20 subtle signs you’ve met your false twin flame

When you meet your mirror soul, you’ll share a deep, spiritual connection and passion which you’ve experienced before.

But, something feels off, and there’s doubt in the back of your mind.

Could it be that this person isn’t your true twin flame?

I’ve created this in-depth guide to know the signs to look for if you think you have met a false twin flame.

Met your false twin flame? 20 signs reveal that you have

With your twin flame, it’s a relationship like no other. You’ll experience a love deeper and harder than you ever could have imagined – and they feel the same for you.

But on your quest to find your true twin flame, there’s always this chance that you’ll encounter the wrong ones.

Go over the signs to know that this person isn’t who you think they are.

1) Past issues start to come up

You’ll get to see the issues arising in your relationship have to do with past mistakes, anxieties, fears, or concerns.

Those are the ones that you already had before or the ones that you thought you had already resolved.

But instead of working through those problems in hopes of making your lives better, you’re both staying away from them.

If you’re experiencing issues like the ones in the past, they’re probably your false twin flame.

With a true twin flame, your concerns will be more likely in the future and what you can create – both individually and together, and how to fulfill your purpose in life.

2) They disappear at the first sign of challenges

Does your twin flame run screaming in the opposite direction as soon as problems arise?

Whether it’s an argument, a financial problem, stressful periods, or testing times,  a false twin flame will not stick around for it.

If your twin flame can’t handle challenges or quickly move on to someone else, then it’s clear that they’re not the one. It’s because a false twin flame only sticks around for the fun and good times, but disappears when you need them.

When you’re with your true twin flame, this person won’t give up even when everything else gets tough.

A true twin flame relationship is having someone by your side no matter what life throws at you – and you’ll do the same for them.

If you are going through a difficult stage in the relationship, they won’t disappear. Instead, they know within their soul that you both have to work on it.

3) Your twin flame teaches you to focus only on yourself

False twins often come into our lives when we need to be more aware and bring change for ourselves.

We often need an overhaul to overcome our deepest shadows, fears, and pain.

In a way, this is good as it creates better things and we begin to develop positive habits.

But your new twin flame will come into your life when you’re ready to help others. This way, you can take at yourself, your lifestyle, and your issues more deeply.

For when you finally meet your true twin flame, you will extend your focus and powers to bring change in the lives of those around you.

Your mirror soul becomes the catalyst that brings empowerment, strength, and happiness not just to yourself, but also to others.

4) You have uncertainty

Do you constantly feel uncertain about your relationship, where it’s going, and whether your twin flame is the right one for you?

That’s your soul telling you that this person is not your real twin flame.

I know that struggling with feelings of uncertainty can be a real burden. This will make you turn to search for real answers about your twin flame.

Finding your true twin flame is different.

You’ll feel confident and secure about yourself and your relationship with them. There’s a sense of peace and calmness for you know that this person is your mirror soul.

6) They make you feel anxious and insecure

You can’t seem to figure out what makes you feel uneasy with your twin flame. You even feel uncomfortable when you’re together.

It’s like you’re on the edge around them. And that’s because this person is not your other half.

That’s a huge contrast compared to a relationship with your true flame.

Your true mirror soul feels like home – one that fills you with security, warmth, contentment, and wholeness. It’s like being best friends for your entire life, even if you’ve only known each other for a day.

And everything else makes sense. Even your worries and anxieties are gone when you’re with them.

That’s because you have a deep soul connection and a sense of unseen understanding.

7) You doubt your twin flame

Are you still confused and hesitant with your current partner even if most aspects of your relationship have everything you’ve always looked for?

One of the biggest signs that you’re with the wrong twin is having intense feelings of doubt.

Even if you enjoy being with this person – and you’re sharing passionate love, there’s always something in your mind and heart that questions whether or not this is it.

And you won’t experience this with your true mirror soul.

For when you meet your true twin, you’ll just know. It would feel like your soul recognizes and connects with their soul.

Your twin flame relationship brings you complete certainty.

That’s because the love that twin flames share is pure, strong, and unconditional – and it’s so impossible to doubt it.

8) You’re never fully yourself around them

Do you find yourself battling between being true to yourself and pleasing your twin flame?

