7 simple phrases successful people use to instantly win respect

Have you ever wondered how people win the respect of others so quickly? Wouldn’t that be a great skill to have? Well, winning the respect of others is as easy as just saying the right thing.

We all think it’s important that others treat us the way they want to be treated, when they listen to our ideas, and are kind to us, no matter how different we both are.

I know I crave that friendly space where everyone feels valued and understood. Don’t you?

Here are seven phrases that when used genuinely, can boost others’ opinions of you and grant you the respect you’ve been searching for.

1) “Thank you”

A thank you goes such a long way. As soon as someone has been thanked for something they feel that they are valued and that what they did was worth the effort.

Can you think of a time when you put your heart and soul into doing something for someone, and they didn’t even say thank you? It doesn’t feel great, does it?

Now, think of a time when you did something for someone, and they said thank you and were grateful for it. Wow! What a difference that made you feel right?

So, when thinking about gaining the respect of someone at work, in your friendship group, or even at home with your family, try a simple ‘thank you’ and watch how the other person reacts.

No wonder they say that ‘thank you’ is a magic word!

2) “I value your opinion”

How often do we want to know that our opinion is valuable? That we had a good idea?

When someone says that they value our opinions or that our idea was a good one, we feel great. But we also look at that person in a more positive light.

Only the other day, I went to an Escape Room with friends. At the end of the session, one of my friends came up to tell me that they were impressed with how I figured out one of the clues. That he thought he’d never have been able to figure that out.

What he said to me made me feel awesome, but I also respected him because that meant I had been a valuable team member.

3) “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”

If you are constantly making excuses and pretending that you know something, this will not only get you into trouble but will also lower people’s respect for you. 

I had a manager like that once. No one respected her. She would never say when she didn’t know something, and many of us in the team lost trust in her.

When I meet someone, ask them a question, and they tell me they don’t know the answer, I trust them because it takes vulnerability to be honest. It also means that I think they will be honest with me in the future.

The “I’ll find out” shows they are willing to go the extra mile for you. So when you tell someone you will find something out for them, there’s some respect instantly. You care. You are someone that they can rely on. 

Have you ever been in a store and you’ve asked the assistant if they have something in a different size? There are two types of assistants. The one who seems to care and the one who doesn’t.

The one who doesn’t seem to care just says “no”. The one who does says, “I’m not sure. Let me have a look for you”. 

I know how I feel about each person after I leave the store.

4) “I trust your judgment”

How do you feel about someone when they say they trust your judgment?

I feel as though I could take on the world because someone believes in me and my decisions. They’re backing me up. They respect me.

Therefore, I am very likely to show mutual respect.

Not only do people begin to respect you when you use this phrase, but they will begin to work harder for you and put in more effort.

 ‘I trust your judgment’ is such a confidence-boosting phrase that you can use anywhere with anyone, (honestly of course), and will enable you to gain the respect you desire from others.

5) “I’m grateful for your contribution”

“I’m grateful for your contribution” is a simple yet powerful compliment that will warm the heart of the person hearing it, leaving them wanting to please you again. 

Once we hook people with a meaningful compliment, they want more of them. You have automatically gained this person’s respect because they care about what you think of them now.

Have you ever been part of a group project where someone says they’re grateful for what you have done? Have you ever tried to solve a puzzle with someone and afterward they told you that they were so happy for your help? Think about how you felt about that person. 

By using this phrase, you can also have other people feeling like that about you!

6) “Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed”

Being kind can be easy for some, but often, when someone is kind all the time, others might not see it anymore. People expect it. However, the world needs people who show kindness. 

So using the phrase, ‘your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed’, is a way in which we can encourage kindness. 

Not only will this strengthen your bond with that person, but others will also start to appreciate and respect you more for being the friend who sees and acknowledges the good stuff.

If someone complimented me on my kindness at work, it would fuel my kindness. I would be extra kind to that person who recognized my efforts and would most likely be there to help them out more often than if they had never said anything.

This would let me know how much they appreciate me. So I would reciprocate the respect.

7) “I’m here if you need anything”

If someone genuinely says, “I’m here if you need anything,” I feel safe, I feel valued, and I feel loved. 

There is no better feeling than knowing that someone has your back. And of course, in return, we treat that person with more respect.  

When I packed up my life and went traveling, I had too much stuff. I wasn’t sure what to do with the extra suitcase of things that I didn’t want to throw away.

One of my friends with a big house said I could leave my things there for as long as I needed. She said I could stay there any time I was back in the city and that she was here if I needed her. 

She’s stayed true to her offer. What a relief. And what respect I have for her now. 

Final thoughts

With all of these seven phrases, you do have to be genuine. You can’t just say them without meaning them.

If you tell someone you’re there for them, but you’re not, then this will have the opposite effect, and others will begin to lose respect for you. 

But don’t worry, there are many people out there with whom you can honestly use these phrases. So get out there, start complimenting, and earn that respect!

Louisa Lopez

Louisa is writer, wellbeing coach, and world traveler, with a Masters in Social Anthropology. She is fascinated by people, psychology, spirituality and exploring psychedelics for personal growth and healing. She’s passionate about helping people and has been giving empowering advice professionally for over 10 years using the tarot. Louisa loves magical adventures and can often be found on a remote jungle island with her dogs. You can connect with her on Twitter: @StormJewel

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