone who’s taking forever to check out, or dealing with a child who’s asking the same question for the tenth time, taking a deep breath and giving the gift of your patience can make all the difference.

It communicates to others that their pace and their process are respected.

When you practice patience, you provide space for others to work through their situation without added pressure—and that’s a gift everyone can appreciate.

6) Share a compliment

A sincere compliment can light up someone’s face and warm their heart in an instant. It’s a reminder that we see the good in others and take the time to acknowledge it.

Imagine the impact of pointing out a coworker’s excellent presentation skills or telling a friend how much you admire their resilience during tough times.

These moments of appreciation are like balm for the soul; they remind us that we’re valued, that our efforts don’t go unnoticed.

So next time you notice something praiseworthy, say it out loud. Your words have the power to build confidence, inspire continued effort, and even turn a bad day around.

In sharing a compliment, you’re not only brightening someone else’s day but also nurturing a more supportive and uplifting environment for everyone around you.

7) Forgive the small stuff

We all have moments when we get hung up on the little things that irritate us—the spilled coffee, the forgotten appointment by a friend, the misplaced keys.

It’s easy to let them spiral into frustration or even anger. But over time, I’ve learned that holding onto these small grievances is like carrying extra weight in my heart.

Letting go of the minor irritations isn’t just about giving others a break; it’s about giving ourselves one too.

When I started to release these tiny grudges, I found a sense of peace and freedom I hadn’t realized I was missing. It turns out that forgiveness is a gift to both the forgiver and the forgiven.

Keep this in mind – the next time someone cuts you off in traffic or a colleague overlooks your contribution, consider taking a deep breath and letting it go

8) Support others’ successes

In a world where competition can overshadow camaraderie, celebrating someone else’s success is a truly generous act.

It’s an affirmation that we’re all in this together and that another person’s win is not our loss.

When I see a friend or colleague achieve something great, I make it a point to reach out and congratulate them.

This support goes beyond mere words; it’s about genuinely feeling happy for their accomplishment. It sends a powerful message that their hard work and talent are recognized and valued.

And while it’s easy to be supportive when we’re doing well ourselves, the real test of character is being able to cheer for others even when we’re facing our own challenges.

9) Be present

In this digital age, where distractions are a constant, the act of being fully present is perhaps the most profound kindness we can offer.

When you’re with someone, give them the gift of your undivided attention.

Put away the phone, mute the notifications, and truly engage with them. This tells them they are important and valued.

Being present goes beyond just physically being there. It means actively listening and participating in the conversation. It’s a powerful way to deepen relationships and show that you care in the most human way possible—by simply being there, fully and completely. 

Bottom line: It’s a ripple effect

Beneath the surface of our daily interactions lies an immense power – the power to uplift, heal, and inspire. While our actions might seem like drops in the ocean, they send out ripples that extend far beyond our immediate view.

Every act of kindness, no matter how small, contributes to a larger wave of compassion in the world. It’s a compound effect that can transform not just individual lives but entire communities.

And while we may not always see the full impact of our deeds, they leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of those we touch.

So as you go about your day, remember that each smile, each word of encouragement, and each moment of patience is a seed planted for a kinder world. And in nurturing these seeds within ourselves and others, we create a garden where the best of humanity can flourish.

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