If you’re in a relationship with your false twin flame, you feel awkward as you’re hesitant to show your true self with them.

You’re afraid that your partner will judge or mock you for being yourself.

A true twin flame accepts and loves you as you are.

You know that you don’t need to pretend, wear a mask, or act differently to impress them.

And even if you don’t agree on everything, you remain to feel secure because you know that it won’t affect the relationship you have.

9) Your twin keeps you in a state of wonder

When you’re with someone who isn’t your true twin flame, hold on firmly or wonder about whether or not you’re “meant to be.”

You’re holding on too tight to keep the relationship as you lack reassurance about what will happen.

It seems that your partner always keeps you hanging with vague words and uncertain actions.

This is a surefire way to be sure that they aren’t your true twin flame.

Whereas, the intentions of your true twin are clear and immediate. And this makes your relationship natural and effortless.

10) Your twin flame is threatened by your success

A true twin embraces and celebrates your success – and will be inspired by it. They’ll continue to encourage, support, and be truly thrilled for you.

It’s because a true twin flame plays a vital role in helping you succeed.

But when your false twin flame starts to see you succeed, they might make you feel guilty for it as if it’s affecting the relationship, or think they are “losing” something.

Because your twins fear and are jealous of your achievements, they will find reasons to discourage you.

It’s not that they don’t want you to succeed and be happy. It’s just that they see your success as a threat.

Even if they act supportive of you, there seems to be resentment in their energy.

11) Your twin flame puts you down

Whether they make ridiculous comments in front of friends, discourage you, or let you down,  this is a sure sign you’re with your false twin flame.

It’s fine to give each other opinions, but when criticisms start to become hurtful, it’s no longer healthy.

Or it can even be little things like canceling your date at the last minute or doing something else when you need them most.

Whatever it could be, your false twin flame is giving you false hopes.

A real twin flame never cancels you and would never put you down in this way. They will make you see your flaws as gently and lovingly as possible.

So if your partner constantly showers you with love and affection – but hurts you emotionally and fails to be there for you when it matters,  they’re your false twin flame.

12) Your visions for the future don’t match

One of the best things about being with your true twin flame is that you always seem to be on the same page. It’s like the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place.

Your outlook and goals complement and strengthen each other.

With your true twin, you can both share those “crazy” dreams and make them a reality.

But if you’re with your false twin, you see the future differently as your paths don’t merge. If you see that your goals and lifestyle don’t match, you both find it hard to compromise.

For instance, he dreams of living in a cabin in the countryside, while you prefer living in the city. And you know that you can’t just give up on your dreams for the relationship to survive.

13) You’re awakening but your twin doesn’t

Your false twin flame will often show up in your life when you need to be awakened.

It’s about experiencing growth and making changes, but often at the expense of your happiness.

Your false twin accelerates your awakening process – but your false flame doesn’t awaken. Your partner doesn’t go through any sense of growth at all.

You can be certain that it’s a false twin flame relationship when it only awakens one of the partners.

Awakening is different for everyone, but when it happens, you’ll know it.

For when you’re in a true twin relationship, you go on an awakening journey with them. You go through changes together and the bond that you share makes you more united and stronger.

And it’s because your real twin flame comes when you need to ascend. This means using your inner power to create.

14) Your twin avoids commitment

Having a relationship with a false twin flame will always lack commitment on some level.

You’ll often hear excuses like “wanting more freedom,” “not ready yet,” or “timing isn’t right” to avoid being more committed to you.

Your false twin flame relationship may have the same passion, intensity, and emotional bond as a true twin flame.

They withdraw when you discuss the future together because deep down, they also know that it’s not a real twin flame relationship.

But the thing is, they won’t commit because they’re not your true twin. They won’t be 100% in the relationship.

When your false twin leaves, that’s when the space for your true twin flame will be opened.

Here’s the thing.

A true twin relationship has no time constraints, barriers, or preferences. It’s a relationship that happens and there’s nothing that could stand in its way.

It’s a relationship that’s worth fully investing your time and emotions into.

15) You tend to self-destruct

You find yourself surrounded by negative emotions and falling into bad habits as a way to cope.

You could also be wallowing in self-pity, being aggressive, binge eating, or overusing alcohol.  You may not even realize that you’re doing it.

Probably, the doubt, lack of commitment, and uncertainty in your relationship make you feel unappreciated, frustrated and hurt.

The relationship makes you feel unhappy and lonely.

If you find yourself doing things that harm you physically, mentally, or both – it’s spot on that you’re with your false twin flame.

Know that being with your true twin flame will lift you to a higher realm. The love and support they have will inspire and uplift you.

16) Your relationship lack purpose

You share wonderful moments, but the relationship you have remains in limbo. It seems shallow and superficial.

It’s because a false twin flame makes you doubt the relationship and where it’s headed. You tend to question why you’re with this person, whether you’re destined to be together, or if your relationship has a future.

With a true twin flame, your relationship will have clear progress and you’re both putting an effort to take it to the next level.

Even if your relationship won’t be easy as it’s almost characterized by some sort of a back-and-forth and breaks, you know that it’s only for a while.

For when you and your true twin separate, you’ll reunite as you find your deep meaning and fulfill your purpose in life.

The thing is, our twin soul journey is the hardest thing we’ll ever go through – but it’s worth it in the end.

17) You’re growing apart instead of together

Do you feel stifled in your efforts to grow as a person?

When you feel stuck in a rut, you can be sure that you’re with your false twin flame.

But when you’re with your true twin flame, your journey becomes one.

You lead each other to be better. Your purposes are aligned in a way that drives you both to new heights.

They might challenge your beliefs and opinions – but gently push you out of your comfort zone.

A true twin flame relationship is very expansive as it promotes a lot of growth. And you’re doing it to make the world a better place not only for each other but also for others as well.

18) Your twin is giving you false hopes

A false twin flame overpromises and underdelivers. You love how they talk about a future with you and say every beautiful word you want to hear.

They would promise you the world – but all those get stuck and you never get to move forward. And this will keep you wondering about your future together.

You don’t know where you stand because this person isn’t your true twin flame.

Eventually, they’ll start distancing themselves from you and drop the relationship without hesitation.

Your true twin flame is different as this person will never play games with you. Instead, your mirror soul will commit, be honest, and lovingly invest in your relationship.

Even if there are challenges in your twin flame relationship, you know exactly that you’re working on them together.

19) It feels like you don’t know them

Every time you look in the eyes of your twin, you have this feeling like you don’t know them.

You might know superficial details about them – like the basics and their favorites. But deep down, you’re clueless.

It’s because if you’re with a false twin flame, there seems to be something missing. You’ll want to learn more about them, but there remains a feeling of disconnection.

You can’t figure out the purpose of your connection and your relationship.

But in time, you’ll get to understand why you had to meet your false twin flame.

When that time comes, you’ll understand the lessons that your false twin taught you and how this relationship prepared you for your true twin flame relationship.

20) Their love is conditional

A false twin flame would love you conditionally, which could be dependent on their mood, your words, and your actions.

You will feel loved but only on their terms. They aren’t accepting of any failure and you might grow distant after an argument

Your twin connection doesn’t feel like a loving relationship, so don’t expect a false twin flame to love you through thick and thin.

And if there are moments where you don’t meet their expectations, you’ll see a difference in how they act.

True love is unconditional – and this is exactly what you’ll feel when you’re with your true twin flame.

Even if you argue, your true twin maintains their respect for you and accepts everything about you.

What if you meet your false twin flame?

True twin flame relationships are catalysts for love, growth, and harmony in each other’s lives.

It’s confusing why you have to meet in the first place, but there’s a reason for it.

And if you’re already in a  false twin flame relationship, then not everything is lost.

Even if they’re not your true flame, it’s likely that you still care about them on some level. And it isn’t wrong to love them if you want.

Everything is part of your twin flame journey and the learning process.

If you decide to break up with them and move on, remember to do it respectfully and calmly.

When you’re ready to get out of this false twin flame relationship, that’s when you’ll get to open your heart for your true mirror soul.

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma is a content strategist and copywriter with a purposeful mindset. She finds fulfillment in crafting content for entrepreneurs and life coaches. In a place of love and growth, she's raising a tribe of three with her husband - and writes to inspire people to create impactful relationships.

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